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Sandra James, Founder of Private Eyes, Inc. was recently awarded the Women's Business Enterprise Star Award.

"The Bridge to Quality"
National Conference and Business Fair
In San Francisco
June 9-11

 Interested in showing your Support? Please come and join Sandra along with many other organizations to attend or be a part of the volunteer team.
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May 2009 - Go Green This Spring!

*Seamless & Paperless
 As Winter time  comes  to  an  end, let us prepare to warm  up  this  Spring  by  going  green...
 *** Go Green With PEI ***
Enter into a paperless environment seamlessly by using our Applicant Tracking System (ATS).
Act now and you will not only go green during spring, but have some extra green for summer too!  Through the month of May PEI will be promoting all of our services. 
Sign up now and not only save 45% off of our Applicant Tracking System (ATS), in addition PEI will waive the set-up fee for our background screening.
Don't forget to mention this newsletter when signing up!
Why to Go Green:
There are a number of important reasons for your business to go green.  The most significant being that preserving the world's natural resources is the responsibility of every individual both at work and at home.
(2008 - 2009 by Green Business Alliance)

As an HR Professional; questions to ask yourself? 
As an HR professional, you are aware of the importance of pre-employment screening, especially in the current economic environment. 
Consider these startling facts:
*An estimated 33% of all applications are falsified.
*Each year, crime and theft cost 500,000 victims an estimated loss of 1.8 million workdays.
*Only 60% of businesses currently screen applicants for criminal backgrounds.
The most important fact of all, however, is that your current screening program may not be protecting you sufficiently from negligent hiring suits.  Almost a quarter of HR professionals polled indicated that they do not adequately understand the various options available to them through their current vendor.  Recent explosive growth in the pre-employment screening industry has flooded the marketplace with new providers, from corporate conglomerates to small, fly-by-night operations.

What is lacking is what is needed most:  Client education and dependable customer service.
Most HR professionals understand the majority of laws and requirements regarding their screening processes.  But many do not understand what information a particular search will provide, where the information is coming from, and what to do with the information once it's reported.

Word Of Advice From The President!

If you are not 100% sure about the nature of  the background screening services you are currently purchasing, you and your facility are at risk.
*Private Eyes, Inc. encourages each client to do a county search, in addition to any instant database searches they may be using.  We send researchers out to the county court houses to retrieve the information.  This is the only way to ensure that we are getting accurate information.
Have you ever lost a candidate due to excessive turn-around times?
*85% + of Private Eyes, Inc.'s turnaround times are 72 hours or less.  Most reports can be delivered within 24 - 48 hours.
Let Private Eyes, Inc. be a part of your family!  We look forward to creating a lasting relationship.
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Save 45%
PEI will be offering our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for all new clients with a phenomenal savings of 45% off our ATS services.  Get a free consultation with a member from our Business Development Team by calling 1-877-292-3331.  Let PEI be your HR Solutions!
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