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Drug Testing in the Workplace
Some of most Prevalent Mistakes Managers make in a Downturn
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Letter from the President:

I am excited to announce that Private Eyes, Inc. has recently been awarded a new contract.  The Ascend Members of Premier, Inc. have begun their transition to PEI.  When this process is complete, we will have "on-boarded" approximately 90 new hospitals.  We have appreciated our relationship with Premier, Inc. over the past few years, and look forward to serving their Ascend Member Hospitals.

PEI feels privileged to be stimulating the economy by hiring and adding new positions.  Take a look at some of the Quick Links on the left for some resources that small businesses can utilize.

This issue focuses on some mistakes that we can all avoid in the tough economy.  One is that companies cannot underestimate the importance of drug testing.  Drug testing at work is a low cost way of increasing productivity.  The second involves the way that we view our employees.  They may be more like business partners than we think.  Please take a look at the insight that I gained from Robert Half International in an article on Reuters.

Sandra James
Drug Testing in the Workplace
 Drug testing at work is an effective tool to keep adult substance abuse out of the workplace.  It is a proven, low cost strategy which identifies those needing help, reduces demand, cuts accidents and sick leave, improves attendance and increases productivity.  The following are commonly asked questions:
Q: Our company has mostly smaller groups of employees spread out over several states.  None of our employees are directly mandated to be tested under federal regulations.  Do we have to follow any specific rules to conduct a basic company drug-screening program?
A: Yes.  Several states, and even some individual cities have statutes that affect both the circumstances under which testing is permitted and the tested procedures used.  If you have any questions, The Private Eyes, Inc. Compliance Dept. is available and we can help you stay advised of drug testing laws in your state.
Q: A colleague recently suggested that our company might be able to reduce our workers compensation premiums by following certain guidelines when we conduct our company drug testing program, is this possible?
A: Yes. Several states have voluntary workers' compensation premium reduction laws. 
Q: Our company is just now starting to put together a drug testing policy for our applicants and employees.  The biggest concern we have is simply staying out of court.  What can we do to achieve this goal?
A: Not having a drug screening program may hurt your company's efforts to stay out of court more than having one.  Start with a well conceived company policy and choose providers that place a strong emphasis on legal issues.
(The above information is intended to provide Private Eyes, Inc. clients with Private Eyes, Inc.'s understanding of some of the commonly asked questios relating to substance abuse testing.  Laws and regulations are subject to change.  This information can not be construed as legal or medical advice or opinion.  Clients are advised to consult with legal counsel in the implementation of all aspects of their substance abuse programs.)

Some of the Most Prevalent Mistakes Managers make in a Downturn
Astra SymbolI was recently drawn to an article about some mistakes that managers can make in a down economy, and thought that our readers would benefit from this advice.  The information comes from Robert Half International, a renowned specialized staffing services company.  I was pleased to see that Private Eyes, Inc. has been on track on many of the points, but we learned from others.
Common mistakes:
1. Thinking your staff can't handle the truth.  According to Robert Half, now is the time to treat employees like business partners.
2. Blaming those at the top.  If as a middle manager you have to deliver bad news you may be tempted to say the choice wasn't yours.  This may take the heat off of you now, but it makes you appear out of sync with company leaders.
3. Feeling people are lucky to have a job.  This doesn't mean that managers don't have to give positive feedback and value employees.
4. Not asking for employees' help in expanding client relationships.  When appropriate, Robert Half suggests asking staff to help expand new and existing business.
To read the entire article, click on the link below:

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