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This Summer Private Eyes, Inc. is Honoring Entrepreneurship

June 2009
"The Bridge to Quality"
National Conference and Business Fair In San Francisco
June 9-11

Private Eyes, Inc. is thrilled to be participating in WBENC's National Conference and Business Fair.  Do not forget to drop by Private Eyes, Inc. booth on Wednesday, June 10th at Exhibit #1223.

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Light Bulb What Is Entrepreneurship?
Capacity and willingness to undertake conception, organization, and management of a productive venture with all attendant risks, while seeking profit as a reward. In economics, entrepreneurship is regarded as a factor of production together with land, labor, natural resources, and capital. Entrepreneurial spirit is characterized by innovation and risk-taking, and an essential component of a nation's ability to succeed in an ever changing and more competitive global marketplace.
All About WBENC
The Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), founded in 1997, is the nation's leading advocate of women-owned businesses as suppliers to America's corporations. It also is the largest third-party certifier of businesses owned and operated by women in the United States. WBENC works to foster diversity in the world of commerce with programs and policies designed to expand opportunities and eliminate barriers in the marketplace for women business owners. WBENC works with representatives of corporations to encourage the utilization and expansion of supplier/vendor diversity programs.

Dedicated to enhancing opportunities for women's business enterprises, WBENC works in partnership with women's business organizations located throughout the country to provide a national standard of certification for women-owned businesses. The organization also provides its corporate members and certified women's business enterprises (WBEs) with access to a range of B2B sourcing tools including, an Internet database - WBENCLink - that contains information on certified women's businesses for purchasing managers nationwide.
WBENC is a resource for the more than 700 US companies and government agencies that rely on the WBENC certification as an integral part of their supplier diversity programs.
Through its benchmarking surveys and ongoing interaction with certified women's business enterprises, WBENC has become the nation's leading source of information on trends in supplier diversity programs for WBEs at US companies and government agencies. WBENC also promotes best practices in supplier diversity through the annual selection of "America's Top Corporations for Women's Business Enterprises."
WBENC is a diverse coalition whose governance structure is grounded on these three legs: the corporations that hold two-thirds of the seats on the Board of Directors and provide insight into the needs of corporate America; the Leadership Council that represents the women's business organizations that have pledged to use the WBENC standards and submit annual reviews of their procedures and results; and the Women's Enterprise Leadership Forum, representing the certified WBEs from around the country.

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All About ASTRA
The mission of Astra is the relentless pursuit of leadership,
opportunity and diversity for women in business.

Astra is committed to the following goals and activities:
Certify women business owners under WBENC standards and procedures
Create contracting opportunities for women-owned businesses
Provide qualified suppliers for corporations and agencies
Train women to grow global companies
Measure and report contracting results through the Done Deals™ program
Develop role models and mentors
Build collaborative relationships with organizations supporting women
Astra provides training and workshops for women business owners, corporate and agency procurement professionals in the states of Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Montana and Northern California.

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A Special Note From PEI's President, CEO
Private Eyes, Inc. had the opportunity to attend the Inner City Advisors' 11th Annual Awards Breakfast at the Oakland Marriott Convention Center.  Each year the Inner City 100 finds and ranks the nation's fastest-growing inner city businesses and recognizes them for their entrepreneurship and the benefits they contribute to urban economies. 
The listing has evolved into a prestigious award and a powerful generator of innovative ideas for turning inner cities into places of enterprise and economic vitality.  The companies honored are an important part of the formula for success for a thriving inner city.
It is encouraging to know that in the midst of economic uncertainty, Americans still thrive, even in our inner cities.  The Bay Area Companies that were a part of the 2009 Inner City 100 were:
#18 Tucker Technology, Inc.                 #25 Numi Organic Tea
#19 Yerba Buena Engineering                #26 e-Storm International 
 #23 Xantrion, Inc.                               #35 BankServ
#24 Melissa Joy Manning                      #70 Extreme Pizza
We can all get involved in this extraordinary organization.  ICA has a high caliber team of volunteer advisors called ICA Portfolio and Resource Advisors.  These are composed of proven entrepreneurs, experienced executives and industry experts. 
If you are interested in becoming an ICA Advisor or Portfolio Company, please contact ICA at info@innercityadvisors.org or 510-271-0142.

Sandra James
Private Eyes, Inc.
 About Private Eyes, Inc.
Since 1999, the staff at Private Eyes, Inc. has committed themselves to providing the best pre-employment screening, background investigation and employment security solutions for businesses seeking to reduce their liability risk in their hiring procedures. Our clients include high-level Fortune 500 companies who are successful in large part due to their understanding the vital importance of hiring the right people and securing their hiring processes.
With more than 40 years combined experience in the security industry, our staff knows how to perform thorough and thoughtful background checks and employment investigations with sensitivity and discretion. Our commitment to your security and confidentiality will ensure you make informed hiring decisions that will help your company grow and keep your employees and customers happy and successful.
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