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April 10, 2012 

Welcome / Bienvenidos


Welcome to all 1,138 newsletter subscribers!


This week, we have included a photo montage from a few local photographers of the holiday happenings, a story about the Nuevo Ixtlan hot springs, two new advertisers, a list of restaurant closings and summer hours, and a link to our updated weather data for 2012.

The calendar is rather sparse this week, but you can head to the Thursday Tianguis in La Penita to meet and greet those who are still in town.


To help plan your upcoming trip or your day in the Bay, be sure to check the current weather conditions on the Official Jaltemba Bay Weather Page.

Watch for the next issue of the Jaltemba Bay Life Newsletter on Tuesday, April 17th, just in time for your morning coffee!

Tosia Polomski-Archer

Editor, Jaltemba Bay Life Newsletter


Photo of the Week 

Season of Renewal -- an Easter Calf

is Born   

by Tosia Polomski-Archer


First Steps


This calf was born just outside my casa gate Saturday morning and was only a half hour old when I took this photo. It is truly a time of new beginnings, even though it is the dry season when every mouthful a cow can find to eat is a struggle, yet the strength of Mother Nature successfully brings forth the miracle of birth.


Feature Articles
You'll only find these on Jaltemba Bay Life
Semana Santa in Jaltemba Bay --
Parts 1, 2 and 3
by Tosia Polomski-Archer / feature photo by Christina Stobbs

Christina Stobbs beach scene

Semana Santa is in full swing -- the bands are playing day and night; the holiday crowds have taken over the beaches, streets and restaurants; the vendors are busy; the bank machines are out of money almost as fast as they are filled; and everyone is having a good time. For more photos in our Semana Santa series, click the following links...
  • Part 1 by Tosia Polomski-Archer with photos from Rob Erickson, Lacy Mutch and Christina Stobbs.
  • Part 2 by Allyson Williams with photos of Guayabitos.
  • Part 3 by David Thompson with photos taken while flying over Jaltemba Bay in a friend's plane.

Destination: Nuevo Ixtlan Hot Springs, the El Tonino Way  

by Tosia Polomski-Archer


cleaning the pools


Taking a new back road tour in Mexico is always exciting to me, and when the end goal is Las Aguas Termales of Nuevo Ixtlan, I'm up for the challenge. All the twists and turns, pot holes and washouts, not being able to see over the hood of the truck because it's so steep and looking straight down into ravines from the edge of the trail, are worth it! Let's see if I can convince you too.  Read More 


Restaurant + Business News
Jaltemba Bay Weather Archives are Up
Weather Chart for 2012
You can now view the archival weather data for January, February and March of this year, as well as the current temp, humidity, heat index, wind speed and direction, 12-hour forecast and rainfall on the Jaltemba Bay Weather Station.

Restaurant Seasonal Closings  

and Summer Hours 


Here is a list of restaurant hours and seasonal closings for the upcoming summer months... 


Open All Summer 


Beso del Sol Steak House
Open year round from 7:30am-9:30pm.  More Info

El Rodeo

Open daily from 6pm-midnight until April 14. After that, they are open Thursday through Saturday from 6-10pm.  


Las Brisas

Closing from May 20-June 21 for vacation. Open all summer from 11am-7pm, closed Wednesday.  More Info 


Latitude 21

Now finished with music for the season. Open Friday-Sunday from 9:30am-5pm through August 10. Schedule will likely change after that.  More Info 


Los Tulipanes

Open all summer for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Happy Hour from 5-7pm, as well as discount specials every day.  More Info 



Open all summer from 8am-5pm.  More Info


Tequila Villanueva 

Open Tuesday-Sunday from 10:30am-8pm.  More Info 


Tonita Restaurants

Open all summer from 8am-6 or 7pm (check individual locations for exact times).  Tonita I, Tonita II and Tonita III 


Vista Guayabitos 

Open year round from 1-9pm  More Info


Closing Soon


El Gigio Italian Pizzeria

Open Wednesday to Sunday 6-10pm and Thursdays 10am-2pm during the Tianguis (closed Monday-Tuesday). They will stay open at least through the end of April.  More Info 


Hinde y Jaime's

Closing on June 1 for the summer. Until then, their hours are 8am-10pm. Will reopen on September 15.  More Info   


Teriyaki Time

Open Thursday to Sunday 4-9pm until further notice.  More Info  


Already Closed     


Breakfast at Tiffanys (at El Panorama)

Now closed for the summer. Will reopen in the fall.  More Info 


Los Compadres

Now closed for the summer. Will reopen on November 1.   

More Info


Soley Italiano

Now closed for the summer. Will reopen in the fall in Guayabitos (more info to come).  More Info  


Xaltemba Restaurant & Galeria

Now closed for the summer. Will reopen on November 2.   

More Info 


Gracias! to our New Advertisers
Ocean Breeze Inn


Ocean Breeze Inn

Ocean Breeze Inn, nestled in the residential zone of Rincon de Guayabitos, is a beautiful newly renovated Mediterranean-style home that promises a tranquil stay with great hospitality. Guests are welcome to sit and relax on the upper terrace or by the pool and take a refreshing dip to cool off...  Read more

Materiales "Kiko"



Materiales "Kiko" has been in the building supply business in La Penita and Guayabitos since 2001, however they just recently opened this location. They stock a wide selection of hardware and construction materials...  Read more

Why We Love Jaltemba Bay 

Tell us why YOU love living or vacationing here! 

This is your chance to let the world know why YOU love living or vacationing in Jaltemba Bay. We want to thank Jeffrey, Lilianne, Barenda and Bea for starting us off on the right foot. Now let's see what the rest of you have to say... get ready, get set, get writing!  


To submit your story (long or short) and to view what others are saying on the Jaltemba Bay Folk Forum, click here.  


(Please note that these posts are quoted exactly as our readers write them on our forum)


Why I Love Jaltemba Bay
Posted by Mike on April 4

Memories of a Musician in MexicoSeveral things are actually outstanding in La Peņita. First of all, for a song you can get a most marvelous breakfast from just about any restaurant--huevos rancheros, huevos revueltos con chorizo, chilaquiles, hot cakes for the kids, jugo natural--this starts any day out marvellously.  Read more

Note: This is the third excerpt posted on our forum from Mike Curtis' book "Memories of a Musician in Mexico". Mike will be visiting the Jaltemba Bay area in July and will be selling his book at the Tianguis. You can also buy it on Amazon or the Kindle version.

Community Corner

Updates on groups, organizations and other good works 

The Los Amigos Puppet Show
by Los Amigos Public Relations 


puppet show3

Fresh from a successful run as a member of the La Peņita Players, Marion Rogers has now taken on a new challenge. She heads up the group responsible for developing the educational component of the Los Amigos de Jaltemba Recycling Program. Funded partly by a donation from...  Read More

JBAR: Animals for Adoption


Rescued and adopted animals make the best pets! There are always dogs and cats available for adoption in the Jaltemba Bay area that are looking for good loving homes, and there are numerous ways you can help. For more information, visit the Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR) community webpage.


Calendar + Events

Now-Saturday, April 14

Semana Pascua
Semana Pascua is the second week of the Easter holiday.
Thursday, April 12
Tianguis, La Peņita Plaza
Weekly open air market.  Read More



For more upcoming and ongoing events, music, classes and more, visit the Jaltemba Bay Community Calendar


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Why I Love Jaltemba Bay

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Lots of Generosity to Report from Rotary to You  

Photos of Proposed Malecon in La Penita

And much more...


You can read these and other articles featured in our newsletter on the "Current News, Event Info & Photos" page located on Jaltemba Bay Life under the Newsletter tab.


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