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June 12, 2012 

welcome / bienvenidos


Welcome to all 1,219 newsletter subscribers!


The Jaltemba Bay area was especially busy these past two weeks with the Dia de la Marina festivities and the MotoFiesta roaring into town. No one seemed to mind how hot and humid it is. And luckily, we have enough news, information and stories from our readers in this jam-packed issue to keep your mind off of it. If you have a story or photo you'd like to share, email it to us or post it on the Jaltemba Bay Life Facebook page.


To find out what is happening this week and next, read through the information below and take a peek at our online Community Calendar. And mark June 21st on your calendar so you can celebrate the first day of summer.


To help plan your upcoming trip or your day in the Bay, don't forget to check the current weather conditions on the Official Jaltemba Bay Weather Page


Remember, we are now publishing the Jaltemba Bay Life newsletter every two weeks... so be sure to watch for the next issue on Tuesday, June 26th, just in time for your morning coffee.



Tosia Archer  

Editor, Jaltemba Bay Life Newsletter  


Photo of the Week 
Euphoric Childhood
by Ken & Bea Rauch 
Bea Rauch Euphoric Childhood

Editor's Note: Ken & Bea Rauch are avid photographers and have uploaded a variety of photos onto our forum gallery. The photo shown here is their first submission to our newsletter and comes with a short story...  Read More


Featured Articles
You'll only find these on Jaltemba Bay Life
New Malecon in La Penita is Coming
to Fruition

by Allyson Williams
AW June 12 New Malecon
Last Wednesday, Romy Mora, Regidora of the Jaltemba Bay area, stopped by the weekly Rotary Club meeting to announce that the contracts and paperwork for the new malecon in La Peņita were signed and that work is set to begin between September and November of this year.  Read More


New "No Pets In Cabin" Policy Could Change the Way We Travel to Mexico
by Allyson Williams
AW Taco in suitcase
Many foreigners bring their beloved pets with them to Mexico each winter. Unfortunately, the new "no pets in cabin" policy recently put into place by several airlines could drastically change the way we all travel to and from Mexico.  Read More


New Hospital Opening in La Penita
by David Thompson
DT New Nayar Hospital

The Real Nayar Hospital is set to open in La Peņita on June 17th. I was given a tour of the new facility yesterday by owner/director Dr. Roberto Roblez Gomez. The hospital will offer the following services: gynecology, internal medicine, obstetrics, pediatrics, general and laparoscopic surgery...  Read More  


"Jaltemba" the Hawksbill: One Month
after Her Rescue
by Catherine E. Hart
CH: Hawksbill one month after
Jaltemba, the juvenile Hawksbill turtle, has certainly caught the attention of residents and tourists in the Jaltemba Bay area since becoming caught on a fishing line a month ago. In the last update on Jaltemba, we had just received the permits to move her to the research centre... Read More

Rob's Ramblings: Topes, Turn Signals and Other Oddities of Driving in Mexico
by Rob Erickson
RR: Rope Tope
If you have driven in Mexico for any length of time, this article is not for you. You will say it's just the "same-old". For those here on a short trip or those planning a drive into Mexico, here are a few things that may seem rather strange to northern drivers. The first thing you will notice are the topes...  Read More

In Season: Ciruelas
by Allyson Williams
One of the best things about living in Mexico is that I continue to discover new things. Over the past few weeks, I have been noticing several bare trees with small egg-shaped fruit prolifically protruding from their branches. I started asking around and learned that they are ciruelas...  Read more

Meet Local Folks
Meet Hala Hazzi, La Penita
by Christina Stobbs
Hala in Hamaca
Hala's journey to La Peņita de Jaltemba began in 1989 when she worked for Canadian Holidays in Destination Services. At the time, Canadian Holidays was looking for new "off the beaten path" vacation destinations, which were located close to major tourist centers, and Rincon de Guayabitos...  Read more

Magical Moments
(Photos from Magical Los Ayala)  

Agneta's Book

During the next few months, we will be transferring many of the stories, photos and history of Los Ayala from Magical Los Ayala to Jaltemba Bay Life in order to preserve this information
(you can read about the merge of the two websites on our blog).
In this issue,
we are featuring "Magical Moments" photos taken in and around Los Ayala.

