December 2009
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SherlockWHO: Thousands of Small Group Point People, Lead Pastors, and Lay Pastors responsible for the Small Group Ministry of their church. We are multi-denominational and composed of churches of varying sizes - from less than 100 members in size to churches with over 20,000 members.

WHAT: A free network of Small Group Point People who meet in "huddles". Huddles are informal gatherings "in between" small group conferences, or in today's economy with so many budget cutbacks, in lieu of a small group conference. Many of you reading this article will not be able to attend a conference in 2010.
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December Articles
by Rick Warren

This is the third and final installment of The Rick WarrenTemptations of Leadership. The first temptation we looked at, Pain and Pleasure, measures your maturity. The second temptation, Popularity and Praise, measures your integrity. This temptation, Prosperity and Possessions, measures your priorities. 
Matthew 6:24 tells us, You cannot serve both God and money. He didn't say you should not. He said, you cannot. You cannot worship God and worship money at the same time. You cannot have God as the number one goal of your life and making money as the number one goal of your life at the same time.
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Can You Spare a Little Grace? 
by Steve Gladen
In the life of any Small Group, there will come a Stevetime when the Small Group Leader will have concerns and struggles as to how to handle difficult people within their groups. With many different personalities attending a small group each week, the Small Group Leader must have a firm handle on how to identify and care for each of the personalities within their group. As the Small Group Point Person, it is your job to equip your Small Group Leaders to deal with group members who present special challenges - "E.G.R's (Extra Grace Required). If not handled properly, an "E.G.R." can destroy the health (and attendance!) of a small group.

In looking at the issue of how the Small Group Leader can...
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by Steve Gladen
Looking for ways to help your small groups250 Big Ideas (Steve's Tips) achieve health and balance? Here are a few suggestions that you can pass along to them.
FELLOWSHIP - Have members of the group write and mail encouraging notes to each other. Give everyone 3x5 or 4x6 index cards. Help group members get started by writing on one side of the card the beginning of a sentence, something like - "You are an important part of our group because..." Address the cards and mail them the following week.
DISCIPLESHIP - At least once a year, spend an entire meeting giving members the opportunity to assess their own spiritual health. Encourage honesty...
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Candle in Window
The countdown to Christmas is on. We all want that "It's a Wonderful Life" Christmas, but the reality often falls short. Christmas can be a time of overwhelming stress and despair. Families are often estranged and if they see each other at all, it is very often under duress. As we deal with decorating the house, wrestling with broken Christmas lights, and pushing our way through the mall to buy Christmas presents, it is easy to lose sight of the most important gift we will ever receive.  We at PDSGN just wanted to send you a little Christmas reminder...

And it came to pass in those days, that...

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