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  April 25, 2011 
welcome / bienvenidos


Welcome to all 803 subscribers of the Jaltemba Bay Life Newsletter, and many more who view it on our sponsor site, Jaltemba Bay Life, and our forum.


First off, we hope you all had a wonderful Easter wherever you are! 


Semana Santa is in full swing. In fact everything is pretty much "full" in the Jaltemba Bay area right now... the highway, the towns, the hotels and trailer parks, the beaches... oh, and the bands are blaring! The vacationers seem to be thoroughly enjoying the sun, sand, and gentle waves we've been having. And fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), the police have been patrolling the beaches and discouraging people from camping. Vacationers are allowed to camp during the daytime hours, but have to pack up and head back to their hotels before dusk.  


To find out what else is going on this week, read through the information below. Be sure to take a peek at our online Community Calendar for even more local happenings.   

We realize that high season has just come to an end, but vacationers are already starting to look for the perfect place to stay next winter. We know this, because the number of reservation requests on our site has nearly doubled in the last few weeks. If you have a vacation rental home, B&B, condo, apartment, trailer park, or hotel and want to receive more bookings, consider advertising on our site. Read the last article for additional information.   


And speaking of next winter, we are starting to receive information about 2011-12 Fundraising & Charity Events. See details below.  


We are always looking for people to write articles, share information, and submit photos for the Photo of the Week feature. If you are interested, just email us.  


We want to THANK YOU for taking the time to read this issue of the Jaltemba Bay Life Newsletter. We value your opinions and feedback. Please contact us if you have comments, suggestions, and ideas about how we can make our community website, forum, and weekly newsletter even better.




Editor, Jaltemba Bay Life Newsletter


phone: (327) 274-1150


A Semana Santa Tradition
By Allyson Williams 


(Top) The Meza, Saldaņa and Escobedo Families. (Middle) Fernando and Ezequiel; Ruth. (Bottom) Yesenia; Diego and Jorge. 


During Semana Santa, generations of families come to our area for their once annual vacation. The Meza, Saldaņa, and Escobedo Families from Guadalajara are no exception. They have made Guayabitos their Semana Santa destination tradition for several years. Normally, they camp on the flat stretch of beach in front of our house, but because of the new camping restrictions this year, they stayed at Delia's Trailer Park on the south end of town instead.


They typically arrive on Friday afternoon. We always know when they're here, because Yesenia and the other kids stand outside our beach gate and yell our names until we come out to greet them. This year, they arrived on Friday as usual, but didn't make it down to our end of the beach to say hello until Thursday afternoon.


A few times during the week, David and I head to the beach, pull up a chair, and visit with them. It was a great opportunity for us to catch up on what's happened to them during the past year, and to practice our Spanish as well. Around 4pm nearly every day, we would haul out the hose to give them showers and wash off all the sand and sunscreen they had accumulated during the day. They would then head back to camp for dinner and to settle in for the night.  


On Saturday morning, the last day, the adults would start breaking down their campsite (which literally included everything but the kitchen sink). Like a jigsaw puzzle, they somehow seemed to get all the pieces to fit perfectly into their vehicles with just enough room for themselves and the kids.  


While the adults were busy loading, David and I always let the kids hop in our pool for a few hours. Last year, I think we counted 30-plus kids in the pool at one time. Some of you might think we're crazy, but it's been a wonderful and memorable experience (albeit we can't use the pool for a few days afterward while David gets the chlorine level back up to where it should be).


When the adults are finished packing, they stop by to collect the kids. We'd hug, shed a few tears, and wish them safe travels and a prosperous and healthy year. And they'd be off once again.  


This year, the time spent with them was way too short, and the goodbyes came way too soon. God willing, they will return again next year so that we can continue what has become "our" Semana Santa tradition, too. 


Writers and Photographers Wanted

Our website, forum, and newsletter have been up and running now for 5 months. During that time, only a few of our readers have submitted articles. This really surprises us, because we know there are writers and bloggers amongst you, and even a few photographers too. Our sister sites, Sayulita Life and San Pancho Life have articles galore in their weekly newsletters, with stories about local hangouts, food, surf and fishing reports, birding, sea life, interviews, and personal stories.


I guess what we're trying to say is that it doesn't matter "what" you write about, and you certainly don't have to submit something every week (although we'd be thrilled if you did). Come on folks... join us in making our community website the best it can be!


Semana Santa

By David Thompson


This week's "Did You Know" is about Semana Santa as seen from the beach. Judging by the number of campers on the beach, it appears that there are fewer of them than in previous years. And since neither formal numbers nor even estimates are available, I asked some of the restaurateurs and street and beach vendors to get their thoughts. All commented that they have seen lower sales this year which was presumably because of fewer tourists. The weekend is still going strong, so let's wait until it's over before drawing any conclusions.


Most of the visitors do appear to be having a good time. As seen during a stroll down the beach in Guayabitos, I counted 19 bands, of one sort or another, entertaining the masses.


