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September/October  2010 - Vol 2, Issue 5
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The results produced from NIMBioS research activities are important in measuring our success. Click the button below for an online form to report publications and/or other products that have resulted from your NIMBioS activities. Click here for specific language to use in acknowledging NIMBioS in your work.

Celebrating Our Second Year
NIMBioS celebrated its second anniversary in September. Since our first activity in March 2009, more than 1,000 people from 33 different countries and 49 U.S. states have participated in NIMBioS-sponsored events. A total of 363 different institutions were represented, primarily colleges and universities. NIMBioS has hosted 12 Working Groups, 6 Investigative Workshops, 4 Tutorials, 50 short-term visitors, and numerous outreach and education activities. Research and training opportunities slated for 2010-11 are described in this newsletter. If you are interested in participating in an activity, please register using the online registration form for that activity; space is limited. We have now recruited six new faculty members whose research interests are at the interface of mathematics/computation and biology and have a total of ten postdoctoral fellows. A new feature at NIMBioS is our blog where we post the latest happenings at NIMBioS and what else is new at the interface of mathematics and biology. Produced and moderated by NIMBioS staff, the blog showcases news and commentary generated by NIMBioS staff and partners. To submit feedback or suggest a post, please e-mail us at We look forward to hearing from you or seeing you at NIMBioS.
Featured Science: Biodiversity Under a Changing Climate
Climate change poses one of the principal threats to the biological diversity of the planet. Altering species' distribution, reproductive timing, and the growing season for plants -- the rate of climate change is happening so fast that many species cannot adapt quickly enough and risk extinction. NIMBioS postdoc Dr. Xavier Thibert-Plante wants to know how climate change affects biodiversity. Thibert-Plante examines the interaction between ecological and evolutionary forces and their impact in shaping the planet's biodiversity. Adaptation and gene flow, which can work in oppositional ways, are just some of the processes underlying biodiversity that Thibert-Plante studies. Click here to read more about his work.
Video Feature: Preserving Nature on Land and Sea
short term visitors Four short-term visitors gathered at NIMBioS from around the world in recent months to collaborate on a project focusing on optimal strategies for designing and managing marine and terrestrial reserves. The group of early career scientists is developing and applying constrained optimization techniques to inform the design of spatial and spatio-temporal management strategies for terrestrial biodiversity conservation and fisheries management. Click here to view the video. Click here to read more about NIMBioS' short-term visitor program.
Education Spotlight: Undergraduate Research at the Interface of Biology and Mathematics
undergrad The second annual undergraduate research conference to be held Nov. 19-20, 2010, at the Univ. of Tennessee Conference Center provides opportunities for undergraduates to present their research at the interface of biology and mathematics. Student talks and posters will be featured as well as Dr. Abdul-Aziz Yakubu, professor and chair of the department of mathematics at Howard University, as plenary speaker. Faculty, students and Tennessee teachers are invited to attend. Registration Deadline: November 5. For more information about the conference and how to register, click here.
New Songwriter-in-Residence Program
guitar NIMBioS, in conjunction with the Univ. of Tennessee's James R. Cox Endowment Fund, is sponsoring a Songwriter-in-Residence Program to encourage the creation and production of songs involving ideas of modern biology and the lives of scientists who pursue research in biology. The program supports a four-week long residency of professional singer-songwriters to interact with scientists at NIMBioS through June 2011. Up to five songwriters-in-residence will be chosen; only one will be in residence at a time. To read more about the program and how to apply online, click here.
Upcoming Research and Education Opportunities at NIMBioS
NIMBioS is now accepting applications for the NIMBioS Investigative Workshop on Solid Tumor Modeling to be held Jan. 19-21, 2011, at NIMBioS. Current achievements and challenges in modeling solid tumors in the human body will be discussed, and areas that could improve our understanding of tumor development and treatment will be identified. The main focus will be on modeling tumor level cancer progression. Application deadline: October 15. For more information about the workshop and how to apply, click here.
NIMBioS is now accepting applications for the NIMBioS Tutorial: Stochastic Modeling in Biology to be held March 16-18, 2011, at NIMBioS. This tutorial is designed to introduce selected topics in stochastic models with an emphasis on biological applications. Basic theory of Markov chains and stochastic differential equations will be introduced. The tutorial will consist of a series of lectures and lab sessions. Application deadline: December 16, 2010.For more information about the tutorial and how to apply, click here.
Synchronous oscillatory activity is a universal phenomenon that occurs in biological systems ranging from the level of intracellular dynamics to population dynamics across thousands of kilometers. NIMBioS is now accepting applications for the NIMBioS Investigative Workshop: Synchronous Activity in Biological Systems to be held April 11-13, 2011, at NIMBioS. Application deadline: January 15, 2011. For more information about the workshop and how to apply, click here.
With more than two-thirds of adults considered overweight and more than one-third categorized as obese, understanding the mechanisms behind weight gain, loss and maintenance is a major national goal. NIMBioS is now accepting applications for the NIMBioS Investigative Workshop: Mathematical Models of Metabolism and Body Weight Regulation to be held July 12-15, 2011, at NIMBioS. Application deadline: March 14, 2011. For more information about the workshop and how to apply, click here.
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