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September/October  2009 - Vol 1, Issue 3
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NIMBioS Celebrates Its First Year
NIMBioS celebrated its first anniversary in September. Thus far, more than 400 individuals from 15 countries and 43 states have participated in NIMBioS research and educational activities, including working groups, investigative workshops, and tutorials.
NIMBioS Puts the Pop in Science
bat The NIMBioS BioSongs Project brings together singer-songwriters and University of Tennessee scientists to share stories about research and about the people who do it.  An all-day workshop will be held Oct. 14 at NIMBioS to spark ideas for songs about biology.
Education Focus: Undergraduate Research Conference
batNearly 200 undergraduates and faculty from more than 40 academic institutions in North America will gather Oct. 23-24 in Knoxville for the first annual Undergraduate Research Conference at the Interface of Biology and Mathematics sponsored by NIMBioS. Undergraduates in biology, mathematics, computer science and related fields will give talks and present posters on topics ranging from modeling diseases to using mathematics to understand population dynamics and biological phenomena.
New Computing Cluster Arrives at NIMBioS
A new computing cluster,, has arrived and will be available to support NIMBioS research and education efforts once testing and setup is complete. Alces has 128 computing cores derived from 16 nodes containing dual Opteron Quad-core processors. An Infiniband Interconnect has been implemented across the nodes to provide a lower latency interconnect. Rocks 5.2 provides a Linux computing environment including Portland and GNU compilers. Matlab, R and other computational resources will be available on alces in the near future.
Featured Science: Modeling the Black Bear Population
bearDr. Rene Salinas creates computer models that simulate changes in the black bear population in eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina. The model can help wildlife managers determine the best strategy for minimizing bear-human conflict while maintaining a sustainable bear population. Salinas conducts his research as a short-term visitor at NIMBioS. Short-term visitors are supported for periods up to  a month to assist their efforts in carrying out research that conforms to the NIMBioS' mission to foster research at the interface between math and biology.
Staffing News: NIMBioS Welcomes Five Post-Doctoral Researchers
NIMBioS provides an opportunity for postdoctoral scholarship at the interface between mathematics and biological science that builds upon the experiences gained through the many successful postdoctoral fellows who have been in residence at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville over the past decades. NIMBioS current postdoctoral fellows are Folashade Agusto, Erol Akcay, Sharon Bewick, William Godsoe, and Yi Mao. The next deadline for requests for NIMBioS postdoctoral support is March 1, 2010, for activities beginning September 1, 2010.
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