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April 13, 2012   


What's New This Week?


You can help animals get on their way to a new life by volunteering to be a transport driver. Animal rescue coordinators frequently use I-65 to operate relay transports of adoptable dogs and cats from overfilled shelters and pounds to animal rescue organizations. Typical legs in our area run from Indy to Lafayette or Lafayette to Crown Point. The animals are pre-screened, up-to-date on their shots, and travel with their health information. Our area is often the last leg to secure volunteer transport drivers. We are their last link to a second chance! You can learn more about helping out by emailing Kathy Fied  


Get Out Your Walking Shoes again!
Lafayette Crisis Center is looking for individuals or groups to walk the downtown businesses and ask to put up a poster for their benefit concert being held on April 28th. Deliver at your own convenience sometime before April 21st. If interested, email Jane or call 742-0247.

Get the Day Started Off Right!

YWCA-DVIPP is looking for individuals or groups to help set up for their annual Clay Bowl Giving event on April 19th. Help set up the gym starting at 8:30am. If interested, email
Amy Montgomery.

Change a Child's Life
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Lafayette is looking for tutors to assist with fifth grade math in an after school and summer program. Tutoring is scheduled from 4:45 to 5:30 Monday through Friday for the remainder of the school year and noon to 2:00 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the summer. Volunteers may schedule one or more days weekly. If interested, email Ronda or call BBBS at 446-2227.  

I've seen and met angels wearing the disguise of ordinary people living ordinary lives. 

~Tracy Chapman

  *Still Needed*

Lace up your shoes!

The YMCA and Junior Achievement are sponsoring a mud run at Ross camp on April 29th. Volunteers are needed from 8am - 12pm and 12 - 4pm. Volunteers will be responsible for registration, parking, water stations, directing runners on course and course clean-up. If interested email Julie or call 474-3448. Great group project!


Tree Lafayette Arbor Day 2012  

Two hundred volunteers are needed to plant at least 71 trees at the sites of this year's Arbor Day-Jefferson High School and Tecumseh Junior High School on May 5th.  The event is an excellent activity for families to do together, and families are encouraged to attend and volunteer. Register online at  http://tinyurl.com/tree-lafayette-arbor-day or email Matt Green at mgreen@heritage-interactive.com or visit www.treelafayette.org for more information.  


Let's Clean Up the City!    

Clean Sweep -  City of Lafayette is Saturday, May 19th from 8:30am - 12pm. EVERYONE can participate and get the chance to win the "Traveling Trophy". The group that collects the MOST TRASH will have their name added to the Clean Sweep Trophy and displayed at City Hall. Pre-register and get a T-shirt by Friday, May 4th. If interested in Clean Sweep, call Cindy Murray at 807-1021


COMpanion + PEER = Compeer!

Compeer is a mentoring program that matches trained adult volunteers with persons recovering from a mental health challenge. Friends spend 4 hours a month together doing fun activities they both enjoy. If you can be a friend, you can be a Compeer volunteer! Men are especially encouraged to apply! Email Jayme or call 765-742-1800. 

 If interested in learning about more volunteer opportunities, contact Amy at the  

United Way Volunteer Center or visit:



 LOT image
Leaders of Tomorrow registration now open!


Session I - June 4th - June 29th

Session II - July 2nd - July 27th


Parents, do your children need something constructive and fun to do during Summer Break?


If your child is between the ages of 11 - 18 they can sign up to do volunteer work with selected agencies here in our community.



 - Learn positive values, leadership, communication, citizenship and personal responsibility.

- Become an active member in our community.

- Become empowered as a learner, teacher, achiever and leader to make a difference.

- Develop teamwork skills and the ability to work with diverse groups.

- Learn essential job and life skills.


To apply for the Leaders of Tomorrow Summer Program email Amy at United Way Volunteer Center  

or apply online at  www.uwlafayettevolunteer.org today!


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I Give Time Because.....
Ed Dunn as Volunteer of the Year


Why do you volunteer? That's the question we all want the answer to, as it varies so much from person to person. We collect stories, read studies, and browse charts & info graphics in pursuit of the common theme. We love volunteers and never tire of hearing the inspiration behind the time and effort they give to the causes and organizations they are passionate about. 


So why do you give your time?


I give time to your cause because it makes me feel generous.


...because I was asked.

...because I want to show support for a friend who is involved.

...because you asked me to, and it's hard to say no to you.

...because I want to be recognized.

...because I want to keep busy.

...because I feel guilty.

...because I don't want to seem apathetic.

...because it's my duty.

...because you make me feel needed.

...because I have a personal connection or stake in the challenge you focus on and the solution your organization is working for.

...because its good for my health & perspective.

...because you inspire me.

...because I identify with your story.

...because my spouse volunteers with you or sits on your board of directors.

...because I want the t-shirt (mug, calendar, raffle prize).

...because I was in a giving mood.

...because it's my job.

...because it's an escape from my job.

...because it looks good on my resume.

...because it's fun.

...because I want to pay the benefit I got from your organization forward.

...because your organization's professional staff are so nice to me.

...because you're changing the world somehow and I want you to keep on making changes.

...because volunteering makes me feel cool.

...because volunteering makes me feel happy.

...because volunteering makes me feel hopeful.

...because volunteering makes me feel part of a community.

 Why do you volunteer? Email awood@uw.lafayette.in.us and tell us your story!