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Dress patriotic!
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Show your true spirit on American holidays by dressing in our flag's colors. Wear your red, white and blue proudly as you wave your American flag.  Have a safe and happy 4th of July!  

Fashion Dilemma

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Dear Fashion Fix,

Does the polish color on your manicure and pedicure have to match?  
Kelly R., Langhorne, PA

Dear Kelly:

Although ideally it looks very nice if the two are matched, it is certainly a personal choice.  Pedicures have longer staying power than manicures so the color on your toes could last a month verses one to two weeks for your manicure or refill.  If you desire to switch out the polish on your fingernails, coordinate the colors so that all fingers and toes blend nicely.  For example, a pop color and a neutral instead of pink nails and red toes.
 The easiest solution is a French pedicure.  Not only it is a fresh and trendy look, but the toes will accessorize beautifully with whatever color you paint your fingers.  Fingers or toes, the cool look of a French pedicure matches every summer outfit too!
Paula Molino
Fashion Consultant
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What's in YOUR closet?
White sandals are just plain smart! 

It used to be that white sandals were associated with little old ladies. But not any longer.  White sandals are a seasonal essential.  Update your shoe wardrobe with stylish white sandals like these featured from Anne Klein.
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(Each month an outdated item of clothing will be highlighted. Is it lurking in your closet? Learn how to replace the old with the new to upkeep a stylish wardrobe.)

"Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful."
~ Sophia Loren
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Paula Molino
Yardley, PA

Fashion Fix is a full-service fashion consulting business offering personal attention to wardrobe needs. This unique service provides fashion consulting, wardrobe analysis, closet organization, personal shopping and group presentations. Visit the Fashion Fix calendar for events and upcoming workshops in the Pennsylvania/New Jersey corridor.
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