July 2009
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by Pastor Steve GladenSteve Gladen
Pastor of Small Group Community
Saddleback Church
Read the news. Every day in every city around the world, hurts, hang-ups and habits are the secret and sometimes not-so-secret ways that the enemy uses to try to defeat both believers and non-believers. These are the wounds that continue to infect even the most healthy-appearing people. Despite the appearance of health and vitality on the outside, these "issues" continue to fester and sicken, weakening the church and the community from the inside.
Life's Healing ChoicesJesus gave us one of the most effective teachings on the topic of personal spiritual healing and renewal in the Beatitudes.
This fall, your church can join SurveyRick Warren and Saddleback Church in the path of freedom from hurts, hang-ups and habits with "Life's Healing Choices"...
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Ask the Network - this month "What's a huddle?"  
Read six great answers from Point People all over the U.S., including this one from Reid Smith, Area Point Leader in Florida -
"A "huddle" is a learning community with a missional focus. It's a gathering of small group ministry point leaders who come together to learn from one another, pray for one another, network with each other, support one another, and freely exchange ideas and resources with one another - all so that we can help one another advance God's purposes in and through His Church." [Read all the responses here]
NEXT MONTH'S QUESTION is from Elaine Morse, our State Point Person for Washington - "What is the latest in curriculum? What works well for moving a younger (30 something) crowd toward spiritual growth and action in their communities?"   
Send your answers and other questions to cheryls@saddleback.com. Who knows, your answer or question could be featured next month!
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