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Why Hasn't Your Job Search Worked
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July 2011 

Message from Our President, Sandra James 



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I hope everyone had a fun and safe Fourth of July Holiday.     


Being in the Background Screening Industry, I work with many different companies.  I recently had the pleasure of working with LaSonya Berry from McPherson Berry.  McPherson Berry is a premier Human Capital Management firm.  One of the greatest challenges facing organizations is the ability to attain, develop, and retain talent to operate their organizations with limited resources and performance demands. In order to properly manage this vital resource, business leaders need to identify their challenges, develop a strategy, and implement solutions. McPherson Berry is the partner of choice to deliver human capital management best practices and solutions.  


Are you wondering why your job search hasn't worked?  Former Fortune 500 Recruiter Reveals Why Most Job Searches End in Failure and the Secret to Being Amongst the Few that Succeed and Get a Great Job


Facebook and social media can offer a wealth of beneficial information when vetting job applicants.  But heed this advice before logging on to check out a candidate's background.  


McPherson Berry

A Premier Human Capital Management Firm

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is a premier human capital management firm. We are one of the few certified firms that analyze your HR strategies through an engineering lens that results in performance management, operational excellence, and sustainability. We have two divisions to support our organization in providing the following services:


         Performance management

         Organizational Development

         Leadership Development, Workforce Development

         Online assessments, Surveys, and Tools

         Succession Planning


         Recruiting and Staffing Services

         HR strategy


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The New Realities of Getting a Job in 2011

Are  You Wondering Why Your Job Search Hasn't Worked?  You've probably went to many "how to write a resume" sites and applied what they taught, yet still don't have a job to show for your efforts. You may even have had a professional rewrite your resume into a masterpiece, but your still not getting any calls. You're probably asking yourself, "is there something wrong with me?"


The good news is that you're fine. The bad news is that there's a reason that your resume and cover letter aren't getting you any job interviews. First off, if you're doing the same thing that every else is doing to get're going to get the same results. Meaning, no job! So what's the problem? The information that's all over the Internet is old! Yep, it's outdated. We're living in a new world now. When the economy imploded in 2008 everything changed forever.

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4 Tips for Using Facebook Legally to Conduct Background Checks

As more people create Facebook profiles (500 million and growing), and sign on to the many social media sites available today, hiring managers are finding they have new opportunities to get background information on job candidates. Tapping into a potential hire's Facebook profile, or Twitter account, for information means you can learn more about a candidate's personality than you might get with just a job interview. A Facebook profile, or collection of tweets, can offer additional insight into whether or not a person might be a good fit with a corporation's culture. On the flip side, a thorough check of one's social media footprint might also uncover some serious missteps, or questionable judgments, a potential hire has made in their past.  


  Four tips to use to keep you out or legal hotwater:  


Tip #1: If you're going to use Facebook to vet job applicants, make it clear, up front, in the hiring process

Tip #2: But remember, once you've viewed it, it can put you in a legal conundrum

Tip #3: Consider a third party to do the research for you

Tip #4: Understand what you find may not be reliable or accurate



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Sandra James
President, CEO
Private Eyes, Inc.