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Happy Spring!


Choices Psychotherapy is pleased to announce that we have expanded our office and added 3 new therapists.  We now have additional evening hours available for clients that can not get away during the day.  These therapists are profiled below. 


Our website is receiving a makeover that will occur over time and clients can securely refer themselves on-line to see a therapist.


We look forward to continuing our work with you and greatly appreciate your support. 



Susan Davis, LICSW
Executive Director 

In This Issue
Shawn Hebert, LPCC
Kristen Thompson, LICSW
Mary Vraney, PhD., LP, LMFT
Children's Mental Health
Shawn Hebert, LPCC

Shawn brings to Choices Psychotherapy diverse experience and expertise working with adult clients where she provided both long term care and short term solution focused therapeutic services.  She utilizes a therapeutic approach based in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that is solution focused, systems based and client centered.  She works with clients that present with serious and persistent mental illness/SPMI, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, and family issues.  She works with adults 18 and older and is available evenings Monday - Thursday.  Appointments can be made by calling our intake office at 952-544-6806.

Kristen Thompson, LICSW

Kristen brings to Choices Psychotherapy diverse experience and expertise in working with children in both hospital and school settings. She works with children that present with issues of grief/loss, depression & mood disorders,

anxiety & stress, trauma, attachment disorders, family change, non-suicidal self injury behavior, spiritual concerns, emotional behavioral disorders and chronic illness, with a focus on children, youth and adolescents using modalities such as play therapy, narrative therapy or bibliotherapy to assist children, youth and their families in finding safe coping techniques.  Kristen works with children, age 3 and up, adolescents and families.  Kristen is available Monday and Thursday evenings.  Appointments can be made by calling our intake office at 952-544-6806. 

Mary Vraney, PhD., LP, LMFT

Mary brings to Choices Psychotherapy an extensive/diverse history of working with adult and elderly clients in outpatient settings and Employee Assistance Programs.  Mary works with adults that present with affective and personality disorders, parenting and/or relational issues, life transitions, work stressors, women's issues, chemical health recovery, and illness & disability.  She utilizes both cognitive behavioral and solution focused therapies. Mary works with clients 18 - 80+ and is available Tuesday - Thursday, 9 AM - 6 PM.  Appointments can be made by calling our intake office at 952-544-6806.
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Children's Mental Health

Children don't always have the language and/or cognitive ability to tell an adult that they are sad, anxious, or depressed.  Their symptoms may present as a stomach ache or a head ache, not wanting to go to daycare or school, they may be clingy, unable to sleep or sleep too much, cry when parents/caregivers leave or if there is a change in their routine or environment.  Children are very observant and do react to events in their life, just as adults do.  Things that may cause a child distress and lead to depression or anxiety include:

  • Family members arguing/fighting 
  • Separation/divorce
  • Moving
  • Changing schools 
  • Illness
  • Death in the family 

If you know of a child that is displaying symptoms, not related to a medical condition, as a result of one of these issues, please call our intake office for an appointment at 952-544-6806.

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