SCCA Club Racing 1956 – 1983 photo captions (L to R)
Row 1 Don Yenko BP 1964; Chip Miller (for Jim Jeffords) BP 1959; Steve Earle (for Bob Bondurant) BP 1959; Dick Thompson, CM 1960
Row 2 Dick Lang AP 1962; Dick Thompson AP 1963; Tony DeLorenzo AP 1967; Tom Rizzo gets into John Orr BP 1970
Row 3 Jim Sanborn and Bob Kern BP 1976; Brian Utt BP 1976; Tony DeLorenzo AP 1968; Jerry Thompson AP 1969
Row 4 John Greenwood AP 1970; Allan Barker BP 1971; Alan Anderson BP 1976; Skip Panzarella AP 1977
Row 5 Jerry Hansen AP 1973; Elliott Forbes-Robinson AP 1978; Peter Andreghetti GT1 1982; Doug Bethke GT1 1982


We call it a work in progress because in the early years the SCCA was not very good at keeping records. It took persistence and patience to find and piece together SCCA National Championship Corvette driver data for every year starting from 1956. We are grateful to those who helped including the VIR History website and Pete Hylton, SCCA historian.

There is also a scarcity of early photos. Our collection owes to many sources including “modern” day vintage racing images representing various subjects. The subjects include the better known cars and drivers in SCCA “nationals” to some of the obscure that raced at the “regionals” level.

Here are links to 27 National Championship spreadsheet tables from 1956 to 1983 and a large photo gallery with more than 800 images organized roughly by racing car number in ascending order.

Some cars have pro markings because after 1970 they were eligible for IMSA’s GT series and after 1972 for SCCA’s Trans-Am series. They were also eligible for annual FIA endurance races at Daytona and Sebring and in certain years at Bridgehampton and Watkins Glen. Here is a link to some reflections by John Bishop, ex-SCCA official who started IMSA.

Casual or serious, we invite you to sort through and enjoy. And we always welcome hearing from dedicated enthusiasts, especially those that can lead us to more data and photos.

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Department of Corrections: The corrected Henri Greder story and additional photos are linked here. The story is also posted and can be found on our home page in the Corvette Race Car Subjects Profiled section. We apologize for any inconvenience to all concerned.