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August 26, 2011


The Importance of Mutual Respect to Youth Service and Leadership


When you're trying to engage youth in volunteering and service learning programs, it's important to respect the skills and viewpoints that they can bring to the table. Positive relationships depend on mutual respect.


Respect - Respect means that adults respect youth and youth respect adults for their ideas, skills, experiences, and resources. When people are respected, they are freed to take risks and to act on their dreams.


Engage - Kids and teenagers need opportunities to engage in meaningful work in their communities. While administrative chores are a necessary part of most service projects, the 'grunt work' shouldn't fall solely on the kids and teens while adults assume all of the major responsibilities.


Support - Agencies need to invest in youth just as they would invest in any volunteer effort. That investment may include training, supervision, supplying materials and other needs. In return, youth should support the agency and program by being dependable, participating in training opportunities and acting and speaking responsibly on the agency's behalf.


Partner - Youth leadership is really a partnership between youth and adults who work side by side to plan, manage, serve, and evaluate based on a common goal. Both youth and adults are colleagues in the process, each bringing particular strengths and perspectives to decision making, priorities, and project management.


Evaluate - Young people, along with adults, need regular opportunities to evaluate their own efforts in terms of the services being offered and what they are learning from their involvement. Continuous evaluation allows for improvements based on what has been learned.


Communicate - Regular communications of expectations, needs, concerns, and affirmation by both adults and young people create a healthy environment and can prevent problems.


Train - Although some people have natural leadership ability, no one is expected to become a leader without preparation and training. Young people are no different. They need training before they begin their service, and they need ongoing training and refelction to improve their knowledge and skills. They also need to be given an opportunity to make mistakes and to learn from them.

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What's New This Week?   


What to do in a Disaster? - Volunteer! 

American Red Cross is having a Volunteer Orientation Monday, August 29th from 5:30 - 6:30pm (Dinner Served)

Come and Learn how to serve in a variety of areas; Disaster Volunteers, Health & Safety Instructors, Disaster Health Services, Mental Health Services, Fundraising & Special Events. For more information email Jennifer or call 765-742-6975 x 2215  


"I'm Thumbody Special!" 

The "I'm Thumbody Special!" program increases mental health awareness and healthy self-esteem in grade school students. This highly rated, 50-minute interactive program is presented in third grade classrooms through Tippecanoe County. Become a Presenter or Assistant to the Presenter today! Stop by the Mental Health Association Community Building at 914 South Street in Lafayette, anytime between 10am - 2pm on Thursday, September 8th and learn how you can impact a child's life. Questions call 742-1800.


Let your inner Zombie Out! 

Indiana Fields of Fear are taking applications for actors and actresses (or would be actors and actresses) to utilize their talents as cast members of a Haunted House Attraction. If you can't wait to really get into character, if your favorite think is being someone or "something" else for a while, if you think scaring people would be the best thing possible, this is exactly what you have been looking for. Contact fieldsoffear@yahoo.com and find out how you can be a Zombie this Halloween season!

If interested in learning about more volunteer opportunities, contact Amy at the United Way Volunteer Center or visit:





A website that displays opportunities to Volunteer your time and Donate resources to benefit the Lafayette School Corporation is up and running!



  • Sort by School, Grade, Event Type, Category and Start/End Dates
  • Electronically submit your information for the free background check
  • A unique login ID and password ensures user security
  • The requests for assistance are very specific. For example:
    • Two desk chairs are needed for the upcoming musical at Tecumseh
    • Vinton Elementary is looking for chaperones for the Zoo  field trip.

Visit the website www.helpLSC.com today and donate time or money!

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*On-Going Volunteer Needs*


Back to Nature

Volunteer to help with the Wabash Sampling Blitz on September 16th. Join 250 volunteers to collect a snapshot of the water quality of the Wabash River, Wildcat Creek and their tributaries. For more information visit website or signup online. You may also email Sara with questions.


Stock the Pantry

Food Finders Food Bank are gearing up for the mobile pantry roll out event on September 9th and are looking for volunteers to help repackage and re-label food donations. To volunteer email Amy Gaulke or call 765-471-0062 today!  

Horsing Around

Therapeion Therapeutic Riding Center is in need of adult volunteers to work with riders with disabilities, abused & neglected children and youth at risk. No experience necessary/training provided. For more information visit

website or call 765-414-8066.


Bollywood Anyone?

Indian Women Association are in need of volunteers to help set up tables and chairs for the Celebration of India 2011 on September 10th from 11am - 3pm. For more information, email or call 765-463-0929.  


Old Time Country Fair

Historic Prophetstown are seeking volunteers to participate in their Tractor Pull and Country Fair on September 9,10 & 11th. They need assistance with concession stand, bake sale or set up and tear down. For more information, call Carol Thursday - Monday from 9am - 5pm at 765-567-4700.


Picture Perfect 

Lafayette Energy Improvement Program is looking for a volunteer to take pictures of 80 homes within the Vinton and Glen Acres neighborhoods that are enrolled in their program then document them into a database. Camera will be provided. For more information call Amy Jacobs at 765-807-1094.  

Help Feed a Hungry Family

Bauer Family Resources is looking for a volunteer to assist families in receiving food assistance at their food pantry. Volunteer would be responsible for completing intake paperwork and determining eligibility. This position would be on Thursdays from 12 - 2:30pm.  If this is right for you, please email Cassie or call her at 765-742-5046. Great opportunity to give back to the community!


Volunteer Callout  

YWCA is having a volunteer callout on Wednesday, August 31st at 6:00pm. This will highlight volunteer needs for each YWCA Department: Domestic Violence Intervention and Prevention Program, Women's Cancer Program, and Youth Programming along with various special events. If you cannot attend the callout, email Ericka or call 765-423-7029.


Dog Walking Fun

Almost Home Humane Society is looking for volunteers to help with its Tails-N-Trails 5, 15K and Dog Walk on Saturday, September 10th at the Tippecanoe Amphitheater. Volunteers may be individuals or small groups and should be available from 7 am - noon. Anyone interested email Stacy or call 765-474-5222 ext. 301.