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A. The Registry of Corvette Race Cars offers online at your fingertips the world’s largest resource of data and photos for Corvette race cars exclusively. Our research, database and photos strengthen our mission to preserve the heritage of Corvette race cars that keeps the Corvette legend alive. Find us at the top of the search page for CORVETTE RACE CARS.

B. You have our commitment to share the best Corvette race car information, photos and data, organized by every year of Corvette production and every series in which Corvettes were raced - pro, club, vintage, historic and international.

C. We communicate with Corvette race car enthusiasts, racers, collectors, restorers and fans by helping organize events, offering guidance, contacts, and friendly advice.

D. We send targeted e-mails of Corvette race car subjects of interest created from our original sources. Your friends can directly receive these by contacting us.

E. We respond when you are looking to buy or sell a Corvette race car and chase after history, information and photos.

F. We serve as your online Corvette race car club, archive and adviser. You can depend on us to help you find what you are looking for.

G. We seek your continued support to provide these services without distracting ads, nuisance newsletters and varnished fanfare. All areas of the website are being opened.


We welcome checks in a suggested amount of $20 or greater payable to Registry of Corvette Race Cars LLC and mailed to 46 Livingston Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201 USA. Your help matters.


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