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Issue: #  FOUR 12/14/2009 
First Mate & M Series Thermal Imagers
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 Special FLIR Issue 
FLIR Greetings!
 FLIR has recently introduced two very special new thermal imaging video cameras.  The first is the  First Mate which is a very small handheld unit with the same optics as the well known Navigator series.  Carry the First Mate everywhere that you travel. Use it at home, see what that noise is outside your house on a dark night.  Use it in the car when broken down on a dark country night.  Use it while camping or hunting.
Flir First Mate Hanheld Thermal Imager
 First Mate gives every mariner the power to see at night like never before. The world's first waterproof, hand held, high-performance maritime thermal night vision camera available for $2999, First Mate lets you navigate with confidence anywhere, anytime!  Whether you're on a yacht, recreational powerboat, fishing boat, sailboat, or anything in between, with First Mate you'll be able to see clearly and navigate safely in total darkness.

        First Mate Image

Portable Thermal Night Vision
  First Mate can be mounted on your boat or held in the palm of your hand
Long battery life; no vessel power supply required
Because it's not permanently mounted, First Mate provides "go-anywhere" thermal night vision
Navigation When You Need It
Instant-on for images when you need them
Take First Mate with you from vessel to vessel
Improved security while sitting at anchor or docked for the night
Man Overboard
First Mate Product Generated Images  (click on images for larger versions)

SD Card OptionInsert an SD memory Card to capture images.
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FirstMate DiagramF
Minimum Advertised Prices:
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FLIR First Mate Standard Version   $2,999.00
FLIR First Mate Pro (HM-324P)        $3,999.00
2X Zoom with Image Capture
 FLIR'S New M Series   
M Series Like all of FLIR's thermal night vision systems, M-Series cameras let boaters see clearly in total darkness. With four times the resolution and twice the range performance of competitive systems, M-Series cameras let boaters see navigation hazards like other boats, channel markers, outcroppings of land, and people in the water more clearly and from farther away than ever before...even in total darkness.

M Series Pier
In addition to providing best-in-class thermal imagery, the M-Series maritime imaging systems incorporate a micro-lux low-light camera for improved visibility during twilight hours, and when operating along intracoastal waterways and near harbor entrances.
Housed in a rugged, waterproof gimbal enclosure that provides continuous 360 pan and +/-90 tilt capability, M-Series imagers provide horizon-to-horizon coverage.
M Series Marine View M-Series systems incorporate cutting-edge Ethernet connectivity for easy installation, control, and interface with other on-board electronics, and installers can mount M-Series gimbals in either ball-up or ball-down orientation.
The FLIR M-Series provides all of this in a compact package that's only 7 inches in diameter and 11.2-inches tall, taking up a fraction of the swept volume of most systems in its class.
As with FLIR's other maritime thermal imagers, M-Series imagers include FLIR's full array of infrared color palettes for easy viewing; users can watch its video on virtually any monitor or multi-function display that has an auxiliary video input.
M Series Comparison
M Series Products  (Click On Images for Larger Versions)
M Series Controller
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      FLIR M 320-L   $ 13,199.00
   FLIR M 626-L   $ 17,595.00
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