Corvette Race Car Series Euro
circa 1994-2011

Here is a collection of Corvette race car photos and data on Corvette race cars and drivers that appeared in various racing series abroad.  The vast majority consists of (a) C5R and C6R FIA GT1 Corvettes sold by GM and Pratt & Miller; and (b) C6 Z06R FIA GT3 Corvettes modified by Callaway Cars.  Work in progress but believed to be the largest accounting of Corvettes racing abroad.  Approx 1,000 photos, 75 EXCEL Spreadsheets and Bonus data for the curious to the studious.

#1 GT1 C5R Chassis
005 team SRT

#6 GT1 C6R Chassis
011 team GLPK

#34 GT1 C6R Chassis
002 team PSI

#5 GT3 Z06R Chassis
003 team Callaway


We would like to thank Walt Thurn, Patrick Durand, Philipe Mornier, Roger Pincus, Martin Krejci, Nigel Dobbie, Mike Roberts, Oliver Beroud, Etienne Henrion and others who contributed photos and expertise.  Our thanks also go to Wayne Ellwood for his extraordinary effort behind this work.   We welcome corrections, comments and more photos.

Corvettes that raced in the 24 Hours of Le Mans will be the subjects in a future digital “publication”.  For a taste of Le Mans circa 1968-1975, here is a link to A Short Story about the Filipinetti-Greder L88 Corvettes.  It is a repeat of a profile we circulated in February, 2011 and is also archived on the website.


Ref #

Series Name

Gallery Photos

Spreadsheet Bonus
1 FIA GT1 & GT3 2005-2011 448 GT1 & 54 GT3 x x
2 SRO FFSA GT1 & GT3 2005-2011                  197 x  
3 SRO ADAC German Masters GT 2007-2011 93 x x
4 FIA British GT 2000-2010 69 x  
5 SRO Belcar 1998-2010 48 x x
6 FIA BPR 1994-2000 (predates ELMS) 48 x  
7 ACO ELMS 2006-2010 27 None  
8 SRO Dutch Supercar GT4 & GT 2008-2010 5 xx  
9 FIA Italian GT 1997-2010 4 x  
10 FIA Australian GT3 2010-2011 2 x