February 2010
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Group Talk with Eddie Mosley 


Group Talk is a brand new experience brought to you by the Small Group Network! How would you like to have the chance to sit in on a live conference call with some of today's hottest small group experts? What if you could sit in on that conference for free and from the comfort of your home or office? With Group Talk you can do just that! Just call in and enter the code number and you can join the conversation!

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by Rick Warren

Rick Warren New 2010

For the last two months we have been looking at how to let go of the past and move towards a more healthy future. We looked at two things you must do to move forward: I must give up my grudges and I must give up my grief. This month I will conclude the series with the final thing that is required for you to keep from getting stuck in the past. 



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Mythbuster! Our Small Groups Should Take a Summer Break

by Steve Gladen

Steve Gladen New

They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. Acts 2:41-43


I am often asked if Saddleback's small groups continue meeting during the summer. Let me answer that question by asking a more fundamental question-"What are you trying to get from your small groups?" If the answer is just "connection", then I would give your groups specific starting and stopping points. In the case of Saddleback, we are looking for more than connection. Our groups are the source of our church's health and growth

by Steve Gladen250 Big Ideas (Steve's Tips)

A healthy diet is one that balances all of the food groups. Likewise, a healthy small group balances all of the biblical purposes. Pass these suggestions along to your small groups and watch as health happens!  


Fellowship - Use a Nerf ball to encourage and even control sharing. Toss the ball to the person whose turn it is to share. When that person has finished, he/she chooses who to hear from next by tossing the ball to that group member. This ball can also help you control talkative people in your group. Simply establish and enforce the "Nerf Rule" - You can't talk unless you're holding the Nerf ball.  

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By Lance WittStressed Man

Kevin Skinner was obscure-absolutely anonymous-until he won the million dollars. An unemployed chicken catcher who loved to write songs, he won the top prize on America's Got Talent.


It's the stuff dreams are made of. We love it when the underdog becomes top dog. We love it when somebody small makes it big. Maybe it's because we picture ourselves standing on the stage and performing in front of the cheering crowds.

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