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March 16, 2012   


             What's New This Week?


Lemonade Day!

With Lemonade Day 2012 coming soon, Greater Lafayette Commerce need your help. On Friday, March 23rd, 2-4pm volunteers are needed to assist and organize several hundred bags for the 2012 participants at Harrison College. If interested, email Nancy Sells or call GLC at 765-742-4044.


Office Move

Tippecanoe County Child Care, Inc. is relocating some personnel and needs help moving furniture on March 26 & 27 at the Saw Mill Run address. This can be done during normal business hours or in the evening, depending on the availability of volunteers. If you would like to help out, email Jennifer or call 765-742-4033 ext 119. 

Volunteer then see a Great Show!
Long Center needs 6 adult volunteers per date, for March 28, 29 & 30th. After a brief orientation at 6pm, volunteers will assist with ushering, programs, greeting, etc. for Menopause the Musical. After volunteer duties, volunteers are free to leave or enjoy the rest of the performance -- a nice perk! Fo more information or to sign up, email Debra Davis or call 765.742.5664 ext. 101.

*Still Needed*

Be a Part of Research 

Wayne Campbell, Ph.D., in the Department of Nutrition Science, Stone Hall, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, is conducting a research study to assess: The Effect of Dietary Protein Intake on Skeletal Musclein slightly overweight men and women ages 65 to 80 years old.  

The study will take a minimum of 16 weeks to complete, slightly longer depending on your availability for testing. This study includes 6 days of testing (3 days of testing prior and 3 after the intervention) and 11 weekly visits to our laboratory. Compensation ($200) will be given following the completion of the study.  

If you are between the ages of 65 and 80 years, in general good health, non-smoking, non-diabetic and would be interested in participating in this study, please contact Jan Green by e-mailing to jkgreen@purdue.edu  or calling 765-494-7660 for further information.When contacting us, please refer to "The S-28 study".


Disability Awareness Month Still Going On
Therapeion Therapeutic Riding Center has a need for volunteers on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays to work with our special riders.  Most classes are in the afternoons and evenings and training is provided.  No previous experience with either horses or persons with disabilities is required. volunteers interested in finding out more information about this or other volunteer opportunities at Therapeion can contact Therapeion Therapeutic Riding Center at (765) 414-8066 or therapeion@yahoo.com
Red Cross Needs You!  

American Red Cross is in need of volunteers to accept donations at area Wal-Marts as part of their Heroes fundraising campaign. Volunteers will be stationed inside the doors and provided with ARC vests and buckets to solicit donations. Incentives will be given to individuals who raise the most funds on their shifts.


Saturday, March 24                         Saturday, March 31  

Walmart- West Lafayette                Veterans Memorial Pkwy  

10am-12pm; 12pm-2pm               10am-12pm; 12pm-2pm  

                      *Need four people per shift

For more information email Jennifer or call 742.6975 x 2215


Easter Egg Hunt & Sidewalk Carnival

The Lafayette Ivy Tech Dental Assisting Students are holding the 2nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt and Sidewalk Carnival on Saturday, April 7th at Ivy Tech Community College. Volunteers are needed to help in shifts between 11am - 3pm. Great Group Opportunity! For more information, email Angie or call 765.413.9818

If interested in learning about more volunteer opportunities, contact Amy at the  

United Way Volunteer Center or visit:


Check out the New Volunteer Center Website
United Way of Greater Lafayette Volunteer Center is working on making the process of linking you to the right volunteer opportunity better! You will be able to still access a large list of organizations through the current site but some have already started posting their opportunities directly to the new site. You can see what they have available and if interested, contact them straight from the website! It is easy to get started and check back for tips in the upcoming needs columns.

Click here to check out the new site and register as a volunteer today!
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How the phone patent changed volunteering!
Smart Shoe Phone


It's March already?! Sheesh! But hey cheer up because spring is right around the corner! March is also awesome because in March, Alexander Graham Bell patented the phone, an invention that changed the world AND volunteering! That's right, the phone-which paved the way for other technological inventions, allows for people to participate in virtual volunteering! Here's how:

  1.  Call, text, skype, or email someone who is homebound, in a hospital or a rest home! By simply using some form of communication and letting someone know that you care and are thinking about them is inspiring and can brighten someone's day! Whether sick or healthy, it's always nice to know that someone took the time out of their busy day to contact you.
  2. Staff an e-mail or chat room answer/support line: Whether it's a phone answer/support line, people can write in questions and trained volunteers can answer them; or, volunteer to be part of an online support group, where members provide advice to each other via a chat room, list or newsgroup.
  3. Conduct online research: find information an agency can use in an upcoming grant proposal or newsletter. Gathering information such as similarly -focused organizations' web site addresses or a particular government program or legislation could greatly benefit an agency's clients.
  4. Welcome people in advance who are about to enter the hospital, go to summer camp, etc. from volunteers, via email or a special Web page or Intranet, and post-service follow up to the same group via email or the Web! This provides them with support and care!
  5. Help an organization -  dot their eyes and cross their T's by proofreading papers and online publications to ensure that they convey a grammatically correct message to their audience!
  6.  Add an agency's volunteer opportunities into online databases: We totally understand the benefits of a volunteer doing this as this is very beneficial to an organization and volunteers seeking volunteer opportunities.
These are just a few ways that technology and phones have contributed to the expansion of volunteering. Let us know how you plan on celebrating the phone patent anniversary on our United Way Facebook page!