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2011 Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards
The Twelve Attributes of a Truly Great Place to Work
Best Practices: 4506 IRS Tax Transcript Verifications

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We are proud to announce that is now certified through WBENC as a Woman Owned Business.  

We have automated the ordering process on our new website as well as allowed for credit card ordering.


The process is completely automated! Come check it out at:

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Announcement: can now be used to not only verify Income but as a way to also verify Employment.  Using this program will allow one to verify sensitive information through our secure site. It is fast and easy!

Looking to run a SSA-89? can accomplish this too!

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October 2011 

Message from the Private Eyes Team  



Fall has arrived here at Private Eyes, Inc. bringing plenty to celebrate...falling leaves, cooling of the air and a bountiful harvest that includes our Founder and President, Sandra James having been named one of the Women's Initiative's 2011 Woman Entrepreneur's  of the Year.  This award recognizes those entrepreneurs making a difference in their communities serving as mentors, leaders,and  innovators in their field while stimulating their local economy.  Various award celebrations are scheduled ...please join our Team in congratulating Sandra as the recipient of this honor and recognition.

More information about Women's Initiative and this annual award follows:



2011 Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

WI 2

We received over 600 nominations for women entrepreneurs in the food, retail, service, finance and other industries across the Bay Area. The awards seek to recognize women entrepreneurs throughout the Bay Area who demonstrate the following:

  • Have been successful despite the barriers that exist for woman business owners,
  • Exemplify how business ownership and leadership is Sandra New Headshotbeneficial for women and their families,
  • Have a positive impact on local community or the community at large and/or
  • Advance their business through innovation.

The 2011 Award Winners will be honored at one of five regional award celebrations in October and November. In addition, winners will be recognized in local media and featured on the Women's Initiative website and newsletter.     


"Women entrepreneurs are one of the strongest economic forces in this country," said Julie Castro Abrams, CEO of Women's Initiative. "We want to create a movement that promotes women's entrepreneurship and makes people aware of the incredible contributions women business leaders make not only to their local communities but also to economic recovery."



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The Twelve Attributes of a Truly Great Place to Work  

More than 100 studies have now found that the most engaged employees - those who report they're fully invested in their jobs and committed to their employers - are significantly more productive, drive higher customer satisfaction and outperform those who are less engaged.

But only 20 percent of employees around the world report that they're fully engaged at work.  


It's a disconnect that serves no one well. So what's the solution? Where is the win-win for employers and employees?

Thworkerse answer is that great employers must shift the focus from trying to get more out of people, to investing more in them by addressing their four core needs - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - so they're freed, fueled and inspired to bring the best of themselves to work every day.  


It's common sense. Fuel people on a diet that lacks essential nutrients and it's no surprise that they'll end up undernourished, disengaged and unable to perform at their best.


Our first need is enough money to live decently, but even at that, we cannot live by bread alone.

Think for a moment about what would make you feel most excited to get to work in the morning, and most loyal to your employer. The sort of company I have in mind would:



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Best Practices: 4506 IRS Tax Transcript Verifications 


SBA regulations require lenders to verify the financial information of applicants for loans under SBA loan programs. This verification is accomplished by submitting IRS Form 4506-T to the Internal Revenue Service for the most recent three years for the small business applicant. Simple enough? Not necessarily. For the unwary lender, failure to properly comply with the SBA's regulations regarding verification of the applicant's financial information can mean the difference between a guaranty purchase and a full denial.

The SBA has a strong interest in insuring loan applicants have filed their federal tax returns, and that the financial information provided to the lender for underwriting purposes matches what was provided to the IRS. From a public policy4506 Article standpoint, the requirement makes perfect sense; the SBA does not want to reward businesses with federally subsidized loans that fail to pay income tax or commit tax fraud. The only exception to this requirement is for startup businesses, in which case no 4506 is required.

Some common pitfalls lenders often run into that impair the SBA guaranty, are set forth below:

- Failure to obtain 4506-T Tax Verification Transcripts on the Seller in a change of ownership situation;

- Failure to obtain 3 years transcripts (or transcripts for each year in business, if in business for less than 3 years) and returns on the applicant or seller;


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Sandra James
President, CEO
Private Eyes, Inc.