July 2011                                                                                                 Issue 7 




Matthew Richter, celebrated Kansas painter,

invites you to the 

  Kansas Masters Invitational Exhibition 

Matthew showcases three exceptional pieces

in the touring exhibition featuring 50 Kansas master artists.



Wichita Opening Reception

 July 15, 5-7 PM

Exhibition: July 14 - August 15

 Center for the Arts

9112 E Central

Wichita, Kansas



Enrich your life.

Meet the artist, cultivate a friendship

and take home an original, one of a kind oil painting.


"Every painting I created or bought has changed my life. Weighing the image and emotion it evokes measures against what I think and feel each time I see it. That constant

self-examination creates a deeper understanding of my mind and heart."

-Matthew Richter


"Tree Top Sunset"  


Currently Showcased in Kansas Masters Invitational Show:


"Tree Top Sunset" 

16" x 20" 


As the hot, late-summer sun sinks low in the west, the blistering day gives way to a cool blue cloud rising above the treetops. Soon, rain will soak the thirsty landscape. Beneath the open expanses of a cloud-drenched prairie sky, the dark tree line dwindles in size, reminding human beings of their own small stature.


Currently showcased in the Kansas Masters Invitational Show



"We Live Here"

32" x 36"


 Look into the deceptively calm eyes of a charging bison as she flees a raging prairie fire. Tails swishing, the herd behind her jumps scrubby native plums. The lightning-fed cleansing of the grasslands races across the prairie

 after them.


For centuries, the Great Plains knew only the season changes, fire, and the hooves of the thunder beasts.


Outdoor painting session at Paint Creek

Photo Credit: Zane Richter


 Matthew and Tom Weatherford often work in the Paint Creek area of the Smoky Hills, a site only four miles north of Matthew's studio. Sunset bathes the hilltop vistas in warm, hazy light. Along the creek, hidden pockets of bottomland sprout Tallgrass and native wild flowers. Late summer until the first frost, different flower species alternate in glorious bloom. As the sun dips low, turkeys flap loudly into treetops to roost.


"Goldenrod and Thistles" and "Tallgrass on Paint Creek"

both developed from outdoor painting sessions at Paint Creek.



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This newsletter is written and edited by Kiya Richter Krier,
a 2009 graduate of the University of Kansas with a Creative Writing degree.
She is currently living and writing in Rolla, Missouri.