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Firewalking Institute of Research and Education                October, 2011





Attend our November London FIT or our December Dallas FIT for $3,500 INCLUDING AIRFARE,  LODGING AND FOOD !!! 




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The Midlands, UK

11/10/2011 to 11/13/2011


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Flower Mound (Dallas) TX
12/08/2011 to 12/11/2011


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Upcoming FireWalk FIT& EFIT Events


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The Midlands, UK
11/10/2011 - 11/13/2011

RITOS DE ABUNDANCIA Seminario de Auto Crecimiento
Madrid, Spain

Flower Mound, TX


Flower Mound, TX

Sydney, Australia
03/22/2012 - 03/25/2012

Flower Mound, TX


Flower Mound, TX
Madrid, Spain
05/10/2012 - 05/14/2012


The Midlands, UK
07/11/2012 - 07/14/2012 







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Need FIT Supplies?

 Many of our recent FIT graduates are asking about where to get supplies such as Arrows, Apparel, Glass Kits, and Books.  F.I.R.E. has your supplies.  Simply contact us via email at or via phone at 800-218-0055 for pricing and availability.  All supplies are shipped day of purchase. 

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CONGRATULATIONS... to our newest FIT graduates.

Our latest FIT empowerment seminar was held on October 5th through October 8th in Flower Mound (Dallas) TX. Students experienced firewalking, board and brick breaking, steel bar bending, arrow snapping, low ropes activities and the glasswalk. Through these activities students experienced metaphoric revelations, altered their perceptions on limiting beliefs, and developed a new internal evaluation on overcoming perceived obstacles.  The group bonded quickly and they left the seminar with a new sense of team development and personal friendships.  Congratulations to all of our recent graduates:
David Addink, Nadia Brooks, David Chang, Hament Chavda, Donna Jackson, Mack Johnson, David Laurence, Juan Pablo Lora, Fabian Rojas, Pyasa Siff


Self-Improvement Through Firewalking           (what FIT can help you achieve)


Heightened personal experiences, such as firewalking, can improve your life!  Even if you never do it yourself, knowing how it works can bring you better health and increased personal power. Why? Because firewalking demonstrates how your thoughts impact everything else in your life. Thoughts change brain chemistry, and that results in an alteration of body chemistry as well.


Firewalkers are instructed to pay close attention to their thoughts, since those very thoughts are the way in which we create our own realities. Positive thinkers literally live in a different chemical environment than negative thinkers. They impose less stress on their immune systems, and the result of that should be obvious.  Positive thinkers approach life through different lenses; the lens of "can do attitudes".


The Firewalking Institute of Research and Education strives to help individuals to reach their highest potential and overcome limiting beliefs through facilitation of coaching and empowerment intensives.  FIT is an empowerment coaching seminar unique in the sense that participants experience the benefits of firewalking and other metaphoric exercises on two levels; first as students experiencing the life alterations, and second as facilitators allowing students to further their individual enhancement as well as empower others to alter their life perceptions.


Coach Traub's Mental Skills Training = Performance Enhancement and Personal Growth
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Coach Traub's mission is to over-deliver value on goods and services designed to help you "win" the mental side of the game.


Keep it simple: 


"You have very little control over what goes on around you,

but total control over how you choose to respond to it."


Today's Mental Skills Tip: I wrote a book with 200 pages and I can talk to athletes for hours about thinking DOs and DON'Ts. This leads some to think that they should avoid mental skills training because they don't want to make the game too complicated. Not to worry: a primary goal of mental skills training is to help athletes keep it simple when it's time to perform.


Simple means manageable. Simple means controllable. Simple often means singular. But simple does not mean easy. Simple and easy are not synonyms in my book; the athlete's job should be simple, but it is never easy because approaching potential by doing my best is never easy. Communicating mind-to-muscle is challenging because an athlete's mind is capable of processing so many distracting thoughts simultaneously. Keeping it simple allows athletes to spend their energies in useful ways instead of spinning their wheels.


