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  June 27, 2011 

welcome / bienvenidos


Welcome to all 845 subscribers of the Jaltemba Bay Life Newsletter, and many more who view it on our sponsor site, Jaltemba Bay Life, and our forum.


Holy cow. There is so much going on at Jaltemba Bay Life,  

I don't even know where to begin.  


A week ago, we launched the new Jaltemba Bay Weather Station. We have literally been working non-stop for over a month trying to get this up and running in time for the rains and hurricane season -- and it looks like we pulled it off just in the nick of time, as the rains have indeed begun.  


We think the Weather Station will be of particular interest to those of you who spend the summer months north of the border, as you can check to see how much rain has accumulated and watch the wind speed and gusts during a storm or hurricane -- and it will be equally important for those of you who are planning a vacation to the area. If you missed our last issue, click here to learn more about the station and how it works: Official Jaltemba Bay Weather


And as if that weren't enough, we also just reformatted our entire Rental Section. You can read more about it below. 


These are just a few of the things we have done recently to improve our site and to help make a difference in our community! 


To find out what else is going on, read the information below and take a peek at our online Community Calendar.     


We want to remind you that the Jaltemba Bay Life Newsletter is now being published bi-weekly. The next issue will arrive in your InBox on July 11th just in time for your morning coffee.  



Editor, Jaltemba Bay Life Newsletter


   Photo of the Week
Congratulations Nadia & Cristobal!


Nadia & Cristobal Wedding 

Nadia Cuevas from Vista Guayabitos and Cristobal Romero from Paraiso del Pescador were married in Puerto Vallarta on Saturday, May 14th. The Jaltemba Bay Life Team wants to wish them a sincere congratulations!  


   Featured Articles 
NEW Rental Categories


In the last few weeks, we revised our rental categories to make  

it easier for users to find a place to stay based on what the businesses in and around the Jaltemba Bay area have to offer. The new rental categories are as follows:

  • Resorts & Retreats -- includes upscale resorts, retreats and spas.
  • Hotels & Bungalows
  • Homes, Villas & B&Bs -- includes rental homes, Villas, Bed & Breakfasts, Casitas, and other in-home rentals.  
  • Condos & Apartments
  • RV Parks & Camping
  • Beachfront Listings -- includes all beachfront and ocean view accommodations.
  • Deals & Specials -- this section is where users can find great last minute deals and/or long-term specials (and it's free for advertisers to use).  

If you haven't seen how the Rental portion of our site works, go to Jaltemba Bay Life and click on the rental tabs to view listings in each rental category.   


Rental Statistics for June 14-27


Folks, people are already searching for a place to stay this coming winter, but we can't promote your rental if your information isn't listed on our site. In the last issue of our newsletter, we expressed how active our rental section is. To illustrate this point, we have included the rental numbers for the past two weeks...


Pageviews of Rental Section: 2,105

Reservation Inquiries: 31*


And to make your decision even easier, we are offering $100 OFF New Rental Listings, but only for the next two weeks.  


Keep in mind, the annual listing fee of $495 USD (temporarily discounted to $395) has a 100% money-back guarantee so you have absolutely nothing to loose.. and now, there's no better time.   


To get started, simply fill out this form. Once we receive your information, we will design your listing page and post it within 3-5 business days. And if you act now, we will also include your listing in the Business & Vacation Rental section below which is seen by over 845 people and growing. 


*Note: These numbers do not include the dozens of personal emails that we receive each week asking for accommodation information and recommendations. 


Rental Coupon
   From Our Readers 

Camile, who wishes to remain anonymous, just moved to La Peņita and has been writing about her experiences. She is using the pseudonym (nom de plume) Camille -- just because she likes it -- and has titled her stories "Camille's Conjectures". According to the Cambridge Dictionaries On-line, the definition of 'conjecture' is "(the forming of) a guess about something based on how it seems and not on proof", which seems to fit her muses quite nicely, seeing that these are her impressions and not necessarily based on 'facts'. Here is her first entry... 

Camile's Conjectures: Learning to Live in Mexico

by Camile


Twelve days in La Peņita, Nayarit, Mexico. Paradise, some would say, and there certainly are aspects of that. One becomes so aware of our wonderful system of senses. We see, hear, smell, taste, and touch a myriad of new things each new day.


My husband and I are settling into house-sitting life at the top of the hill, in Casa Colina with its fabulous 360 degree view. From the west side balconies, of which there are four plus the rooftop with the pool, we can see the whole of Jaltemba Bay, which includes the towns of Los Ayala, Rincon de Guayabitos, La Peņita, and La Colonia. On the east side, from the terrace, one of two balconies, or the rooftop, we can see the valley stretching out below with several Mexican houses, small businesses, and some fields and vegetable crops framed in by the hazy mountains behind. What a location!  


