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 March 12, 2012 

Welcome / Bienvenidos


Welcome to all 1,113 subscribers!


Jaltemba Bay got some great international news coverage this past week. You may recognize the name Dave Easby from the Los Amigos postings here in the Jaltemba Bay Life Newsletter or from his book "They Tore Down the Russell Hotel", and now you can see his name and story in a recent CBC online news release compiled. It features 9 stories about Mexico. To read Dave's contribution please click here. 


daylight saving forward spring
Time has changed -- Daylight Savings Time that is. If you are heading north, you should know that the US, Canada and the ten US/Mexico border municipalities moved their clocks ahead one hour yesterday morning. Mexico will change over on Sunday, April 1.   


To help plan your upcoming trip or your day in the Bay, don't forget to check the current weather conditions on the Official Jaltemba Weather Page.


The next issue of the Jaltemba Bay Life Newsletter will be in your Inbox just in time for coffee on March 19th. Pour a cup and enjoy!




Tosia Polomski-Archer

 Editor, Jaltemba Bay Life Newsletter


   Photo of the Week
In Bloom: Arbol de las Orquideas
(Orchid Tree

by Allyson Williams


The Orchid Trees have nearly finished blooming. The fragrant flowers come in shades of magenta, lavender and white and have five irregular and slightly overlapping petals that bloom abundantly from February-March. While the flowers resemble orchids, the Arbol de las Orquideas (genus Bauhinia) is not actually part of the orchid family but rather from the pea/bean family (Leguminosae). 
   From Our Readers
Project Angelina
by George & Donna Steensma

Angelina is a young lady, who is 29 years old. She was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. She had an operation when she was 12 years old. After the operation she was paralyzed. Angelina spends many days every week sitting in her wheel chair, on the main street of La Penita with a basket on her lap.  Read More


   Why We Love Jaltemba Bay 

    Tell us why YOU love living or vacationing here! 

Tell Us Why YOU Love Jaltemba Bay

This is your chance to let the world know why YOU love living or vacationing in Jaltemba Bay. We want to thank Jeffrey, Lilianne, Barenda and Bea for starting us off on the right foot. Now let's see what the rest of you have to say... get ready, get set, get writing!


To submit your story (long or short) and to view what others are saying on the Jaltemba Bay Folk Forum, click here.  


(Please note that these posts are quoted exactly as our readers write them on our forum)


Why I Love Jaltemba Bay
by chantal  March 7, 2012

We discover La Penita a little bit by accident ; when we first planned coming to spend a winter in Mexico ; we did not know where to go exactly. After spending a month in Mazatlan, we decided to head a little bit more south. We found the rv park Sol Tierra on the web and decided to...  Read More

   Community Corner:

    Updates on groups, organizations and other good works 

More KinderAide Success
by Jane Fellows

Smiley Frog

KinderAide representatives went back to Compostela on Wednesday, on the invitation of Karla Renee Perez Medina. Not only is she the coordinator for the Presidente but she now has been sworn in as the program director of a beautification program for the whole area of the Municipality of Compostela.  Read More

Spaghetti Fundraiser for KinderAide

by Jane Fellows 


KinderAide spagetti dinner 

This family of 6 in Wisconsin had a spaghetti dinner fundraiser with their friends and family to raise money for KinderAide. As well, Tanya emailed me and asked about any needed supplies, which she then delivered to me. Today I had the pleasure of showing them Jardin de Niņos: Luis Pasteur. Although the school was closed today, ten moms had the presence of mind to bring their children to meet these special people. We sang 'If You're Happy and You Know It', and also a rapido effort of 'Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes'. KinderAide thanks you so very, very, much!  Learn more about KinderAide.


Rotary is Working Hand in Hand with the Mexican Government in La Peņita

by Susana Connors


Rotary President, Dr. Lidiana Flores, announced that talks are continuing between the director of health for the Centro Salud in La Peņita and the Jaltemba Bay La Peņita Rotary Club for a much needed mammogram machine. The director is very excited about this machine, and is willing to support Rotary with authorizations from his superiors.  Read More 


JBAR: Animals for Adoption


Rescued and adopted animals make the best pets! There are always dogs and cats available for adoption in the Jaltemba Bay area that are looking for good loving homes, and there are numerous ways you can help. For more information, visit the Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR) community webpage.


   Calender + Events

Events are a wonderful way to immerse yourself in, and learn about, the Mexican culture. Here is a list of upcoming holidays, festivals, events, and activities worth planning around. Also check out our Community Calendar for a complete list of what's going on in the Jaltemba Bay area. If you have information about an event, please email us so we can include it in our next issue. And don't forget to add your event... it's FREE! 


This Week     

Monday, March 12
Tianguis, Guayabitos Plaza
Weekly open air market.  Read More
Wednesday-Saturday, March 14-17
JBAR Spay & Neuter Clinic, Lo de Marcos
Cats and Dogs are welcome!  Read More
Thursday, March 15
Tianguis, La Peņita Plaza
Weekly open air Market.  Read More
Thursday, Friday & Sunday, March 15, 16 & 18
Peņita Players Take Two
Two dinner shows and one matinee show. Piņa Colada Restaurant, Guayabitos. Reservations necessary.  Read More
Saturday, March 17
St. Patrick's Day 
Not a Mexican holiday, but you can still celebrate it at Rocky's Hideaway, Guayabitos. All you can eat corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and more!  Read More



For more upcoming and ongoing events, music, classes and more, visit the Jaltemba Bay Community Calendar


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And much more...


You can read these and other articles featured in our newsletter on the "Current News, Event Info & Photos" page located on Jaltemba Bay Life under the Newsletter tab.


   Thank You / Gracias
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David & Allyson (and Taco & Panchito the Rescue Dogs, too)

Founders, Jaltemba Bay Life