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Opening Article - SGN News
The Strategy of connecting people


by Steve Gladen



Ever wonder how Steve has helped lead Saddleback Church to launch, and sustain, so many small groups?


Check out the strategy that he employs to connect people. It's no mystery or secret how they've gone from 30% of their folks connected in small groups to 120%. 


Over the past few years, Steve and his team have learned 5 key truths about launching groups and connecting people that could reshape your thoughts on connections.




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Featured article


6 Components of a Successful Small Groups Launch 



Want the scoop on how to launch small groups? Who doesn't! After all, groups do more than provide the "optimal environment for life-change." They also provide a very effective delivery system for ministry and mission.


So then the question might be, "How can you get groups going in a way that has the best chance of succeeding?"


Small group veteran and guru Mark Howell points out the six essential components of a successful small group launch...





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Leadership Lifter
Rick Warren
Growing to Maturity: 6 Myths
by Rick Warren


It's unfortunate, but many churches assume that spiritual maturity happens automatically, so they have no real plan for helping their members grow in Christ. That's why I encourage churches to be purpose driven, where they have a plan, not only for evangelism, but also for leading their members into a deeper level of Christian maturity.


That's also why we use the model of a baseball diamond at Saddleback, so members, as well as the staff, can, in some small way, measure the progress they're making in their Christian walk.


I think many churches are afraid to measure progress because they've bought into one (or more) of the six myths I lay out here...




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Church and culture
10 Things Churches can Learn from the Apple Store
By Steve Gladen


Apple is one of the most successful companies right now worldwide. 


With the help of Guy Kawasaki, who used to work with Apple, our churches may learn a thing or two.



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Small Group Ministry
5 Non-Negotiables for your new small group

Launching a new small group? It's easy to focus on too much, or too little, as you deal with details, deadlines, and conflicting schedules. It's important to make sure you focus on the most important aspects to ensure a healthy, successful small group.
Be sure to not overlook any of these 5 essentials as you get your group off the ground!

Group Talk
Group Talk 3
5 Keys to Sustaining New Small Groups
with Michael Moore



For some, the starting of new small groups is of great concern, but all of us struggle with how to sustain new groups after they form.  Granted, there is no fool proof way to insure that a new group will sustain for the long haul.  So what can we do that will give these new groups the best chance to endure?


Enter Michael Moore... Michael is the Pastor of Spiritual Formation and Small Groups at Grace Community Church in Fulton, Maryland,  Under Michael's direction over 95% of all new groups launched at Grace Community Church sustain over time. In this GroupTalk call we get a back-stage pass to explore the inner workings of this successful ministry.


Join us Thursday, August 23rd, for a free conference call...all you've got to do is call & listen!





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The Small Group Show

Launching New Groups


Don't miss the latest Small Group Show episode!



In this Episode, Steve and Brett share valuable tools and insights on launching new groups. 


Also hear from John Phelps and Mark Mehlig. Inside is a special promo for the upcoming Twelve Plus Conference 




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