As I sit here typing on my iPad I become aware of the sounds around me. In one short moment I hear at least six different bird calls drifting in through the open screens. Soon I hear one of many, many dogs barking in the distance. Being at the top of the hill, luckily or not, allows us the opportunity to hear the sounds of the community coming alive in the morning. Well, actually, we often wonder when the people, the dogs, and of course the ubiquitous rooster, actually do their sleeping. Who says roosters call only in the early morning! There must be hundreds of roosters in the valley and in the town, and they regularly serenade us with their long distance conversations, all vying to be top male in the menagerie.  


Mexicans love babies: baby dogs, baby cats, baby chickens, and especially baby humans. There will never be a shortage of kids to teach here! As one walks down the street, any street, or on the beach, or hops onto a small local bus (called a collectivo) there will be at least one woman with one or two small children and often obviously pregnant again. To be fair, many young dads also proudly carry their young babes as the family strolls down La Avenida in the early evening, presumably after a hard days work. Families are very important here in Mexico. In speaking to Mexican dads, who are more often the one in the family who may know some English, they proudly tell us that they have five, six, or seven children, and then proceed to rattle off their Spanish names and ages. One father happily exclaimed that while they may not be rich with money they are certainly richly blessed with their family.


More to come... 


   Jaltemba Bay DISH:

    Ally's inside scoop on where to find seriously good food

In Season: Mango Madness
by Allyson Williams


MangoesPurple Mangoes


I wrote this article months ago, but it keeps getting bumped for more time-sensitive material. And even though this issue is chock full, I opted to include it now before mango season ends!


Mangoes are indeed plentiful this season. Just drive down the street and you can't help but notice that the mango tree limbs are literally weighted to the ground with hundreds, if not thousands, of this incredibly sweet and delectable fruit. You will find many different varieties at every mercado, fruteria and minisuper around town. Even the roadside stands have bins upon bins filled to the brim. While on a hike from Los Ayala to El Monteon a few months back, I spotted some gorgeous purple-colored mangoes. I have never seen this variety before. Luckily, as we drove back from Chacala on Dia de la Marina, we saw a group of guys packing mangoes along the side of the road. They confirmed that these purple mangoes are the "Tommy Atkins" variety. They also informed me that the more sun mangoes get while on the tree, the brighter their color; the less sun, the greener they are. In this case, once the "Tommys" ripen the color will change from purple to its normal reddish blush.  


Since mangoes are readily available (even north of the border), I thought I'd share these mango-inspired dishes. Buen Provecho!


Mango Smoothies   


Mango Smoothie


If you're still in Mexico (or when you return), stop by George's Tres Banderas Cafe in Guayabitos and order one of their Mango Smoothies. Once you have one, you'll go back for another, and another. I don't know what they put in there besides mangoes, but they are insanely delicious!


Mango Salsa   


This recipe (and all the crazy verbiage) come from the "Sand In Your Shoes" cookbook by Daiquiri Dick's Restaurant in Puerto Vallarta. Enjoy!


Mango and lime offset each other quite nicely and the rest of the ingredients give this salsa an exotic appeal without making this one of those "gee, it-sure-sounded-beter-than-it-tastes" culinary contrivances. Daiquiri Dick's often features this salsa served over grilled fish or chicken, with fish tacos made with grilled flour tortillas, over fish coated in cornmeal, or plain with tortilla chips. 



2 ripe mangoes* (approximately 2 cups of fruit) 

5 tablespoons red onion** finely minced

― teaspoon serrano chili, finely minced 

2 tablespoons fresh cilantro, chopped

1 teaspoon fresh lime juice

ž teaspoon kosher or sea salt
⅛ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 



*Look for mangoes that have turned yellow or yellow with bright red sunspots. Or better yet, put your schnozzle right up to the surface and smell them. If they smell like sweet mango they probably will taste that way. As when selecting other fruits, avoid mangoes that are mushy in places. A little soft, yes; mushy, no.

**If the onion is particularly odorous and you suspect it will taste stronger than you would like it to, cut in rings and soak them first in cold water for 10 minutes; dry them on paper towels, then dice.  



Peel and dice the red onion along with the chili and fresh herbs and while you're at it, assemble the other ingredients. Once you have your ingredients in place, peel the mango. If you're unfamiliar with mangoes, they have a long, broad core (seed). The best way to cut the fleshy pulp is by slicing off fillets lengthwise. Once you've obtained as much off the mango as possible, slice it in thin strips and then crosswise into small cubes. Combine with other ingredients in a bowl and mix gently as not to bruise the fruit.


