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Madrid, Spain

05/27/2011 - 05/29/2011


The Midlands, UK

Flower Mound, TX

Flower Mound, TX

Flower Mound, TX


Flower Mound, TX

Flower Mound, TX


Flower Mound, TX





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SpeedTrance Instant Hypnosis Routine
SpeedTrance Instant Hypnosis Routine





Ten Years - Ten Principles   


   Last week, April 3, 2001 was the 10-year anniversary of my accident.  I spent that day at home with Shon and my kids.  She created a video that made this another day I will never forget.  My children wrote and read letters in which they expressed their love and support for me and for what I do for them. 

   Knowing that what I do every day - traveling all over the world and sharing my message - is ok with them. Shondell also compiled many letters from family and friends.  This was truly a memorable evening and a testimony of what can happen to all of us if we are surrounded by people who we love and support us.

   In honor of these last ten years, I wanted to share some fundamental principles that I try to follow that help me be true to myself and true to those I love.       

1. GOD - Whether we call him God, Allah, Mohammed, Higher Power, Jesus Christ or Mother Nature, I believe we aren't going to be judged by what we call Him, just so long as we make the call.  I call him often and he has

never NOT answered a call.  I am constantly reminded His Will Be Done.  


2. FAMILY - No success in this world can compensate for failure in my home.  Shon and my children are #1.   I strive to honor them with my actions and words.  


3. FRIENDS - We are only as good as those we associate with, so choose

your colleagues wisely.  I thank God that I have been surrounded by good people. When I look in the mirror, I want it to reflect the qualities of my dear friends, which consists of all of you who are reading these newsletters. Who do you see when you look in the mirror?  


4. CAREER - Who would have ever thought my career would have been something I never dreamed of,  yet today, I find myself ''fully engaged'' in purpose and providing for my family and providing for those I serve.

Are you "fully engaged" in your career?


5. HUMILITY - It's been said you don't find who you truly can be till you have lost everything you once were.  I truly believe this - I have lived this. Prosperous is the man who embodies humility.


6. PASSION - Are you willing to suffer for that which you love?  Passion doesn't mean just suffering for suffering's sake; it must be pure and

willing suffering.  We are celebrating the purest of a "True Passion"  right now - Easter season.  Would I suffer willingly for those that I love?


7. INTEGRITY - "Doing what you said when you said you would."  Seems like such a simple phrase, yet we see so many in the world who lack this simple concept. Such simple examples as being home for dinner 'at dinner

time' or making time for our kids' activities seem easy to manage, yet how many times do we fall short at such simple tasks.  Master integrity and those that know you best will love and care about you.


8. VISION - They say hindsight is 20/20 and indeed it is.  Now if only our foresight could be.  Find a purpose and a passion. Embody yourself in a vision and then transfer everything you would have done to get that and start now. 


9. GRATITUDE - He who possesses true gratitude honors the Giver of His Gifts. My mother-in-law taught me the law of Gracious Acceptance.  It means not just being grateful during prosperous times, but in change, challenge and tribulation.  Anyone can be grateful when getting something he desired.  How thankful would you be if you were given something unwanted - a test - a trial a tragedy? Could you turn it into a blessing and be grateful for the lesson learned?


10. SERVICE - Serving other people truly must be the embodiment of all other nine principles.  When I think of true service, one person always comes to mind.

Mother Teresa.  She gave all she had.  We must be willing to honor the Giver of Gifts by giving what you've been given - especially in service to others.  You have to give your whole heart; all of it. You have to give your whole soul; all of it.  You have to give your whole life - all of it. 


In truth, we need to give all of it 


Experience April 2011 EFIT and FIT
Fit April 2011 Group

Our most recent EFIT and FIT was held in Flower Mound, TX from April 17th through the 24th. 


FIT seminars train individuals in the skill set necessary to facilitate speaking and motivational engagements that illuminate limiting beliefs and preconceived notions, and challenge attendees to think beyond self-imposed boundaries and redefine how they approach life's obstacles.  The seminar is 4 full-packed days.  EFIT sessions encompass all elements of the FIT with the added benefit of facilitation training.  EFIT graduates are certified to train and certify FIT students.  


We had an exceedingly engaged group of individuals that truly did an amazing job.  EFIT students had the incredible opportunity to receive personalized coaching with Krish Dhanam, who was individually mentored by Zig Ziglar himself, and is now the corporation's number-one communicator and public speaker.  Krish has traveled around the world speaking before audiences of all sizes.  EFIT students were taught techniques in presentation, posture, gesture, inflection, connecting and creating rapport with the audience, and overall intent of communication. Krish conducted one-on-one coaching sessions with students, allowing them to video record themselves and review the presentations. Having one-on-one coaching and review from Krish Dhanam is, without a doubt, an experience that all students will remember and cherish, and will assist them in becoming powerful communicators.  One student said, "Krish was amazing... the time spent with me has changed the way I will communicate for the rest of my life.  When you hear him speak, you just feel inspired."


EFIT students also had the opportunity to spend time with special guest speakers including: Tammy Kling, author of the Compass (and now motion picture) as well as 29 other self-motivation and improvement books; Jeff Crilley, 25-year veteran of TV news reporting in Dallas; Thomas Niesen, founder of Acuity Systems Inc., an expert on brand sales; and Richard Nongard, renowned hypnotherapist.  Students were in awe and completely engaged with the presenters.  In addition to the presentations, EFIT students benefited from individual conversation with our presenters and gained their knowledge, experience, and guidance.