To view the original forum post with daily comparison photos of the crowds, go to the Jaltemba Bay Folk Forum.


The "Did You Know?" feature runs on the Jaltemba Bay Folk Forum. Sometimes we create polls with questions about the Jaltemba Bay area; other times, we include interesting facts and/or information to peak our readers' interest. If you have ideas for this feature, please email David.



Los Amigos de La Peņita 

By Dave Easby

Los Amigos Logo


As the winter season winds down, it's probably a good time to remind people that our recycling program continues to operate during the summer. Tavo, our driver, will continue to collect your plastics -- and your corrogated cardboard --  on Mondays in Guayabitos and Los Ayala, and on Wednesdays in La Peņita and La Colonia.   


For those who are heading back up north, we wish you a safe trip.  We look forward to seeing our current members, as well as some new ones at our first meeting of next season, which is tentatively scheduled for November 28.


For more information about Los Amigos, email Dave Easby


Rotary Club Jaltemba Bay La Peņita 

By Susana Connors 

Rotary Logo  

Rotary Club Jaltemba Bay La Peņita will be moving to a bi-monthly news bulletin for the summer. New Rotary members, Gabriel Lara and Arturo Vazquez will act in the capacity of news reporters and publishers for the Rotary news bulletin. The news bulletin is an online wonder, full of information about Rotary events and news. You can link into the club's Facebook page from within, a simple click or go on Facebook and enter Club Rotario Bahia de Jaltemba. May your Semana Santa be all that you wish it to be!


For more information about Rotary Club, email Susana Connors or register for the bulletin here



Events are a wonderful way to immerse yourself in, and learn about, the Mexican culture. Here is a list of upcoming holidays, festivals, events, and activities worth planning around. Also check out our Community Calendar for a complete list of what's going on in the Jaltemba Bay area. If you have information about an event, please email us so we can include it in our next issue.


This Week 


*April 24-30

Semana Pascua (Easter Week)

For Mexico, the Easter holiday is a combination of Semana Santa and Semana Pascua. Semana Santa, or Holy Week, runs from Palm Sunday to Easter Saturday; Semana Pascua runs from Easter Sunday, also known as Resurrection Sunday, until the following Saturday. For most Mexicans, this 2-week period is "the" time of year for holiday vacations. If you are planning to visit Mexico during Semana Santa, make sure you book your reservations well in advance... and be prepared for big crowds on the highways, in town, and along the beach!


April 30

Día del Niņo (Children's Day)

This is not an official holiday, but it is traditional to give children small presents that day. Usually, elementary schools are closed on this day to honor the children.


**May 1

Dia del Trabajo (Labor Day)

This Mexican national holiday is equivalent to the US Labor Day, and honors the Mexican victory over the French army at Puebla de los Angeles in 1862.



* Indicates possible non-working holidays.

** Schools, banks, post offices, and other public government offices

    are closed during these Mexican National Holidays.




*May 5

Cinco de Mayo / Batalia de Puebla (Battle of Puebla)

This regional holiday commemorates the Mexican defeat of the French at the Battle of Puebla (it is not Mexico's Independence Day, as many people think, which is actually September 16th). While Cinco de Mayo is a big celebration in the US, it is not a national holiday here in Mexico.

May 10

Dia de las Madres (Mother's Day)

Due to the importance of the mother in Mexican culture, Mother's Day is an especially significant holiday.



* Indicates possible non-working holidays.

** Schools, banks, post offices, and other public government offices

    are closed during these Mexican National Holidays.





Rotary Logo

Rotary Club of Jaltemba Bay

Rotary Club meets Wednesday mornings at 7:30am at Piņa Colada Restaurant in Guayabitos. Members enjoy social time over breakfast with an official meeting beginning promptly at 8am. Various community leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, and artists are invited as guest speakers to give members a better understanding of the region they serve.



Tianguis in La Peņita

Tianguis in La Penita

The Tianguis (open-air market) is held every Thursday in and around the Plaza in La Peņita (map) from 8am-1pm or so. It is "the" place to be and be seen on Thursdays... and to shop for silver jewelry, pottery, linens and tableclothes, glassware, Talavera plates and sinks, Huichol Indian artwork, and Oaxacan rugs and black clay pottery. You can buy everything from dried chiles, fresh fruits and veggies, homemade breads, and locally-produced honey and coffee beans, to new and used clothing, kitchen accessories, blender and stove parts, and just about anything else you can think of. The market in La Peņita is one of the largest and most well-known markets in the entire area.


2011-12 Fundraising & Charity Events 


We realize that many of you plan your vacations around the local fundraising and charity events in town, so we have emailed the event organizers to gather information. We will add additional events and dates as soon as we are notified.  

Wed. February 1, 2012

9th Annual International Margarita Challenge

Place: Piņa Colada Restaurant

Time: Doors open at 4:30pm



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La Peņita


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