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November 2010 Newsletter

Sandra James - Recent Photo

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are very proud to announce the launch of our new 4506-Transcript website this month. This is a new branch of Private Eyes, Inc, just for ordering transcripts from the IRS. Please check out the new site at:!

I will be attending the ASTRA 14th Annual Reception Nov. 17th and 18th. Come visit our booth.

Reference Checks are a great way to get an idea for an applicant's personality and work ethic. Yes, resumes and experience are important; however, paper does not always tell the whole truth. The people who have worked with an applicant can sometimes tell you more about them than a resume. Private Eyes, Inc. offers personal and professional reference checks with standard or customized questions.

Privacy is extremely important in this day and age and passwords are the gateway. Coming up with a strong password can be difficult. Check out our 2nd article for the 5 elements of strong passwords.

Technology is moving forward and we need to stay at the fore front. E-Signatures are a great way of keeping up with the constant changes. Many companies are adopting E-Signatures.

5 Tips for Effective Reference Checks

It often is what you don't know about a job applicant that can hurt you. As an employer, you can make sure you know more ab
out who you are hiring by taking a few simple steps to check out your candidate's references.

There are many reasons why you should check the references of prospective employees. Often, applicants' resumes and application forms are incomplete or even contain misrepresentations that could lead to a bad hiring decision. So, if you check references, you can help eliminate undesirable applicants, identify the best candidate, reduce turnover and training costs, and even prevent liability for negligent hiring.

(Download free Hiring model policy including HR best practices and legal background.)

At a minimum, carefully conducted reference checks can help ensure that your hiring decisions are more informed. Generally, reference checks should be made before the offer of employment is extended so that you have as much information about a candidate as possible. However, it may be difficult to get a reference-giver to provide helpful information because of their fears of defamation claims and restrictive corporate policies allowing only the release of a former employee's "name, rank, and serial number." The following five strategies can help your organization conduct effective reference checks:

For the full article, click here.
Five Elements of Strong Passwords

  1. Length Matters: The longer your password, the harder it is to crack. Use a minimum of eight (8) characters.
  2. Mix it Up: Include upper and lowercase letters, punctuation, and numbers. Select a letter to capitalize at random; try to avoid the first letter.
  3. Avoid Dictionary Words or Proper Names: These are easy to guess. If you are going to spell-out a word or phrase, remove letters, replace them with numbers, or deliberately misspell the word or phrase. For example, "I Hate Peas" can become "eyeH8pEEz".
  4. Avoid Personal Information: This includes birthdates, names of family members or pets, and address information. Try an acronym instead. Example: "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" becomes "yctaodnt".
  5. Change Passwords Often: A good rule of thumb is to change passwords every six months.
For more helpful Password hits, click here.
Use of E-Signatures Rising as Firms Battle Competition


Use of electronic signatures is seeing an uptick in 2008, eight years since Congress passed the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) Act, according to the Electronic Signature and Records Association (ESRA).

E-records and signatures are fast becoming a way for businesses to differentiate themselves among competitors, especially for businesses in the financial sector such as mortgage and other lending firms, noted Jerry Buckley, one of the counsels to ERSA, during a June 2008 news conference advocating electronic records and signatures.

He cited a six-fold rise in e-mortgages over 2007, adding that five of the top 10 insurance carriers in the United States offer electronic signatures. These developments indicate "a significant turning point in the adoption of electronic signatures."

Electronic signing was one of the top 10 information technology initiatives for the insurance industry in 2008; 77 percent of mortgage lenders indicated they will implement electronic signatures, he added.

The auto industry is also driving the adoption of electronically signed contracts in processing car loans, and online travel agency Expedia is using web-based electronic signatures to turn around available hotel inventory more quickly, according to ERSA's June 2008 newsletter.

For the full article, click here.
Sandra James
President, CEO
Private Eyes, Inc.