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News from the Farm 


Greetings! Posy, Cozy and Bo Peep are growing so fast and their personalities are so much fun! Now instead of just exploring, they "own" the porch. Two weeks ago they discovered the porch swing (!!) and they hop in it and lie down for a nap. In addition, they stand outside my office window and prop their feet up on the window sill to watch what I am doing. Too funny!
We've had 2 or 3 people ask about the slight increase in the fat content of our ground beef; since we didn't really experience any winter to speak of, the cows were grazing grass all season and have stayed in very good condition--even gaining weight-- for the last year. As their systems have not been taxed by any cold weather or drought, the meat is grading high choice and the marbling in the steaks is beautiful!

Cow and calf 
Remember also that the fat in grass-fed meats is the GOOD Omega-3!! Why eat all that salmon and swallow fish oil capsules when you can enjoy STEAK?!?!



Market News 


I need to take a minute to ask a special favor of all of our Saturday market customers; as you may know by now, our beloved Miss Brenda has gone off on her own to sell her farm's products as well as Kenny's Cheese. We have hired our initial replacement, even though we know Miss Brenda can never be replaced! Since I, Jenny, cannot be in two places at once I will be at one Saturday market and a former intern as well as semi-experienced helper Mr. Larry at the other. The new trainee, Jonathan Angel will work directly with me for several weeks. All of this means that your market check out experience may take a little bit longer than usual. PLEASE help us help you by being patient with us and our new hires. This is especially important at FFM as the foot traffic areas can get so congested. One way to speed up your process is to order and pay in advance--then all you have to do is get your bags, your invoice and go!


May 9 ENFM market starts 3:30-6:30.


May 12 will start our market season with attendance at both WNFM (9 a.m.- 12 p.m.) and FFM (8 a.m.-1 p.m.) every Saturday through October.


Don't forget to sign up for the Summer CSA season! You can do so on line or at the markets. First pick up date for Full Shares is May 19 for BOTH FFM and WNFM and May 23rd for ENFM; first pick up for Half Shares is June.


LINDEN CORNER and GLENDALE ELEMENTARY: We really want to offer these delivery locations and we need a number of subscribers to do so! If you are interested in a CSA at either of these locations, please let us know ASAP so we can make plans.


Pork Chops: A customer favorite! Great for the grill, thick, chop-house style chops weighing 16-24 ounces each! 2 per package. Regular price $7.99; SALE price of $6.99/pound.  

Pork chops will remain ON SALE through May so as many customers that want will have the opportunity to buy at markets. 


May Schedule 



EVERY WEDNESDAY starting May 9: ENFM 3:30-6:30; CSA full share pick up May 23 


EVERY SATURDAY starting May 12: FFM 8 am-1 pm, WNFM 9am-12 pm; CSA Full Share pick ups May 19
Wednesday May 23: Customer service closed 

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