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February 3, 2012   


             What's New This Week?

Shop at the Village     

Westminster Village has a mini store for the residents selling milk, juice, small grocery items and some toiletries. They need someone to open and run the register on Saturdays from 10 - 2. If interested, email Kim or call 464-5115.

Put your Dance Shoes On
United Way is looking for dancers to create a flash mob to kick off Money Smart Week in April. Would like someone to choreograph and lead dancers to a mix of music about money. If interested, email Amy or call 765-742-9077 x 222.

Help a Child with Reading Skills 
Read to Succeed is still looking for 10 volunteers to help at Glen Acres or Mayflower Mill Elementary Schools. To learn how you can help go to the website or call Rachel at 765-742-9077 x 228.

Are you good at Fundraising? 
Homestead Consulting Services is looking for help with fundraising for their housing counseling programs. This volunteer activity would include making contact with local community leaders to explain our programs and to enlist their partnership. This position would work with the Executive Director and the Board of Directors of our organization. If interested view opportunity here or call Amy at United Way Volunteer Center at 765-742-9077 x 222.     

If interested in learning about more volunteer opportunities, contact Amy at the  

United Way Volunteer Center or visit:

"You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you have truly lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love."

~ Henry Drummond

 *Still Needed*  

Being There in a Time of Need  

St. Elizabeth Hospice is seeking non-medical volunteers to provide services that allow terminally ill patients to remain in their own homes. Volunteers assist patients and their caregivers with caregiver respite, patient companionship, listening and emotional support, shopping, yard work or household chores. Next free training provided on February 11th. For more information email Diana or call 423-6924. 


Help Save a Homeowner from Foreclosure    

Homestead Consulting Services is looking for volunteers to help us with filing, data entry, copying, and maintaining client files. The majority of the files will be for homeowners trying to save their home from foreclosure. They are looking for volunteers that can contribute a minimum of 5 hours per week. Hours would be scheduled at your convenience but would be Monday-Friday during the work day. If interested in this opportunity, reply here.


Put Books in the hands of Preschoolers  

Volunteers are needed on Wednesday and Thursday mornings and Thursday afternoons to assist preschool children in making selections when they trade books on Book Cycle Day. Volunteers may also read to the children, sort and organize book inventories at the centers, and help with data collection. Volunteers can help weekly, every other week, or monthly. Book Cycle operates in all Tippecanoe County Child Care Centers and all Head start Centers. If interested in this opportunity, reply here.


Good at Spelling?

Lafayette Adult Resource Academy's 22nd Annual Spelling Bee for Literacy is on Saturday, February 25th. Put together a team and join the fun! To find out more, call LARA at 765-476-2920.

Puppeteers Wanted for Kids First

Each March, Disability Awareness Month is celebrated throughout Indiana to honor the more than 19% of children and adults in Indiana with a disability.


Kids First presents the Kids on the Block Educational Puppet Shows to children and adult groups throughout Tippecanoe County.   


In honor of Disability Awareness Month, on March 16, 2012 Kids First has invited two representatives from the The Kids on the Block International Performing Troupe to train up to 20 volunteers to become Kids First Puppeteers.  


Training includes a performance highlighting The Kids First topics, hands-on experience in a Japanese style of puppetry, instruction in the art of answering questions, character development skills and much, much more!  


The workshop is a morale booster for puppeteers - it will lead to upbeat rehearsals and performances!   


Currently, Kids First is seeking additional puppeteers to perform one of the Kids on the Block educational puppet shows to children in grades K-5 throughout Tippecanoe County.  


Volunteers will begin training immediately and will be invited to participate in the March 16th workshop for additional training and development. Please email Gail McCormick, Kids First Coordinator or telephone her at 474-0758 for information.

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Make a Play to Help Fight Hunger
Brady vs Manning 2012


Ready...Set...Volunteer! This Sunday, February 5 is every American's favorite day SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!!! Woohoo hear the crowds roar with excitement! Who can resist watching funny commercials, seeing Madonna perform for the halftime show, seeing your favorite teams fight to the death, eating yummy food, and just participating in some good ol' American fun!


Here at United Way Volunteer Center  we are not only excited about the opportunity to hang out with friends and family while watching the greatest sports event of the year, but also for the opportunity to make a party out of a service event. What do you mean, you may be wondering to yourself? You got me all hyped up about a day of good ol' day of American fun to then have the obligation to volunteer?


Wrong, turning your Super Bowl party into a service project is just as easy as predicting that you will see a million Doritos commercials on Sunday.


So how does this happen, how can I make my day of fun into a day of service as well? Easy, we have a list full of simple fun ways to make service a good call rather than a penalty to your excitement! Come on put that plate of chicken wings down and check out our service ideas below:

  1. Make a substitution: So we all know that eating fatty American foods is just part of the Super Bowl tradition. While this is still an option to your event planning, why not add a little twist to the mix? Ask guests to bring a couple canned foods to your party that can be donated to Food Finders Food Bank. It is a win-win situation unlike Billy Cundiff, of the Baltimore Ravens who missed the winning field goal game tying which would have knocked the Patriots out of Super Bowl contention. You win because you get to hang out with your friends while  serving your community. Food Finders wins because their shelves are stocked thanks to your wonderful donation!
  2. Team up: Add a little competition to your Super Bowl event. Compete with your neighbors (I mean it would not be the Super Bowl without a little competition, right?). Tell your neighbors about your idea to fight hunger for the Super Bowl and encourage them to do the same. Compose cheers, make signs, wear uniforms, etc. Whoever collects the most food gets the trophy. Competition adds a fun aspect to the service initiative because it keeps players' adrenaline going! Isn't that why the most of us watch the Super Bowl in the first place?
  3. Draft: While you and your community is in the midst of this great hunger competition make a pact to fight hunger year round. With all the fun you are going to have it will not be hard to recruit people for your hunger team! You can make this happen through making a donation calendar, assigning a bin to be stored in a local area for donations, writing up a schedule to define who will take donations to the food bank each month, etc. Just remember communication is key to any successful team!
  4. Celebrate your victory: After all this fierce hunger game play, you and your teammates are allowed to take pleasure in your hard work. Enjoy the game, eat great food, have fun with your friends. What is the point of competition if you cannot celebrate it at the end?

After the holiday hype, food banks tend to run low on supplies. By making your Sunday Super Bowl party into a "Fight Hunger" service project you will help this reality become a fact of the past!

So put your game face on this Sunday and make the play to fight hunger for your community members! You will reap the benefits and go home with the gold thanks to your pledge to end hunger in 2012!