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June 1, 2012   


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Be a Leader of Tomorrow 

United Way Summer Volunteer Program for youth 11-18 still have available spots in several agencies in our community to volunteer for this summer. If you know of a youth that would like to spend some time this summer doing volunteer work, see message to the side for detail and where to go to sign up! Call Amy for more detail at 765-742-9077 x 222. 

Still Needed


Be a Friend of the Zoo 

Friends of Columbian Park Zoo are once again having their Annual Zoo Run Run 5k on , pass out tee-shirts, man water stations and trail, and clean-up as well as helping with breakfast. Volunteer anytime from 7:15 to 10:30am. If interested email Judy or call 765-714-8285.  

Summer and Beyond Help Needed 
Become a registered volunteer at the Indiana Veterans' Home. If you are 18+ years of age and would like to serve a minimum of 25 hours over the summer and beyond, IVH wants you! Needs are weekday and/or weekend and volunteers: maintain and water flower beds, help with summer recreational activities & cookouts, wheelchair transporters & resident companions, computer lab instructors & assist in the office. If interested, email Carolyn or call 765-497-8020
 If interested in learning about more volunteer opportunities, contact Amy at the 
United Way Volunteer Center or visit:



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Leaders of Tomorrow  

Registration Extended  

21 spots still available Help pass the word! 


Session I - June 4th - June 29th

Session II - July 2nd - July 27th


Parents, do your children need something constructive and fun to do during Summer Break?


If your child is between the ages of 11 - 18 they can sign up to do volunteer work with selected agencies here in our community.


To apply for the Leaders of Tomorrow Summer Program email Amy at United Way Volunteer Center  

or apply online at  www.uwlafayettevolunteer.org today!   

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Volunteer, It Is What All The Cool Kids Are Doing!
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There are so many posts about ideas to volunteer with kids, older generations, and as a family, but what about teenage volunteer ideas? Well, it is good that you are reading this post today! At United Way of Greater Lafayette we know what it is to get discouraged from volunteering, if there are a limited amount of resources to help you make a service decision.  

Adolescents can make a huge difference in their community and can benefit from service work, as well. No only will you learn the importance of giving back, but service work is also very helpful when looking for jobs or applying to college.  

Are you interested in adding community service to your to-do list? Check out our list of tips and ideas to get your project started!

  1. Love summer camp, but you are too old to still be a camper? Become a counselor in training! It is great way to still go to camp and volunteer at the same time. Camp counselors make a positive impact in the camper's lives every summer; don't you remember your favorite counselor?
  2. Interested in the medicine field? Check out your local hospital for volunteer opportunities. Many hospitals will hire young volunteers to interact with patients such as reading books to patients or sitting with families in the waiting room. You may even be able to help the nurses in the nursery, etc. It is a great way to get some hands-on experience in the medical profession!
  3. Give back to those who have given so much: Help out at your local nursing home. Whether you are playing games, cleaning, cooking, or planning events you are sure to have a good time! You will not only give back, but you may also learn some valuable lessons working with senior citizens.
  4. Woof woof! Help out at your local animal shelter or veterinarian clinic. Interested in veterinary science? This is the perfect opportunity to get experience, while helping animals in your community. You will have so much fun; it will not even feel like volunteering!
  5. Help your old elementary school: Want to reconnect with your old teachers? Hold a book or school supplies drive at your old elementary school. This is a great way to get experience in the education field, by working with school children.
  6. Volunteer at your local nursery: Does your church, town hall, or place of work have a nursery? Check to see if they need any extra hands to help with the children. You can volunteer to read stories to the kids or even help clean up.
  7. Volunteer to be green: Have a green thumb? Gather your neighborhood and start a community garden. Have every person plant their favorite flowers, vegetables, or fruits. It will be a great asset to your community, and will also help the environment!
  8. Love to read? Libraries are always looking for eager volunteers. Check with your town's library to find out their various needs and how could help them through volunteering. This is a great service project to put on your resume!
  9. Good cook? Make food for your local shelter or soup kitchen. Short on time? Start a food drive at your school. Donate your collected items to your neighborhood's shelter.
  10. Artistic? Make coloring books for homeless children. There are many websites with coloring pages ready to be printed. Put together a few books and donate them to a children's or family shelter.
  11. Check out the Leaders of Tomorrow Summer Youth Volunteering Program listed above! 

Volunteering is the perfect excuse to utilize the skills that you may not be able to use every day. What better way to learn about yourself and the career path you would like to take than volunteering your skills?


article provided by HandsOn