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December 16, 2011  


What's New This Week?

Muscles Needed  

YWCA Domestic Violence Program is looking for a few strong guys to move some heavy fridges and plastic skids out to the sheds. They are also in need of donations of some paint and brushes for small touch ups at shelter. Would like done by December 31st. If you have a group and a little time, email Amy or call her at 765-423-7029 today!


You Don't have to be a Sheet Metal Worker

Therapeion Therapeutic Riding Center is doing some barn renovations and need 12 sheets of metal barn siding hung. Includes installing around a 36' x 46' window. They have the siding, screws and J-channel, just need someone to put it up! If interested, email Libby or call her at 765-414-8066.


Saddle Up!  

Therapeion consignment tack and feed shop are in need of volunteers to work shifts running the cash register, light stocking and keeping the shop tidy! Just 2-4 hours a week can make a difference to the riding centers programs for the children as the proceeds help run the programs. Great opportunity for a small group too! If interested, email Libby or call her at 765-414-8066.  


If interested in learning about more volunteer opportunities, contact Amy at the United Way Volunteer Center or visit:


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~Marion Wright Edelman

*Still Needed*


Come Out to Play!  

YWCA is looking for consistent and reliable volunteers to facilitate children's programming on Tuesday evenings from 6-8pm. There is a $20 fee for a background check and a one hour training before volunteering. Help needed by December 20th so email Ericka or call her at 765-423-7029 today!


Saws and Workers Needed 

International Center need 1 - 3 volunteers to help clean up some tree limbs and leaves and load them in a truck. They have a hand saw but would go faster with a chainsaw to get them to a more manageable length. If interested, email Mindy or Danielle for more detail.


Learn How to Walk a Dog 

Almost Home Humane Society is having their next volunteer orientation on January 14th. If you would like to become a volunteer and play with animals, email Stacy and sign up today!  


Librarian Call Out  

Hershey Elementary is asking for library helpers on Thursday & Friday mornings, & Friday afternoons. Hershey Panthers are simply....READERS so the shelves are in need of restocking!  If you have an hour a week to give, contact Kris or call 765-269-8289.   

Ring, Ring, Ring....Ring the Bell  

The Salvation Army is scheduling volunteer bell ringers to help raise funds throughout the holiday season! Mulitple red kettle locations are available throughout the greater Lafayette area and individuals, families, groups and organizations are welcome to sign up. Bell ringing is in full swing and continues through December 24 (no ringing done on Sundays). to schedule, contact Audrey or call 765-742-0006 x 4.


Trains, Trains and more Trains

Linden Depot Museum is gearing up for their Christmas Season. Remember what is was like to play with trains as a child? Go back in time at the museum and volunteer to help keep the trains running, greet and welcome visitors or maybe run a cash register. The museum is open December 10 - 21st from 1 - 7pm. If you would like to volunteer, email Gary or call 765-427-3630.


All that Paperwork!

Bauer Family Resources Food Pantry is looking for volunteers to assist with completing intake and eligibility paperwork on Thursdays 12 - 2:30pm. For more information contact Cassie at 765-742-5046. 

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Now accepting applications for United Way's Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program. Last tax season we were able to assist in over $205,500 in returns to low income families. Now we need your help to ensure this program is a success again. VITA is your opportunity to help low income families in our community. We will provide free training and certification to prepare taxes beginning in January 2012. VITA is a WIN WIN WIN program. Our community wins because tax dollars that are saved can be spent locally to boost the economy. The client wins because taxes are prepared accurately and for free saving an average of $200. As a volunteer you win because this is a great opportunity to give back while also learning how to prepare your own return. To volunteer or for more information about VITA contact Jennifer Million at (756) 742-9077 ext. 227, text (765) 237-2344 or visit our website.    

Reading Buddies from Anne
Thank you Anne for donating these Reading Buddies. They will be adopted by
Vinton 2nd graders on Monday! 

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7 Benefits to Volunteering for the Holidays
Holiday Shoppers


The holidays are just around the corner ("AHH I still have so much to do!"). We all know this time can be extremely stressful, especially during holidays that require gift giving.


The holidays are often so overwhelming and stressful because the focus is centered on giving commercial goods to our loved ones. We become so fixated on giving the perfect gift to others that we often forget the real meaning of the holidays. Although the holidays are a time of giving, it is also important to help those around us who may not be fortunate enough to have a holiday full of presents, parties, and big holiday meals.


So instead of fixating yourself on the material part of the holidays, make a pledge of service to your community this holiday season! Not only will you feel less anxious about the holidays because you are making a beneficial mark on someone else, you are also making someone's holidays a little cheerier than they may have originally anticipated. After all, your holidays might be a little better, as well knowing that someone gets to enjoy the time just as much as you do.


Are you convinced that you can stay away from the malls for one day to help someone else? Alright well here are some more benefits to volunteering this holiday season in case you need some more convincing.

  • Volunteering helps you develop new life skills you may not have learned otherwise. Do you want to learn carpentry, become more social, or practice a new language? You can do all these things through volunteering! Volunteering is the perfect way to discover something that you're really good at while contributing to the benefit of your community (it's a win-win situation).
  • Volunteering is a means of establishing yourself in the community. The commercial side of the holidays has caused a disconnect between community members. Bridge that gap by coming together as a community and helping those who are less fortunate this holiday season. It not only builds relationships between community members, but it also helps members understand the issues that affect their immediate community.
  • Volunteering provides a sense of motivation and a feeling of achievement. Volunteers are motivated in their work because they are able to work for a cause or passion that they truly believe in. When one is able to work for an important cause they feel a sense of achievement because they see the importance that their good work has for someone else.
  • Increase your career opportunities. Volunteering looks great on school and job applications. It is also a way to explore different career paths if you are thinking of a switch. If this is not enough motivation for you, then what is?
  • Volunteering is a great way to gain new real world experience hands on! Volunteering is a way to gain life experiences in ways that you never would have thought possible.
  • Meet a new group of people you may not have met otherwise. Volunteering with others in your community brings together a diverse group with similar interests who may not have met otherwise. You can not only learn more about your community, but you may also build new relationships and friendships!
  • Volunteering serves as a good reflection of your entire self. Volunteering as an extracurricular activity reflects beneficially on your character. It sends the message that you have a good work and self balance. Who knows you may even inspire your family, friends, and coworkers to volunteer as well?

We hope these benefits are convincing enough to get you involved in giving back this holiday season. Your service acts can be big or small depending on your interests and schedule. Make your holiday more meaningful and less stressful; help make your community a better place today!


"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing." - Dr. Seuss

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