Beautiful Magical Los Ayala at Night  by OJ
Fun with Pelicans  by Christina Stobbs
Lone Palm  by Heidi Banks
Magical Wedding in Los Ayala  by Karla Benitez (feature photo)
Beautiful Vista  by Beatriz Noguez
Glorious Storm Cloud  by Christina Stobbs
Smiling Green Iguana  by Christina Stobbs
Anhinga Reflection  by Bea Rauch
Peek-a-Boo  by Christina Stobbs
Contentment  by Boswell Malcolm
Magical Wedding  by Christina Stobbs
Siesta Time  by Christina Stobbs

The photos featured above were originally published on Magical Los Ayala. You can view more Magical Moments and Photos of the Week on our blog. If you are interested in sharing your photos, email them to Tosia@JaltembaBayLife.com or christina.stobbs@gmail.com 

Restaurant + Business News
Vista Guayabitos Has a New Look
by David Thompson
AW Vista Guayabitos reopening

Vista Guayabitos Restaurant reopened last Wednesday after being closed for two weeks. During this break, they completely remodeled their restaurant. The lower balcony is now the main dining area and has seating for up to 40 people. They will be offering a smaller menu filled with...  Read More 


Fitness Pad 2x1 Summer Special

Fitness Pad is now offering a 2x1 Special for the months of June and July so bring a friend, family member or neighbor with you and get fit together. Just stop in or call Luis at (322) 135-3831 for more information.  Read More

Jaltemba Bay Life News
Thank You to our Contributors for their Pet Month Stories
by Tosia Archer
During the month of May, which was national Pet Month, we featured stories from people who had adopted pets via Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR). I want to thank those who shared their stories and photos -- especially the 'before and after' ones! If you missed these stories, you can find them on our blog under the "Stories From Our Readers" category. Because of this series, Sarah Walker was inspired to submit some of her own personal rescue stories about how she has brought sick animals to health. Watch for "Sarah's Survivors" in upcoming issues of our newsletter.


Welcome to our New Advertisers
Hamaca Maya

Hamaca MayaHamaca Maya is the only specialty hammock store on the Pacific Coast. Hala, the owner, stocks a large selection of genuine Mayan hammocks, as well as a wonderful array of mirrors, crosses, hearts, talavera tiles, folk art and unique gift items.  Learn more


Leah Jewall Translation,
Copywriting & Editing
Leah JewallLeah offers creative text and copywriting expertise, translations, editing and language classes. She understands that accurate translations are never literal and are so much more complex than restating the words.  Learn more


If you've been thinking about listing your hotel or vacation rental on our site, now is the time to do so. Why? Because the majority of bookings for next season will be received between now and October. Promote your property on our high-traffic website and get more bookings than ever before. Contact us today!

And it's always a good time to list your restaurant or business so people can read about you over the summer and know exactly where to find you when they return in the fall.

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Featured Real Estate
Tropical Manor House

Tropical Manor House
The design of this modern Mexican-style home captures the surrounding breathtaking ocean and mountain views perfectly; and at times it seems like you are sitting in the sky. 

Why We Love Jaltemba Bay 

Tell us why YOU love living or vacationing here! 

This is your chance to let the world know why YOU love living or vacationing in Jaltemba Bay. We want to thank Jeffrey, Lilianne, Barenda and Bea for starting us off on the right foot. Now let's see what the rest of you have to say... get ready, get set, get writing!  


To submit your story (long or short) and to view what others are saying on the Jaltemba Bay Folk Forum, click here.  


(Please note that these posts are quoted exactly as our readers write them on our forum)


Why I Love Jaltemba Bay
by Alan Armstrong 

1986-took a child, from a family in the area that had a tough time feeding 8 kids, to Canada to live. 
1991- took child #2 from same family to Canada. 
2012-both 'children' have children and we are part of their wonderful Mexican lives.
The children we 'took', we took with the blessings of both parents and not a little bit of logistical trenchwork: guardianship; medical; social; scholastic; emotional; monitary, etc.
  Read More

Community Corner

Updates on groups, organizations and other good works 

If you have news or information about a community group, organization or project, we invite you to post it on the Jaltemba Bay Folk Forum and we will include a link to your story in the next issue of our newsletter. If you have information about an upcoming special event, please email us the story and photos and we will promote it here and on our blog!
PEACE Mexico:
Calendar + Events

Sunday, June 17

Dia del Padre (Father's Day)

This day is set aside to honor the paternal member of the household. Happy Father's Day! 
Thursday, June 21
Summer Solstice

Today is the first full day of summer in the northern hemisphere and has the longest number of daylight hours in the year. 
Every Thursday
Tianguis, La Peņita Plaza
Weekly open-air market featuring silver jewelry, Talavera pottery, Oaxacan rugs, Huichol Indian artwork, fresh produce and much more.   Read More



For more upcoming and ongoing events, music, classes and more, visit the Jaltemba Bay Community Calendar


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Bikes, Trikes and More Bikes

And much more...


You can read these and other articles featured in our newsletter in the new Jaltemba Bay Life BLOG and in the Jaltemba Bay Folk Forum


Thank You / Gracias
We want to thank you for taking the time to read this issue of the Jaltemba Bay Life Newsletter.


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David & Allyson (and Taco & Panchito the Rescue Dogs, too)

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