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Chronology of LGM Corvette Race Cars, 1988-2010

A competitive racer at heart, Lou Gigliotti built Corvette Challenge cars in 1988 that led to one of the more successful Corvette racing teams and performance enterprises as they are recognized today.  Information for this summary was compiled from independent research and correspondence with Lou.  We were greatly assisted by Anthony Forney, a knowledgeable LG Motorsports manager who provided updated information on Lou’s Corvette race cars in five different racing series.  We also appreciate the support we received from others and invite additional comments and corrections.  We bring you text, photos, data, video clips and more.

The Registry of Corvette Race Cars has built a large photo library of Corvette race cars by working with contributing photographers and resources like LG Motorsports who care a lot about Corvette race cars.  We have about 3,000 images at last count and offer to scan and return slides and prints as may be necessary from fans out there that have more.  We offer our photos for enjoyment, not for commercial use unless authorized by the source.   Many sources and contacts are listed in our Contributing Photographers section.

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