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In this economic environment companies cannot afford to ignore the background check piece.  We can never be too cautious when screening our candidates.  
We never know what lies ahead!
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April 2009 - Go Green
*Seamless & Paperless 
Tips to staying a float during these tough economic times:
Analyze where you are vulnerable.  Make sure you have the best employees in your organization.  Remember, tough economic times mean some people are desperate to get jobs.  Do thorough background checks when hiring your staff.  People need to work and sometimes desperate times create desperate measures.  Lying on a resume is a sure fire way for someone to look better than another applicant and get the job that pays the bills. 
Time will tell, but we expect to see more people claim degrees they do not have, employment titles and even salaries they did not earn.  It is imperative that companies do a quality employment background check.  Please do not use the economy as the excuse to have to cut cost on employment screening. 
Reality is economics conditions affect your organization's revenue, but decisions you make also affect your profits.  There are tools available to let your current staff, aside from the liabilities you have with new employees, potential criminal acts committed by current employees can cause you the same heartache.  It is within hope that we have learned a lot during these tough times. 

Pieces to the puzzle!
Let us help you put your HR Puzzle together:
 Pre-employment Screening + Applicant Tracking System + E-Trac = HR Solutions 
Finding the right candidate is like finding a needle in a hay stack.  Finding the right tools for having a seamless and paperless HR Organization can be like searching for that last but some how lost piece of the puzzle.  Through our customized applicant tracking system, easily order your applicants background checks with just "one" click of the mouse!

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