Dave MacDonald for the Corvette Hall of Fame

Dave MacDonald was a natural racer in the elite group of drivers at a time when Corvettes ruled the hotbed of California sports car racing in the early 1960s.  Carroll Shelby had a grudge to settle and hired the best in Dave and Bob Bondurant to drive his Cobras and beat the Corvettes.  Dave’s life was cut short in a fiery crash at the Indy 500 in May, 1964. 



Dave MacDonald had already made his mark and would have won a lot more races had his career not been cut short at age 27.

Some Highlights of Dave’s career

  • 24 wins in 52 starts driving Corvettes in SCCA BP and AP for Don Steves Chevrolet
  • 4 wins in 10 starts driving a Corvette Special for Jim Simpson and B. Sorenson Chevrolet
  • 19 wins in 34 starts driving Cobras in SCCA AP and the USRRC for Carroll Shelby
  • Chosen by GM for leading role alongside Dick Thompson in Corvette Sting Ray introductory film
  • Chosen by Zora Duntov to take delivery of first Corvette Sting Ray Z06 and drive it in the LA Times GP
  • Only Corvette driver of his era to start an Indy 500 race
  • Planned to become a car constructor after winning in Corvettes and Cobras

Links to Dave’s Corvette photos, records, write-ups and more made available by his family


Dave’s entire racing exploits can be viewed at www.davemacdonald.net

We are privileged to archive Dave MacDonald’s accomplishments.  Count us among the growing ranks of  Corvette enthusiasts looking forward to his recognition in the Corvette Hall of fame alongside his racing peers Bob Bondurant, Dick Guldstrand, Doug Hooper and with the admiring respect of Zora Arkus Duntov.