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Twelve+, a Global Online Gathering


In September 2011, 5,000 participants from 21 countries participated in Twelve, a two-day, twelve hour, online conference with teaching and discussion from some of the best small group minds in the U.S.

This year, Twelve gets even better!


On May 16-17, 2012, Twelve returns as Twelve+. Once again, this will be a highly interactive online conference teaching the best practices of exponential small group ministry.


If you missed Twelve last year, you won't want to miss Twelve+. It has all of the power-packed value of Twelve, "plus" it adds some new sessions. If you did attend Twelve, this is your opportunity to take another track, to go deeper, to spend time with the sessions that you missed, to chew on more of the timeless principles of exponential small group ministry.


For readers of this newsletter, if you register by April 14th, you'll get the best rates possible! Just use the code SGNcool12 at checkout!


Click HERE to register.


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Opening Article - SGN News
home improvement store

A Different Kind of Prayer List: is your church ready for Easter Visitors?


by Steve Gladen



This weekend I went to a home improvement store. I needed help from two different departments on two issues I had in my home. As I walked into the spacious warehouse, lost at where to go, I started my quest to find the right person to help me buy the right product to end my nightmare problem at home. Now I could go into a lot of details, but the bottom line is I left that store two hours later, frustrated and no closer to finding my answer than when I walked in the door. Feeling aggravated, lost and frustrated; the Lord used that situation to help me make sure what I experienced in that store, people wouldn't feel at our church.


So what do people feel in your church? Do they leave your church no better than when they walked in the door? Do you have lots of new people and yet your church doesn't grow? Do just as many people walk in the door as those that walk out the back door? Take a look at these different types of prayer tips and ask yourself where you rate in each area, 1 to 10.





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Building Biblical Community
Building Biblical Community
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Leadership Lifter
Rick Warren
A Leader's Prayer Life

by Rick Warren

You can learn a lot about a person by the kind of prayer he prays.


For leaders, there's a model prayer in the first chapter of the book of Nehemiah. Remember Nehemiah? When he first heard about the downfall of Jerusalem, he prayed for four months.

This was not just a casual prayer. It gives us a pattern for successful praying. If you want to know how to pray, you should study the book of Nehemiah - particularly this prayer.

 Here are four secrets to answered prayer from the life of Nehemiah.



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Replenish Your Soul
Lance WittThe Most Embarrassing Gap in my Leadership  
By Lance Witt

I really didn't want to write this article. But I know you can't talk about spiritual health without talking about this topic. In the past, when I preached about it or wrote about it, I always felt a gnawing inadequacy. If you were to chart my ministry and spiritual journey, there would be large gaps where this spiritual practice has been missing in action.


So, let me shoot straight with you. I struggle with my prayer life. 




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Small Group Ministry

The Power of Vulnerability


Vulnerability is something that we small group pastors have to lead the way in modeling.


If we're not willing to make ourselves vulnerable, it's hard to expect that those we lead will feel the freedom to.


We found a couple of videos that speak well to this.




 [HT: Matt Hodgson, regional leader for Small Group Network in PA, NJ, NY] 




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Resources For You


As "they" say, the best things in life are free, right?

Well, we're trying to keep that trend going. So we're partnering with Lifeway to give away some curriculum sets. And they happen to be sets that we believe in!

Steve Gladen and Bill Donahue have created a great resource called Building Biblical Community.

Building Biblical Community is a 4 session group experience designed to help members understand what it means to belong in a small group, know how to live in community and do life together, discover mission, and learn the importance of "story" in group life.

And you can snag a free copy! (we're giving away 10 of them)


Just click through for details.



Group Talk
Group Talk 3
Creating your own in-house curriculum 

with Carolyn Taketa


One of the most frequently asked questions in Small Group Network Huddles is, "What curriculum are you using?"  And rightfully so!  


It is important to every Small Group practitioner that their groups are using curriculum that is engaging, yet not superficial; enjoyable, yet transformational and relevant and Biblically based. In today's global market there are plenty of studies to choose from.  However, there rarely seems to be that "perfect fit".  When reviewing curriculum one can almost always say, "I wish they would have done this differently".  So what do you do?


Well... meet Carolyn Taketa, small group veteran & expert. She'll help us think through it. 




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The Small Group Show

Leveraging Technology & Multimedia in Groups Ministry


Don't miss the latest Small Group Show episode!


In this episode, Brett and Steve give you training on using technology for small group ministry. 


Brian Mosely talks about Right Now Ministries. 


Doug Berry answers the question "What is the best model for small group ministry?" and Sean Kapauf and Randy Moraitis give tips to new leaders.


[Watch this show]


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Steve Gladen
SGN Founder and Pastor of Small Group Community at Saddleback Church
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