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January 2011    
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Best Broker in the East Bay

I had the honor of being named Best Health Insurance Broker in the East Bay Express Best of the Bay awards.


The review said that I was "an extremely dedicated full service health-insurance broker". I do work hard for my clients; it is my job to find the very best insurance programs possible.

Ten Reasons to Use a Broker (Continued)

A broker...

3. Serves as an outsourced "benefits" department.

Most small companies do not have a dedicated benefits specialist who is responsible for keeping current on the laws and understanding all the administrative workings of the benefits program.

A good broker actually acts as an in-house benefits specialist who is available whenever a situation or question comes up. There is no need to take a chance and make the wrong choice when you can call on your broker for the correct and legal answer.


"With all the recent and upcoming law changes it feels ever more overwhelming to keep on top of what the best product is and how to maneuver through the maze of forms.

My company has had a longstanding relationship with Lynn and without her help and guidance, we would be lost. She is incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, responsive and resourceful on all levels.

--Christine Dell, National Jury Project

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Lynn CaffreyHappy New Year!

We spent the holidays in London visiting our daughter Liz who is now an ex-pat. It was a great visit to a city I'd love to return to often. Of course it takes an 11 hour plane ride to get there, it's about as expensive as New York, and it has pretty awful weather. But other than that, it's perfect.

But now the frivolity is over and it's time to get back to work, protecting clients and making sure they get the service they deserve.

Unfortunately, prices are going up AGAIN so please let us look for you. You may not have to accept the rates you are offered.

For people entering Medicare or changing their senior plans, we can now offer AARP among our carriers.

Please join me in welcoming Gabriel Caffrey as a formal part of Caffrey Insurance Solutions, Inc.  He is great at optimizing systems, bringing me into the modern age and making sure your needs are met. His direct email is

Finally, please visit our new website at  We are very proud of the changes we've made, which should make us even more useful to you. And although some of the content may be similar, for those of you who prefer following a blog we have our new blog (Ask an Agent) at

Feel free to add us to your RSS reader. Visit our blog

You'll discover that the site is much more interactive. We now provide online quoting for individuals, including the ability to submit an application directly online with most carriers. It's a great way to get an overview of the options. That said, we must caution that it's good to have a professional go over the plans before a decision is made and an application is submitted. Your expert, of course, is Caffrey Insurance Solutions.

Ask Lynn / What Would Lynn Do?

Please ask me your real questions.  Until those come in, I'll offer some I've come across. This is a real situation.  The multiple choice answers are shown to let you come up with the solution.  The actual answer is below in red.

Q.  My company has been with XYZ carrier for the past 6 years.  We have 8 employees, 5 of whom have families.  We pay 100% of the premium.  We offer a $250 deductible PPO and a $15 copay HMO.  The premium, which is $10,000 a month, is killing us.  What can I do?

A.  Give people a stipend to find their own insurance.

B.  Drop the coverage altogether.

C.  Fire several people to make up for the $10,000 the benefits are costing you.

D.  All of the above.


In analyzing this situation, there are opportunities to reduce costs without taking any of the above measures.  It is dangerous to just give people stipends for their own insurance because many of them will be declined coverage.  A better solution is to market the plan, look for plans with newer designs that reallocate some of the benefits, increase the deductibles and copayments, and ask for employees to participate in their coverage by paying some of the premium.  It's realistic considering the cost of benefits and can be taken from paychecks on a pre-tax basis.

Health Care Reform Report

Doctor Earth Stethoscope IMage

There's not much to report here, except that the new Republican Congress says they will work to repeal Obama's health care reform plan. That is a poor and costly idea for the rest of us. 


Carriers are writing children-only plans so please contact us soon to take advantage of guarantee issue plans.  The government has delayed a requirement that there be no discrimination in favor of highly compensated individuals.

Your Health Insurance Agent Is Your Advocate

Solutions -- Not ProblemsThere are many misunderstandings about the role of a health insurance agent.

If you have a legal problem, you consult an attorney. If you have a medical problem, you go to the doctor. If you have an accounting issue, you consult your Certified Public Accountant.

If you have an insurance problem, you consult Lynn.
Lynn is a professional health insurance agent. She is a well-qualified expert, and health insurance problems are her specialty.

Nine Ways the New Health Law May Affect You in 2011

Opponents of the new health care overhaul law are threatening to repeal, defund and kill it in court, but that isn't stopping Washington from implementing a number of important provisions in 2011. While many people will welcome the new benefits, some will face higher costs as a result of the law.

The following are nine health law changes to take note of this year.
  • Will You Get An Insurance Rebate?
  • Lower Rx Costs For Seniors
  • It Has How Many Calories?
  • Higher Medicare Premiums
  • Restrictions On Medical Savings Accounts
  • Bolstering Seniors' Access To Primary Care
  • Staying Healthy
  • Trimming Medicare Advantage
  • Fighting Hospital Infections
For more information, please consult the original article by Kaiser Health News.
About Lynn
Lynn Caffrey and Caffrey Insurance Solutions is an employee benefits brokerage firm that provides insurance expertise for small companies (fewer than 50 employees) and individuals seeking Individual coverage.

Caffrey Insurance works with you to find the best insurance benefits that provide the best value, tailored to the unique needs of your company.

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