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Headline Article

Can "virtual community" be "biblical community"?

by Steve Gladen


Whether your church has "online small groups" or not, no doubt you've thought through this debate. And you have an opinion.


Before you settle in to your well-formed opinion, take a look at Steve Gladen's thoughts and what they've done at Saddleback. Though he'll be the first to tell you he's not got it figured out, this article will help.


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Your church & online small groups

20 Reasons why your church should have online small groups 

by Alan Danielson


Still trying to figure out what the internets really are?


Wonder if "googling" is some weird sound that 6 month olds make?


Or maybe you've been at social media for a while, and you're deep in the game. 


Alan Danielson lays out 20 reasons why your church should have online small groups.


Read it and see if you agree with him.


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Social Networks
Care to know what some of the most popular social networks are, by nation?

Here's a cool map we found. Enjoy!

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Improving on what's good
Making a good thing better Rick Warren
by Rick Warren
How could we possibly take something good, like technology, and make it better?
Shouldn't the church be leading the way with innovation, creativity, and finding solutions?
See what Rick Warren has to say about utilizing technology to the best of its, and our, ability.


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Technology & small groups
Technology & small groups 
by Dave Treat 
Technology can revolutionize routine communication. As long as people are listening.

Facebook page (and messages to fans) can keep announcements, time changes, common goals, etc. in front of everybody...all at once.  
Technology has its dangers, but it's time to embrace these new forms of communication. 
See what Dave Treat, small group expert, has to say.


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The Danger of the Internet & Information Overload
The One-Hour Rule
by Erik Alstine
Ever felt like your brain was just full? Like there was no more you could possibly cram in?
Ever wonder if that feeling is valid?
Could it be that we've been wired with a need to slow down and process information more slowly than our culture would tell us we need to?
Erik Van Alstine, author, communicator, and entrepreneur, sheds some light on this for us. 
Group Talk
Group Talk 3
Measuring Small Group Health
with Boyd Pelley



Some of the most difficult questions small group pastors ask are:

  • What should we measure in our groups?
  • Why should we measure at all?
  • Anybody can count heads, but how do you measure discipleship?

I don't know about you, but I'm convinced it's time we start answering some of these. Tune in to our next Group Talk to hear Boyd Pelley, creator of Church Teams and long-time small group guru, talk us through these important questions.


If you'd like to listen in and participate in the discussion live, it happens on Thursday, September 13th. Otherwise, check out our podcast HERE, where the interview will be posted afterwards.


Date: Thursday, Sep 13

Time: 1:00 pm (ET); 12:00 (CT); 11:00 (MT); 10:00 (PT)

Dial-in-number: 1-626-677-3000

Access code: 24247



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The Small Group Ministry Show

Finding Leaders 

Don't miss the latest Small Group Show episode!


In this Episode, hear from Bill Search on how to Find and Recruit Leaders.


Also, Eddie Mosely shares his heart for small group ministry, Steve Gladen talks about a great resource called "Small Groups, Big Impact", Jay Daniel talks about how to build healthy small groups and Brett Eastman interviews Boyd Pelley about 



[Watch this show]


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