February 2010
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Looking for an inspirational and economical way to take your small group ministry from incremental to exponential?

Connect your church into community and your community to your church!

Saddleback Church is bringing a new concept in small group conferences to a city near you. "Community U" is a comprehensive, two-day small group conference with tracks for everyone in your small group ministry. There are three different tracks for Small Group Pastors, as well as an inspirational "gathering day" for Small Group Leaders.
Develop an intentional community strategy!
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by Rick Warren

Rick Warren New 2010We're going to begin a new series this month on the Principles of Leadership. For the next few months I am going to be writing about how you can learn to lead like Jesus by looking at examples from His life.

I speak to various groups of leaders throughout the year. These groups include pastors, corporate CEOs, and political leaders. All of these leaders have the same thing in common: they want to know how to be better leaders.
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Ten Things to Think About Before Starting a Small Group Ministry 
by Steve Gladen
Steve Gladen New

Are you starting a small group ministry, or are you thinking of retooling an existing small group ministry? Here are some points you might want to consider before moving ahead.

  1. Know where you are headed.  When you look at a believer, a follower of Christ in your church, what is it you want them to look like, act like, "be"?  Too many start a small group ministry because it's the thing to do.  It may not be the thing to do.  Once you know what you want, then you can back up and decide what will get you there.

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by Steve Gladen

250 Big Ideas (Steve's Tips) Looking for ways to bring health and balance to your small groups? Why not give them some suggestions on how they might balance the biblical purposes in their groups?
Fellowship: Find out when and where another group from your church is meeting. Show up unannounced at the beginning of their meeting and explain, "You have been selected to be ambushed with love!" Unveil some treats you have brought for them, give a few hugs, and leave. Return to your usual meeting spot for some laughter, fellowship, and your own Bible study and prayer time.
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"Pastor, can I stop by your office and talk with you?" Those of us who serve as pastors have all received phone calls that begin with a similar question, and each time we know that we are about to assume the role of a "counselor." It is part of our calling as caring shepherds. We want to help, and we do our best to offer sound Biblical counsel. Sometimes we get to experience the joy of knowing that we have given encouragement to a person who is hurting. Other times the problems run deeper, ...

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