I know you are inundated with hundreds of requests from worthy organizations at this time of year. If I didn't think MetroWest Legal Services was making an impact on the lives of thousands of families and individuals and the communities in which they live, I wouldn't be writing to you today to ask for your support and to 
tell you why it matters.
As the "emergency room" of the legal profession, we are forced to triage our scarce resources to provide civil legal assistance to the neediest among our community's most vulnerable populations: the poor, the elderly, survivors of domestic violence, and children. It's a formula that isn't ideal, and one where additional resources would make a tremendous difference.



Last year, you helped us meet the urgent civil legal needs of nearly 2,300 children and adults.


Here's a sampling of the thousands of families and individuals who have been helped thanks to your generosity:   

  • Joanne, a former school principal who had taken an early retirement and nearly lost her Wayland home of 27 years to foreclosure;
  • Brenda, who, after enduring years of bullying and abuse, secured a restraining order and divorce when her husband drove their two young children home while intoxicated; 
  • Lynn and her family, who, after her husband's serious medical diagnosis and subsequent loss of his business, received a six-month reprieve on terminating their utilities;
  • Cassandra, diagnosed as bi-polar when a mid-teen, lost ground when she transitioned to high school and needed additional support services to keep her on track.
Our advocates help families in crisis find hope within the legal system. 

Read how your donations saved Phillipe, a child who lost both parents when his father murdered his mother.   
We are continually striving to increase the number of clients we serve so that a family like Phillipe's will never have to hear us say, "Go home and come back when we have the resources to help you." 


Your support is urgently needed now so that we can continue to meet the legal needs of our community.  


From all of us at MetroWest Legal Services, thank you for your generosity. I wish you and your family a happy and healthy holiday season. 






Elizabeth A Soule

Executive Director
35th anniversary
We have reached only 39% of our annual goal. Please consider a donation to MetroWest Legal Services. Your gift will be greatly appreciated by a needy child or adult this year!