February 2010
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1. You'll learn how to use small groups to build spiritual health in your church and your community.

"The conference was my first Saddleback experience and I was not disappointed.  Every session and staff member demonstrated the purposes and heart of the leadership at Saddleback.  Coummunity U Logo 170px - 2I could tell the ministry was all about people and helping them become spiritually healthy and not about building programs and buildings."

"You might be interested to know that the group of 18 that we brought to the conference from Maryland back in February is still meeting together twice a month to pray for the spiritual health of our small groups, their leaders, and members.  This group fasts the day before we meet to pray each time.  Your conference had a significant ...
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New Orleans One Day Small Group Conference with Steve Gladen

Planning on being in the New Orleans area Saturday, June 5th? Join Steve Gladen for a one day Small Group Conference!

Workshop Purpose

Mission:  To assist the churches of Greater New Orleans in balancing the Great Commission and Great Commandment in the lives of both their host headers and their small groups.

Vision: To see all hosts and leaders deepen their understanding of a purpose driven group, and become more fully committed to growing and leading their small group in the Great Commission and Great Commandment.

Objective: To help your group leaders take the next step in developing successful purpose driven small groups and walk away with a personal and group plan for growth and health.
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by Rick Warren

Rick Warren New 2010This month, as we continue to look at the Principles of Leadership, we will examine the principles of Collaboration and Concentration.

Leadership is never by itself. It is always in a context of a team, of a small community, of a small group. To be a leader, you have to build a team. All great leaders are great team builders. In fact, if you don't have a team, you're not a leader. You're a loner. The test of leadership is look over your shoulder. If nobody's following you, guess what? I have a proverb that says this, "He who thinketh he leadeth and hath no one following him is only taking a walk." The test of leadership is one thing. Is anybody following? Is anybody agreeing? You start with a team.
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Small Groups versus Sunday School? 
by Steve Gladen

Steve Gladen NewIf the goal is to teach the Word of God and apply the Great Commission and Great Commandment, does it matter if your people meet in a church classroom or living room?

The debate over Sunday School versus Small Groups continues. Each side debates the merits of their system, while pointing out the "flaws" in the other system. I often overhear the question, "Does your church have Sunday School or Small Groups?" The question is often a veiled way of asking, "Is your church a traditional one that is stuck in the rut of Sunday Schools?" The common notion is that Sunday School is a system that traditional churches cling to, while more modern and progressive churches move toward small groups. The truth, however, is not that simple or clear cut. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages. More important than the "system" used, is the desired result - spiritual growth and health.
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by Steve Gladen

250 Big Ideas (Steve's Tips) Looking for a way to promote health and balance in your small groups? Give them suggestions on how to balance the biblical purposes in their lives. Your groups will not only appreciate the suggestions, it will add a new dimension to their group life!

Fellowship - Always acknowledge your group members' birthdays and anniversaries. Be sure that when people come to your group, you not only get their name, address, email address, and phone number, but you also get their birthday and anniversary (wedding and/or salvation). Save money by ordering birthday and anniversary cards in bulk form from a card catalog. A card in the mail or on their chair when they arrive lets group members know that their special day is special to you.


by Cheryl Shireman

You are likely reading this book because you believe that you have been hurt by a church or you know someone who has. Or perhaps you were forced to witness a harmful church fight, and the experience has wrenched your soul ever since. Whatever the case, there was an incident, a turning point, and since then you have been different. So begins Stephen Mansfield's latest book, ReChurch: Healing Your Way Back to the People of God.

If you are a Christian, chances are you either know someone who has been hurt by their church, or you are nursing your own church-inflicted wounds. This is a sad reality, but a reality nonetheless. Perhaps you, or someone you know, left the church amid bitterness and pain.

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