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Eleven Easy Ways to Destroy Your Company
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Private Eyes, Inc.
September 2010 Newsletter

Sandra James - Recent Photo
Private Eyes, Inc. is excited to celebrate our 11th Anniversary on September 2nd!!!

First impressions are extremely important, even when it comes to businesses. Neen James provides 10 suggestions to make sure your company is portraying a great first impression.

In "Eleven Easy Ways to Destroy Your Company," number 4 on the list is Hiring without doing background checks. Applicants can be deceiving on paper and in person. However, it is not until a background check is completed that the truth is revealed. Check out all eleven mistakes and make sure your company avoids them.

Identity theft is a scary subject for most. However, the industry is continuously coming up with new and inventive ways to keep our information safe. Visa has how been hailed the best in the industry. Check out all that it entails.

In Order to make Your Event a Huge Success, Take the Time to Make a Good First Impression

Business People In business, as in the rest of the world, decisions are often made in the first few minutes of contact. Making a good first impression at an event is vital to the success of your business.
- By Neen James

Post signs at the venue to appear when your guests get out of the elevator, walk off the street or enter a large conference facility.

This signage will assist your guests to feel comfortable and know they are in the right place.

Provide pre-printed name tags if appropriate.

Organize name tags with your logo or event name on the name tag as well. TIP: Pay special attention to the correct spelling of people's names as it is very important to get this right. Always keep a supply of blank name tags available for unexpected guests.

Sort the name tags on your registration desk in alphabetical order (by last or first name)

Your guests will help you look for their name tag as well.
For the full article, click here.
Eleven Easy Ways to Destroy Your Company
by Jay Goltz

Smiling BusinessBusinesses make hundreds or thousands of decisions every year, many of which seem inconsequential. But the smallest details can have business-changing or even business-ending consequences. Here are 11 of my favorites to watch out for:

1. The lowly extension cord.People get cold feet. They get a space heater. They plug it into a two-pronged extension cord. They forget to unplug it when they leave work. That night, while you are sleeping, your entire business burns down. Your brilliant marketing plan, your three-year projections, all of your records, your new product samples.. You get the idea. This is not something that most business owners think about, but insurance companies know that extension cords and space heaters are major fire hazards. It is good practice not to allow any extension cords in your business that aren't three-pronged.

For the full article, click here.
Visa's latest security measures hailed as industry's best

Puzzle Credit card companies are now placing a greater emphasis on privacy, and protecting the account information of both their customers and other businesses. And with this in mind, Visa has rolled out a new kind of protection that is already winning acclaim from leading identity theft protection companies.

According to 3Delta Systems, a company that is among the best in online credit card payment solutions, Visa's innovative new identity theft protection system is a "global industry best." The process, which involves a process called "tokenization," basically takes consumers' real credit card data and makes it unusable by hackers while keeping it readable for itself.

The company said that Visa's system converts all the information from a customer's purchase - their 16-digit credit card number as well as other information related to the transaction - into a string of characters that hackers cannot decrypt, which renders it useless to them. The tokenization process not only protects consumers and merchants, but also payment processors, and in doing so reduces the amount of risk and the costs associated with complying with data-security laws
 For the full article, click here
Sandra James
President, CEO
Private Eyes, Inc.