Control is a huge factor in keeping things simple and manageable. Know your job to do your job, and make sure you're defining your job in 100% controllable terms. Trying to control the uncontrollables (including winning!) leads to frustration, worry, and a lack of attention to the things that can be controlled. Rather than trying to win, try to give yourself and your team the best chance to win by doing What's Important Now. That's controllable. It's simpler. Example: what is a pitcher's job?  It's to "Throw the ball aggressively through the target." That may take longer to say than "Get outs," but it's a simpler concept. It defines precisely what to do, regardless of how things outside of the pitcher's control are going. Trying to get outs or control results leads to guessing about things outside of the athlete's control and worries about irrelevant details, especially as soon as anything starts to go wrong.






If I do well, I'll be the hero...  -- Do my job.  My job is to give my best effort one step at a time.


I'll make up for that mistake... -- Do my job.  My job is to give my best effort on step at a time.                            


I need to adjust my mechanics right now -- Do my job and trust that my best effort is always good enough.


What if my opponent does really well?... -- Do my job.


I want to impress -- Just do my job.  My job is to give my best effort one place at a time and accept whatever happens.  Succeed, and people who know the game will be impressed.


Shoot.  I can't believe that just happened -- Just do my job right now.


That's not fair.  I'm pissed. -- Just do my job right now.


For more information about performance enhancements seminars

please visit Coach Traub at


Seminar Facilitation
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We facilitate seminars regularly, and we have found that maintaing the flow of a presentation is crucial.  Participants receive maximum value when the presenter's content is delivered completely and efficiently.  The facilitator's job is to ensure that any possible interference is prevented or mitigated.


The foremost priority in this regard is to regulate cell phone usage.  A reasonable assumption is that 100% of seminar participants have cell phones, and most participants are at least moderately addicted to cell phone usage.  In the age of constant partial attention, a large element of humanity is constantly partially engaged by cell phones.  Regulating cell phone usage offers participants the healthy exercise of directing their full attention, a relatively uncommon practice.  More importantly, regulating cell phone usage offers the facilitator greater control over the flow of the seminar.  Cell phones ringing in the middle of a presentation can really take participants out of the moment.  


The first thing our participants see upon entering our meeting room is a sign that clearly forbids the use of cell phones during the seminar.  We then tell participants at the start of the seminar that cell phone use is prohibited during seminar time, in order to preserve an immersive experience whereby the most effective learning is achieved.  Participants are admonished that allowing their cell phones to distract from the seminar is disrespectful to the presenter and to fellow participants, and is ultimately detrimental to their own experience.  We insist that our participants turn cell phones OFF during the seminar, and we provide a solution for those who find difficulty in doing so; if we hear or see a cell phone in action, we will keep said cell phone in our "cell phone storage unit".  Our cell phone storage unit consists of a large glass vase of water.  We are certain that once remitted to our cell phone storage unit, the cell phone will cease to distract from the seminar.  The notion of the cell phone storage unit is enough to regulate most groups' cell phone usage; however, we do sometimes take an extra step to keep usage in line, particularly with larger groups.  This method works best with a trusted participant who has a cell phone.  We plant a "dummy phone" on said participant, and then have a staff member behind the scene call the participants live phone.  Everyone in the room hears the phone ring, and the dummy phone gets placed in the cell phone storage unit.  We are assured at this point that everyone in the room has double- or triple-checked their cell phones, and our seminar will be undisturbed by cell phone use.  

Use this method as we do, or get creative with your own method to keep your seminar flowing smoothly.  


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F.I.R.E Growth Through Partnership

To grow the Institute, our goal is to develop master instructors around the globe. If you are located in Central or South America, Asia, Africa, or Australia, we are interested in coaching and developing you on your journey toward master status. As a master, you will be able to teach firewalk instructor training (FIT) courses locally and conduct re-certification classes as required for insurance.  This is a great opportunity for you to gain advanced skills and develop new opportunities.

Partner with us.  Contact us for more details at 800-218-0055 or