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June 26, 2012 
welcome/ bienvenidos

Welcome to all 1,239 newsletter subscribers!


The weather is making its annual transformation from spring into the hot, humid and rainy days of summer. The rains may or may not have officially begun, but we have received a total of almost 3½ inches (or a little over 87 mm) so far. Not a big start, but it has to start somehow. The rainy season, for those who haven't had the opportunity to experience it, means that it rains almost every day and sometimes with abundance, depending on how close the tropical depressions, tropical cyclones and hurricanes pass by. Usually the thunder, lightning and rain will hit sometime in the afternoon or evening and continue on into the night. Luckily for everyone, the rains rarely last all day so we pretty much carry on with our normal business, albeit with umbrellas in hand.


For all of you hanging in there for the summer, I can only say one thing... "I wish I was there with you." Keep informed about the Jaltemba Bay weather by viewing the Official Jaltemba Bay Weather page where you can view up-to-the-minute temperature, humidity, wind speed and more; we even have archival statistics dating back to June 2011 when we installed the station. 


And just in case anyone is curious to know where our weather station is located... It is perched approximately 50 feet (15 meters) in the air near the beach in Guayabitos.


To find out what is happening this week and next, read through the information below and take a peek at our online Community Calendar.


Remember, we are now publishing the Jaltemba Bay Life newsletter every two weeks... so be sure to watch for the next issue on Tuesday, July 10th, just in time for your morning coffee.



David Thompson

Jaltemba Bay Life Team


Photo of the Week 
Girl with Big Brown Eyes
by Alexander Pascal
Little Girl Brown Eyes Alexander
Kids are interesting and the expression on the face of this beautiful, soulful and solemn little girl in a jewelry store in Rincón de Guayabitos captured my attention. Photo by Alexander Pascal.  Read More 


Featured Articles
You'll only find these on Jaltemba Bay Life
Project Angelina is Complete!
by Donna Steensma
Project Angelina Complete

Thursday was the Big Day. Bob Gill, Brian Blevings and I went shopping for the family. We purchased 4 new beds and mattresses. We bought the children bunk beds... they were so excited... quite a change from sleeping on a mattress on the dirt floor. We replaced their stove and fridge.  Read More 


Sarah's Survivors: Muffin the Miracle
by Sarah Walker
SW June 26 Muffin1
She came to me as a little ball of fur. Celia, from our JBAR rescue facility, had a family that dropped her off. They didn't want her anymore because she was "broken." This precious little ball of fur could barely move. She could pull herself around a little with her front paws. Her back legs were stiff.  Read More


Caring for Your Home and Property During Your Absence
by Robert Stobbs
Robert Cleaning pool Caring for property
Most people, who enjoy a "Place in the Sun" in the tropical paradise of the community of Jaltemba Bay, are part-time residents who typically return home for the months of April through November.  Read More

Note: In the next several issues we will be featuring a collection of articles originally published on Magical Los Ayala. This is the first in this series.

Mound of Mud in a Gringo Tree
by Tosia Archer

When my husband and I have friends up to our casa near El Tonino for the first time, after admiring the view, the first two questions they inevitably ask are, "why is that pile of mud in a tree" and "what kind of tree is that?" The answers are simple, but each one has a story attached.  Read More


IMSS Insurance Application Procedure Cleared-Up
IMSS Insurance Logo by David Thompson

There has been some talk lately of new regulations governing the application process and the documents required when applying for IMSS insurance. Actually, Mexico is following the Hague Convention directives in its documentation requirements.  Read More

Update to New "No Pets In Cabin" Policy
by Allyson Williams
I have been heavily involved in trying to change the recently implemented policy which states that pets can no longer fly in the cabin to and from Mexico. After weeks of research and persistent calls and emails to the powers-that-be, we have a glimmer of hope. You can read all about this effort here. Scroll down under the main article to read the updates and the 250+ comments we've received.  Read More


Meet Local Folks
Meet Nadia Cuevas, Rincon de Guayabitos
by Christina Stobbs
Nadia Cuevas CS Meet Local Folks

Nadia was born in the city of Lazaro Cardenas in the state of Michoacán. She moved to Rincon de Guayabitos with her family at the ripe old age of three years because her parents yearned for a simpler life. Her parents, Beto and Laura, envisioned an idyllic lifestyle bringing up their family in...  Read More 


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From Our Readers
Congratulations to Jane and Jerry!
Jane Fellows Wedding Photos

The Jaltemba Bay Life Team would like to congratulate Jane Fellows and Jerry Flanders who got married at their home in Campbell River, BC. on June 7, 2012. Their two grandchildren were the ring bearers and this photo was taken as they were approaching the happy couple. They plan to hold another marriage celebration in November at Hinde & Jaime's Restaurant for all their La Penita friends.


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Guayabitos News: Rainwater Runoff Project

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PEACE Mexico:
Calendar + Events
Every Wednesday
Rotary Club Jaltemba Bay, Guayabitos
Rotary Club meets every Wednesday morning at 7:30am at Piña Colada Restaurant.  Read More
Every Thursday
Tianguis, La Peñita Plaza
Weekly open-air market featuring silver jewelry, Talavera pottery, Oaxacan rugs, Huichol Indian artwork, fresh produce and much more.  Read More



For more upcoming and ongoing events, music, classes and more, visit the Jaltemba Bay Community Calendar


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Featured Real Estate: Tropical Manor House

Why We Love Jaltemba Bay  

And much more...


You can read these and other articles featured in our newsletter in the new Jaltemba Bay Life Blog and in the Jaltemba Bay Folk Forum


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