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May 18, 2012   


What's New This Week?


Book Repair Needed 

Tippecanoe County Public Library is looking for volunteers to places labels, and covers on library materials, mends worn and damaged books and AV materials. If you would like to repair some books, email Sherri or call her at 765-429-0178.


Join the Fish Fry

The 7th Annual Sheriff's Fish Fry is Friday, June 1st from 5:00pm-8:00pm, where all proceeds are donated to the Tippecanoe County American Red Cross. They are

looking for volunteers to give their time in specific areas.

Serve To-Go Orders

- please specify which shift you would like 5:00pm-6:30pm; 6:30pm-8:00pm* 8 volunteers needed

Family Fun Center

5:00pm-6:30pm; 6:30pm-8:00pm- please specify which shift you would like   

 Sell tickets

* 2 volunteers needed

Help with games

* 2 volunteers needed

Face Painter

* 1 volunteer needed

Great group opportunity! Email Jennifer or call 765.742.6975 x2215

Still Needed


Walkers Needed to Help the Homeless 

Homeward Bound 5k Walk is Thursday, June 7th at 5pm.   15 - 20 volunteers needed starting at 4pm to help set up, man the trail and tear down. Help several agencies raise money to help the homeless! If interested, contact Amy or call 765-742-9077 x 222.


Let's Clean Up the City!    

Clean Sweep -  City of Lafayette is Saturday, May 19th from 8:30am - 12pm. EVERYONE can participate and get the chance to win the "Traveling Trophy". The group that collects the MOST TRASH will have their name added to the Clean Sweep Trophy and displayed at City Hall. Pre-register and get a T-shirt by Friday, May 4th. If interested in Clean Sweep, call Cindy Murray at 807-1021


 If interested in learning about more volunteer opportunities, contact Amy at the 

United Way Volunteer Center or visit:



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~David Thomas

LOT image

Leaders of Tomorrow  

37 spots still available help pass the word! 


Session I - June 4th - June 29th

Session II - July 2nd - July 27th


Parents, do your children need something constructive and fun to do during Summer Break?


If your child is between the ages of 11 - 18 they can sign up to do volunteer work with selected agencies here in our community.


To apply for the Leaders of Tomorrow Summer Program email Amy at United Way Volunteer Center  

or apply online at  www.uwlafayettevolunteer.org today!   

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5 Ways to Make the Most out of Youth Volunteerism this Summer
LOT participant

 Summer is just around the corner and students are ready to escape from the tedium of school. Summer vacation is a great time for kids to take a break from homework and grades, but it's an even better time to engage in a different kind of learning - service learning! Volunteering has countless benefits for kids and teens. It helps develop important skills, including critical thinking, organizing, and collaboration and increases self-confidence. Teens learn to critically think about the world around them through hands-on work that benefits others. Volunteer jobs can even lead to future careers!

However not all volunteer jobs are created equal and finding the best summer experiences for teens can be challenging. Now is the time to start discussing how your teen will spend a part of his or her summer! Read more for six tips on how to help your child or teen get the most from their summer volunteer experiences.

  1. What do service & learning mean? Sure, volunteering looks good on a college application, but it is not just about the ability to put another experience on a college resume. Help build character strengths in your children by discussing service as something that bring deeper meaning to your lives. When kids do community service only as a route to college admission, they miss out on the deeper meaning of service.
  2. Explore your teen's interests. It is important for children to choose their own activities, based on their own interests. Let go of what you think your child should do and help facilitate a conversation that links your child's interests to possible jobs in your community. Kids have a much greater capacity to develop purpose and initiative when they choose for themselves.
  3. Research jobs. Once you've determined your son or daughter's interests, help them begin to research opportunities; older children and teens can do this for themselves. United Way's summer youth volunteering program, Leaders of Tomorrow  (see above for link to sign up) is a great place to search through and find just the right volunteering opportunity. 
  4. Don't forget to commit. It is important for your teenager to learn that all jobs come with commitments, including volunteer positions. Talk about how much time they will spend and in what ways they will discuss and reflect on their experiences with parents or other adults. Encourage teens to solicit feedback conversations with employers. Oftentimes supervisors are more than happy to take time to review a student's performance and help them learn new skills.
  5. Be interested. As your child volunteers, they are growing and learning in many ways. Find out how by asking open-ended questions about their day. Asking questions like, "Tell me about...," "How did that impact you?" or "How did you handle that situation?" will help you engage in meaningful conversation.

Service can encompass a variety of volunteer jobs, including visiting elderly people, working with children, raising money for nonprofit organizations, working in a food pantry, cleaning up public spaces, monitoring environmental sites, and working in food banks. So get involved and volunteer over summer vacation!