Throughout the days, students experienced many firsts, including walking on fire, walking on broken glass, breaking boards and bricks, needle work, arrow breaking, steel bar bending, breath work, and low ropes experiences.  EFIT sessions are ultimately impactful because EFIT students arrive 4 days prior to FIT students and attend as participants, and then have the opportunity to engage as facilitators with the newly arriving FIT students.  Students attended from all across the globe, with representation from Central America and Australia.


Nightly, attendees built-up the enthusiasm for the Fire Walk; they learned building techniques, philosophy of fire, tending and caring for the fire, preparing a walk, facilitating a walk, and due care.  Naturally, students had the opportunity to walk on fire.  One FIT student stated, "For me, walking on fire was like truly being a new person.  I felt like a new man with a new outlook on life.  It's funny, right after I walked, I just wanted to jump into life and do all those things that I have always dreamed about but found a thousand excuses or reasons not to try.  Well not anymore, I'm going for it."


FIT/EFIT was an amazing time.  Congratulations to the graduates, and welcome to the FIRE family.  For a daily account of FIT and EFIT, please visit our Firewalking Facebook page to read more and see more photos of the event.  'Like' us, to see video events.

tWe Are Heading to Madrid.         APRENDER A CAMINAR SOBRE A FUEGO

Our next FIT will be facilitated in Madrid, Spain on 5/27 through 5/29.  Limited spots are still available.  This FIT will be  the first ever to feature simultaneous English AND Spanish facilitation.

Explora la experiencia y la aventura, el crecimiento personal, trabajo en equipo y la union de los grupos. FIT ofrece a las personas la oportunidad de superar los miedos, creencias limitantes y obstaculos de la vida. APRENDER A CAMINAR SOBRE EL FUEGO, caminar sobre vidrios rotos, rompiendo ladrillos con sus manos, y mucho mas. FIT ofrece ahora en espanol tambien. Para informacion, telefonica con nosotros en 800-218-0055 o envie un correo electronico a Sera una experiencia que nunca olvidara.

Firewalk in Your Area
Fireburning April 2011


Want to have the skill set necessary to host a firewalking event in your area?  Want to develop your own motivational speaking business?  Better yet, want to be taught completely free?  The Firewalking Institute of Research and Education is seeking promoters in areas such as India, Australia, Asia, South America, South Africa, and Europe to help develop FIT seminars.  For more details please contact the FIRE at 800-218-0055 or email us at


The Rights of Passage

















For three days, shed yourself of the head trash and noise of the outside world to focus on what you really want in life!    Leave refreshed and renewed, with vision and focus on your life.  


Individuals experience many events in their lives, but few experiences leave an impact that lasts a lifetime and alters the way they live.

April 2011 FIT student states:
"The weekend had a profound impact on me - both personally and spiritually. I can not thank you enough. I felt safe, loved and supported".

FIRE is thrilled to present the "Rights of Passage" seminar
September 8th through the 10th, 2011, in Flower Mound, Texas. This three-day seminar will teach special techniques that will help you identify limiting beliefs, overcome personal fears, discover hidden talents, set new personal life and business goals, and develop an evolved sense of who you truly are.  Rights of Passage facilitates similarly to FIT, but emphasizing individual empowerment, self-recognition, and personal growth, rather than firewalking.  Rights of Passage will assist individuals in uncovering their emotions, self-idolized perceptions, internal drives, and personal wants.  Space in Rights of Passage is limited as the event is personalized and individualized.  For more information and/or to book your space contact FIRE at 800-218-0055 or email us at mhito@firewalking or visit our website at

Do You Have Speaking Talent ?


Join Charles Horton, self-made millionaire and owner of a fortune 500 company, Krish Dhanam, world-wide renowned public speaker and head of Zig Ziglar Corporation, and Tom Neisen, Founder and President of Acuity Systems, in a speaking conference to grow personal and business expertise.  If you are a current public speaker and would like to join-in and create something truly empowering, contact us at 800-218-0055 or email us at

Unlocking Your Potential
 A Personal Experience of Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts Firewalk
Robin Roberts Firewalk

DETERMINATION, JOY, EMPOWERMENT: Just some words Robin uses to describe what she felt after her first firewalking experience.

The Firewalk affects everyone in different ways.  For some, it's the conquering of a fear that is symbolic of other fears in life.  For others, it's a metaphor for limiting beliefs that have prevented reaching full potential in life.  Everyone comes for different reasons, everyone interprets in their own way, and everyone has in individual experience and bond with the fire; but everyone leaves as a changed person.  For Robin, the walk was filled with emotion, empowerment, and energy.

      "The fire walk, it was great, I did it twice.

      It was so fabulous, it was so empowering,

      I'm telling you the power of your mind, you can use it to change        your life.  If you can walk on fire you can do anything.

      I dare you."

                                                - Robin Roberts

Fire Flow

Yoga & Rafting light it up with Fire Flow June 11th & 12th $125/person (no experience necessary)


This fiery adventure will elicit personal growth through a weekend of rafting, yoga, live drumming, delicious meals, optional massage and the opportunity of firewalking!  We will continue to turn up the heat as we top-off the evening with entertainment from prestigious and captivating fire dancers!


Check out for more details.