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eNewsletter for August 2012 
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  ● Laser Blanking Systems

  ● Introduction to Laser Technology

Coil Fed Laser Blanking System Complete Line  
Laser Blanking Systems
Chicago Slitter's technological evolution in the control of strip feeding in conjunction with laser technology eliminates costly stamping dies, cuts ultra high strength steel easily and is flexible enough to be extremely efficient even for low to medium volume part production. 

The unique characteristic of the new coil fed laser blanking line is its ability to continuously laser cut parts from coiled strip. Precision servo motors control both the strip feed and the laser traverse, which results in high accuracy cutting. Since the laser only moves in (1) one axis, the X direction, and the sheet traverses in the Y direction, there is no flashback onto the bottom side of the part, leaving a clean, high quality edge. 

Coil fed laser blanking can lower overall operating costs, by eliminating dies and their maintenance, as well as the press itself with a low installation cost and floor space requirement. Part nesting can be optimized better than in traditional blanking lines, therefore reducing scrap and saving material.

Fiber Laser
High power fiber laser design enables the highest cutting speed available, bringing efficiency and low cost production to your facility. Fiber lasers can cut up to five (5) times quicker than CO2 lasers. Fiber lasers are also less costly to operate and maintain; Laser Gas tanks are no longer required. The fiber has a long life and requires little to no maintenance, no mirrors/optics to align, and no consumable parts required to keep on hand.

Flexibility and Performance
The laser can cut a wide range of materials, such as high strength alloy steel, mild steel, galvanized, aluminum and stainless steel in a wide range of thicknesses. The entire system is fully integrated to maximize productivity. Components include coil loading station, uncoiler, precision leveler, roll feed, laser module and stacking systems. Finished parts can be handled with many different configurations, from manual part stacking, to magnetic conveyors to fully automated robotic cells.

Key Advantages to Coil Fed Laser Blanking Systems 

1 Intro to Laser Technology Image   
Introduction to
Laser Technology

Since the 80's, high power lasers have entered the material processing industry in full force due to their capability to cut, weld, drill, mark, and clad metal.

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