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Leading Small Groups with Purpose!


It's here - the much-anticipated follow up book to  Small Groups With Purpose: How to Create Healthy Communities! Available for pre-order right now, Leading Small Groups With Purpose: Everything You Need to Lead a Healthy Group is the book you need to get into the hands of every one of your small group leaders. Small Groups With Purpose was written to help Small Group Pastors create healthy small group ministries. Now, Leading Small Groups With Purpose allows you to provide your small group leaders with the information required to implement those same concepts within their small groups.
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Leading Small Groups With Purpose
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Leadership Lifter
Rick Warren
by Rick Warren

Last month I started a four-part examination of how following God can lead to success. I discussed the first two principles: Be clear in your direction and Be confident in your desires. This month, I will discuss the third principle.



That means once you have started, never, ever look back. Luke 9:62 tells us, "No man having put his hand to the plow and looking back is fit for the kingdom of heaven." Don't look back! Any farmer knows if he looks back while he's plowing, he's going to plow a crooked line. Commitment is the key to accomplishment. No commitment means you'll never finish anything.

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Small Group Ministry
Steve Gladen
Is it More About the Start or the Finish?

by Steve Gladen

In January, for whatever the reason, people are open to make that big "start". Whether it is to work on weight, a habit, personal or spiritual goals; January, more than any other month, is the month to make the "start". My wife, Lisa, and I use the first Friday of the month of January to set our spiritual goals through our Health Assessment. We have been doing that since 1999. Although January is a great time to assess and create goals, how our assessment looks in December is just as important. Ecclesiastes 7:8 says, "Finishing is better than starting" NLT.


How you finish will be the snapshot of your legacy.

Steve's Tips
250 Tipsby Steve Gladen

The original small groups found in Acts balanced the biblical purposes in their group. Give your small groups these practical suggestions to help them balance these same purposes today.


Fellowship - Ask group member to bring in their wedding pictures to one of the meetings. Let each person talk a little about their wedding day and what is most unexpected about where they are today. If you have single people in your group, ask members to bring in their high school yearbook to show their picture. As members to explain if high school was a high or low point for them and to give one reason why.

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Replenish You Soul
Lance WittWhat Kind of Old Person Do I Want to Be?

By Lance Witt

What kind of old person do you want to be? It's a question you never think about in your twenties, rarely in your thirties, and only occasionally in your forties. But at least in my case hitting the big five-zero caused me to ponder this question with great frequency.


Turning fifty flipped an inner switch; I found myself asking a lot more questions. Not about next year's vacation or the kind of car we might purchase or whether to change from ground beef to ground turkey. I found myself asking more life questions, legacy questions.

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Resources For You
Resources For You
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Group Talk
Group Talk 3


by Jay Daniell


Small Group multiplication, that is, launching new Small Groups from within groups that already exist, is a very tough nut to crack. But it can be done and for some churches it is the best and/or only way to grow the Small Group Ministry.


But why is it so difficult?  Shouldn't all groups want to multiply? Is group multiplication working for anyone?


Meet Brian Phipps.  Brian is the "Grow Pastor" at Westside Family Church in Kansas City.  He also serves as the South Central Regional Leader for the Small Group Network.  Brian is successfully shifting the DNA of his Small Group Ministry to one where group multiplication is normal, even anticipated.

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Steve Gladen
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