   Community Corner:

    Updates on groups, organizations and other good works 

Welcome PEACE Mexico


PEACE Mexico



PEACE Mexico was founded in 2005 by Molly Fisher, but it actually started back in 2003 when Ayuda los Animales (Help the Animals) ran its first Spay & Neuter Program in the Bahia de Banderas with just one vet and six volunteers.  


Today, their mobile Spay & Neuter Clinic team reaches 35 towns from Puerto Vallarta to San Blas and Tepic, including right here in the Jaltemba Bay area. 


Many of you are familiar with their Spay & Neuter Clinics; but you may not realize what else this amazing organization does. Go to the PEACE Mexico community page to learn more. 


Los Amigos de La Peņita Update

by Dave Easby


Los Amigos Logo

Volunteer Website Manager Needed: Los Amigos is looking for a volunteer to manage its website. The individual should have html experience and be able to make text changes to existing javascripts, adapt existing cascading style sheets and create simple images and resize photos. This is a great opportunity for you to contribute to the community.  

If you are interested, please email Dave Easby.


Recycling Update: We would also like to announce that the collection day for our plastics and corrugated cardboard recycling program has been moved to Tuesdays in La Peņita and La Colonia (collection was previously on Wednesday).  Monday will continue to be the collection day in Guayabitos and Los Ayala.


To learn more, go to the Los Amigos de La Peņita website.


Jaltemba Bay La Peņita Rotary Update

by Susana Connors  

Rotary Logo  

Roteract and Interact? What and Who are They? For service clubs to succeed into the future, they must always focus on the recruitment of new
members, specifically younger members. Both International Rotary Interact (12 to 18 years) and Roteract (18 to 30 years) present opportunities for youth and young adults to do Rotary service in their own way. Some of these involve building orphanages and schools. They function under the encouragement but loose supervision of parent Rotary clubs. Nationally, the interest of service amongst the next generation is growing. It is important that Rotary listens to its youth and adjusts to meet their concerns. Social media, like Facebook, allows the human side, the stories, to reach out and touch the heart strings of our ever busy youth. Posting any activity wins an audience. It is Rotary Jaltemba Bay La Peņita club's goal to create a Roteract club.


Rotary Jaltemba Bay La Peņita Welcomes New Members Cat Morgan and Owen Walcher: Jaltemba Bay La Peņita Rotary Club welcomes two new members, Cat and Owen. They are previous Rotarians, now making Jaltemba Bay their new home. They come with solid Rotary background, enthusiasm to participate and the desire to make a difference. Owen is a marketing guru. While the Jaltemba Bay Rotary club is renown for its weekly news bulletin, it is just beginning to explore the power of social media. It is lacking a web site. Owen has a host of ideas which will all be much appreciated. Cat is talented in her right, adding energy medicine and massage to her list of accomplishments. We look forward to their energy and contribution. 


For more information about Rotary Club Jaltemba Bay La Peņita and its projects and programs, please email Susana Connors. Register for the Rotary bulletin here


   Jaltemba Bay Life Updates & Reminders
Miss an Issue? 


Did you miss an issue? Click here to view the Featured Article Page where you can access all the past articles.


Writers and Photographers Wanted


Our website, forum, and newsletter have been up and running since mid-November. During that time, only a few of our readers have submitted articles and photos to be featured in our newsletter. This really surprises us, because we know there are writers and bloggers amongst you, and even a few photographers too.  


While we don't mind being your roving reporters, we think it would be a lot more fun and interesting if we included other peoples' points of view as well. You could write about anything from local hangouts, food, surfing, fishing reports, birding and sea life, to interviews and personal stories. I guess what we're trying to say is that it doesn't matter "what" you write about, just that you participate in some way, shape, or form. And you certainly don't have to submit something every week, although we'd be thrilled if you did. Come on folks... join us in making our community website, forum and newsletter the best they can be!


   Calender + Events

Events are a wonderful way to immerse yourself in, and learn about, the Mexican culture. Here is a list of upcoming holidays, festivals, events, and activities worth planning around. Also check out our Community Calendar for a complete list of what's going on in the Jaltemba Bay area. If you have information about an event, please email us so we can include it in our next issue.



July 14-16 

5th Annual International Riviera Nayarit  

Marlin and Tuna Fishing Tournament 

Competitors strive to catch "the big one" at this annual tournament held at the Marina in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. 


August 15

Dia de la Asuncion de la Virgen Guadalupe  

(Ascension Day)

This nationwide holiday is one of Mexico's most important religious events. The Virgin Guadalupe is extremely important and revered by Mexican Catholics -- her image, almost without exception next to a crucifix, is everywhere in Mexico. Special masses and processions take place nationwide, with a huge mass at the Basilica de Guadalupe (where the original image is hosted) in Mexico City.  



