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August 25, 2012

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We're excited to announce that Matthew Davidson's first 4-song EP has just been released! For a physical copy, click HERE to purchase the EP from Matthew's website. If you would like your copy autographed, please reply to this email and let us know that. 
You can download the EP from iTunes by clicking HERE. It would be great if you would also post a review after listening to it. The EP is for sale in Shreveport at Disc Daddy, which is located in Shreve City Shopping Center at 1267 Shreveport-Barksdale Highway. It is also for sale at Louisiana Music Factory in New Orleans. 
Photo by Neil Johnson/Design by Brad Kozak
Joe Osborn, producer and bassist on Matthew's EP
Photo by Barbara Beaird
The press release included below gives more information about the recording. We've also included some photos from both the recording and photography studios. 
We appreciate the support that Matthew has received over these past two years that he has been performing professionally. The best way to continue to help Matthew reach his goals is simply to purchase his first recording and to help us spread the word to as many other people as possible!

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Press Release - "Matthew Davidson Steps Up with Release of Debut Recording" 


Shreveport, LA - Aug.22, 2012   Fourteen-year-old guitarist/vocalist Matthew Davidson has released his debut recording, produced by legendary bassist who discovered The Carpenters and member of L.A.'s famed Wrecking Crew, Joe Osborn. The 4-track EP titled "Step Up" is a blend of Matthew's diverse musical influences, from rock to blues.


Davidson got his first taste of guitar at the age of three, when he received a toy guitar for Christmas. In 2007, he won his first electric guitar in the James Burton Foundation's Guitar Showdown. Since then, he's won numerous accolades, including being named the recipient of the 2011 Robert Johnson Blues Foundation New Generation Award and being selected as the 2011 Kidd Kraddick Rock Camp Guitarist. He's played everywhere from The Dallas House of Blues and The New Orleans Jazz Fest to B.B. King's Blues Club in Memphis and The Strand Theatre in his hometown of Shreveport, LA.


Osborn, who plays bass on this recording, first heard Matthew perform two years ago at The Municipal Auditorium. Recognizing Matthew's talent, Osborn took Matthew under his wing, mentoring him and guiding him through this first recording project. "Matthew's musicianship is far beyond his years," said Osborn. "When I play with Matthew, it's like playing with a seasoned professional. And Matthew is always a gentleman."


With musical influences as diverse as The Beatles, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Maroon 5 and John Mayer, Davidson is a triple-threat: guitarist, vocalist and songwriter, performing rock, blues and pop with equal command.


Davidson's 4-track EP is available for download on iTunes and Amazon. A physical copy can be ordered online at or from CD Baby. The EP is for sale in Shreveport at Disc Daddy located at 1267 Shreveport-Barksdale Highway in the Shreve City Shopping Center. The EP is also for sale at Louisiana Music Factory in New Orleans.


For more information:
EP Packaging

Inside photography by Barbara Beaird, Derek Groves and Neil Johnson (on disc)
Photo by Neil Johnson
In the Studio
Joe laying down the bass tracks
photo by Barbara Beaird

Mixing at Robin Hood Studios in Tyler, TX
Special Thanks To: 
(from the EP liner notes, in alphabetical order)
Jerry Beach, Chris Campisi, Greg Clifford, Nathan Davidson, Zack Ebey, Brian Flanagan, Bruce Flett, Dan Garner, Brad Kozak, Joe Osborn, Kyle McClanahan, Russell Newman, Chris Renn, Robin & The Bluebirds, Don Teach and everyone at Shreveport Music, Greg Walton, Maggie & Alton Warwick, Danny Wilder, and of course, my parents - Alan and Ella and my twin sister Sarah.. 
About Matthew Davidson -  


"It was truly a pleasure working with Matthew. I think that he has a great future ahead of him. ~Robin Hood Brians, Robin Hood Studios, Tyler, TX -  July 2012


"Matthew Davidson is blessed with a God-given, born-in-the-bone, talent. His musicianship is far beyond his age. When I play with Matthew, it's like playing with a musician with many years of experience. Always a perfect gentleman, Matthew's personality shines through in every performance. He obviously loves what he is doing!"      ~Joe Osborn, famed "Wrecking Crew" bassist who played on numerous hit records of the 60's - 70's with Glen Campbell, The Carpenters, The 5th Dimension, Simon and Garfunkel and many more 

Photo by Barbara Beaird


The Shreveport Times-Aug., 2012 

SB Magazine - May, 2012


For booking contact:
Ella Davidson (318) 286-4636
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The Shreveport Times - Fri., Aug. 17


Matthew was featured on the cover of The Shreveport Times Preview magazine! Click HERE to read the article by Derick Jones. 
The Shreveport Times has been incredibly supportive over these past two years since Matthew began performing with his band, running numerous articles and photos, and we appreciate them!
iTunes Reviews

The Story Behind the Steps 
We wanted a title for Matthew's first recording project to indicate that this was the beginning....his first introduction to the "music world". Some of the ideas tossed around were "First Light", "New Day", "Stand Up" and other similar names. We ultimately decided on "Step Up", comparing how a batter "steps up to the plate" to how a musician "steps up on stage". We envisioned having a photo made on some steps and that would be simple enough.  But thankfully, our creative team of Brad Kozak (graphic design) and Neil Johnson (photography) had better ideas. Brad was familiar with a famous painting of someone descending a staircase.  He suggested that we reverse the idea and photograph Matthew going up a staircase. (or at least appearing to go up!) The staircase would need to be open so that it could be photographed from the side. Brad's solution - build a staircase!
"The Stairs that Brad Built"
  Brad took the stairs to Neil Johnson's photography studio, and Matthew's stair-stepping began. In order for Matthew to look like he was going up the stairs, he had to actually walk backwards down the stairs in about 8 seconds for each shot, all while holding his guitar at a certain angle to reflect light in the best manner. 
Photo shoot at Neil's studio
To quote Neil: "Matthew was a most excellent subject! Secret: I strobed him at top of steps, then had him walk BACKWARDS down and out of the frame. Thanks to Brad Kozak for concept, step construction and cover design! Inspired by Marcel Duchamp's painting, "Nude Descending a Staircase #2" (1912.) Matthew Ascending a Staircase #1!"

After numerous attempts, the picture that we desired was obtained, and can be seen on Matthew's EP cover. After the "staircase" photo, Neil took two more photos of Matthew, which we used on the back cover of the EP and on the disc itself. Thanks to both Neil and Brad for their collaboration to make Matthew's first recording have an exciting look.
Neil and Matthew after the shoot
Signing EP's at El Chico