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Private Eyes, Inc. September Newsletter

September, 2009
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Ask us About Checking Facebook
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45% of Employers Check Facebook
Integration of Services
Accreditation by the NAPBS
Ask us about checking Applicants' Facebook Profiles

Employers are increasingly turning to Facebook to check up on their applicants.  Private Eyes, Inc. can provide this service if the hiring company can provide us with the email address of the candidate. 
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Astra Symbol Happy Anniversary, Private Eyes, Inc!
There have been a lot of changes since I opened Private Eyes, Inc. ten years ago on September 2nd, 1999!  We certainly were not investigating applicants' "social networks" such as Facebook, MySpace, or back then.  Please take a look at the article on Facebook profiles below. 

 I would like to thank all of our valued clients.  We appreciate your business, and will continue providing outstanding service in the future.  In lieu of an anniversary party, PEI is making charitable contributions to Breast Cancer Research and Buttercup Farms, an organization committed to the empowerment of individuals on an international scale. (See Quick Links for websites).

Thank you to my wonderful employees!  Your dedication to keeping our clients' workplaces safe has inspired me.  We will be enjoying a catered lunch in the office on our Anniversary. 

Looking ahead, the next 10 years at Private Eyes, Inc. look bright!  Even in the down economy, we have been consistently on-boarding new clients, and I am excited to celebrate the landmark of our 10-Year Anniversary.

Sandra James, President
Private Eyes, Inc.

45% of Employers Check Facebook Before Hiring.  35% are Rejected

Career Builder is reporting that the number of potential employers that are using networking sites like Facebook to screen applicants is growing fast.  Last year, only 22% of employers used the sites, but with the growth in popularity of Facebook, employers see the value of the insight that prospective employees' profiles provide. 

What is catching the employers' attention?

*Provocative or inappropriate photos or info 
*Drinking or drug use
*Bad-mouthing previous employee, colleague or client
*Poor communication skills
*Discriminatory comments
*Lied about qualifications

Career Builder's survey also states that Facebook has become the network of choice for recruiters, since Linkedin's profiles are typically more professional.  This should be a wake up call to applicants who might be posting drunken party photos.

The message to employers is that just because it is online, does not mean that it is wise to use it without policies and procedures in place.  Online material can be inaccurate, discriminatory, and under certain circumstances its use can be an invasion of privacy. 

Source: "Forty-five Percent of Employees Use Social Networking Sites to research Job Candidates." Career Builder.  Click here
Integration of Services

It is likely that technology will play a bigger role in the coming years in the pre-employment screening industry.  Seamless integration of background checks with Applicant Tracking Systems allow paperless background screening at the click of a mouse. 

Private Eyes, Inc.'s Applicant Tracking System with On-Line Application capability is the electronic format of the application for candidates: 

*The application can be customized to include specific questions to mirror the current process.

* This process is fully integrated and allows the ordering of a background check at the click of a button.

* It also provides tracking capabilities to help manage talent such as flagging candidates in process, hired, or sent to background check.

Talk to us about our customized Applicant Tracking System capabilities!  Click here.
Accreditation by the NAPBS

The governing organization for the background screening industry, the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), has announced the introduction of an accreditation program. NAPBS has gone through an exhaustive process to develop "Best Practices" for the industry.  Firms will start going through the process this year.  When looking for a background screening company, make sure you ask if your prospective vendor is going through the accreditation process.

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President and Founder
Sandra James