* Indicates possible non-working holidays.

** Schools, banks, post offices, and other public government offices

    are closed during these Mexican National Holidays.





Rotary Club of Jaltemba Bay

Rotary Logo

Rotary Club meets every Wednesday morning at 7:30am at Piņa Colada Restaurant in Guayabitos. Members enjoy social time over breakfast with an official meeting beginning promptly at 8am. Various community leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, and artists are invited as guest speakers to give members a better understanding of the region they serve.



Tianguis in La Peņita

Tianguis in La Penita

The Tianguis (open-air market) is held every Thursday in and around the Plaza in La Peņita (map) from 8am-1pm or so. It is "the" place to be and be seen on Thursdays... and to shop for silver and handmade one-of-a-kind jewelry, linens and tableclothes, glassware, Talavera plates and sinks, Huichol Indian artwork and Oaxacan rugs and black clay pottery. You can buy everything from dried chiles, fresh fruits and veggies, homemade breads, and locally-produced honey and coffee beans, to new and used clothing, kitchen accessories, blender and stove parts, and just about anything else you can think of. The market in La Peņita is one of the largest and most well-known markets in the entire area. (Note: While the Tianguis continues year-round, many of the artisans do not participate during the summer months.) 

2011-12 Fundraising and Charity  

Event Schedule 


We realize that many of you plan your vacations around the local fundraising and charity events in town, so we have emailed the event organizers to gather information. We will include additional events and dates as soon as we are notified.  

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

9th Annual International Margarita Challenge

Place: Piņa Colada Restaurant, Guayabitos 

Details: Doors open at 4:30pm


Friday-Sunday, February 3-5, 2012

4th Annual Cancer de Mama Clinic 

Place: La Peņita RV Park, La Peņita

Clinic details to come.  


Saturday, February 4, 2012

14th Annual / 5th Memorial "El Famoso"  

Horseshoe Tournament 

Place: David's Palapa, Guayabitos.  

Details: Check in is at 8:30am. Participants must pre-register on Thursday, February 2 at 4pm at Mateja's.


   Featured Businesses + Vacation Rentals

We are proud to promote these businesses, vacation rentals, and real estate listings on the Jaltemba Bay Life site. Please support these and the other local businesses that make our website possible through their advertising. Thank You!


Sergio's Tours

NEW  Sergio's Tours

Tour Guide


Sergio offers group and private tours throughout Mexico. He has just scheduled three exciting tours for the upcoming season. more >

Los Compadres Ad


Los Compadres Resort 

La Peņita


Beautiful resort with 7 spacious and private suites and stunning views of the entire Jaltemba Bay. Stay for a week or month.  more >

To see our complete directories, click the links below...   


> View all Businesses   

> View all Hotels and Vacation Rentals  

> View Map of Businesses, Hotels and Vacation Rentals 


Add your business or vacation rental (hotel, bungalow, rental home, bed and breakfast, condo, apartment or RV park) to our directories, and be seen by people who are specifically interested in the Jaltemba Bay area -- VRBO and other rental sites can't offer that or our 100% Money-Back Guarantee. And because you list "By Owner", you can change your information, pricing structure, discounts, photos, and availability as often as you like. For more information, click the links below or email us.

> List your Vacation Rental or Hotel 

> List your Business 


   Featured Real Estate

Listing your Real Estate By-Owner on our site is easy, affordable, and runs until you sell. And for a limited time, we will also include an ad for your property in our weekly newsletter like those shown below. Click here to find out how.  

Hacienda La Penita

Hacienda La Peņita   

La Peņita



This picturesque estate is one of the most spectacular properties north of Puerto Vallarta.  more

Casa Tequila Ad

Casa Tequila   

Guayabitos, Residential  



Spectacular beachfront home with large oceanfront pool, five spacious bedrooms, six private baths, and immaculately maintained property.  more >

Casa de los Pelicanos AdCasa de los Pelicanos

Guayabitos, Residential  



Classic two-story Mexican Colonial Villa, which is now an operating business. Enjoy the income, or just relax and enjoy life in paradise.  more >

Casa Maria CondoCasa Maria Condo    

Guayabitos, Playa Linda 



One of only 6 oceanfront condos in the Playa Linda Condo complex, making this a rare opportunity for buyers.  more >

Villas Marenas Condos Ad

Villas Marena Condos  

Los Ayala



4 beachfront condos left. 1-Bedroom+Den to 2-Bedroom Suites available.  more >

Villas Marenas Condos Ad


Villas Marena #7    

Los Ayala



This charming 1-Bedroom Studio is located on the 2nd floor and was recently remodeled.  more >  

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