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Nick Vujicic
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Helping our Members Help Others

Here at the Firewalking Institute, we have invested more than $250,000 in providing the best, unparalleled training for professional, corporate or personal development reasons on the planet.


As well as our 120 page full color, bound training manual, every delegate, receives a professionally edited, video of the training, a mass of photographs to use in their sales literature, and if they choose, a recent addition is a professionally edited and 'ready to go' video promoting their company.  This is unique to the first, original, and most innovative firewalking training Institute on earth.


We also want to ensure that ALL our delegates have the opportunity to join in and get valuable experience in all of the areas they learn about.  This is why we always invite attendees, to become paid attendants at our members' events, where they can earn additional income, and get valuable time-served experience tending firewalks, or helping with seminars.





The Fire Walk is quite a feat in itself ... For me ... I discovered if I can walk on FIRE... what can stop me from doing or achieving anything my heart desires.


Thank you for opening your home, your heart and your fabulous FIRE OF PASSION!


The night you helped me walk on fire will be a night that will be with me forever!


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I was so emotional that I cried during our ending circle, during our testimonials in the roome adne ven driving home. I felt so wonderful and truly blessed for being in a group like Charles' group and can't begin to thank him and the group for all their support and guidance.


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For me, the real magic and miracle of the firewalk came from watching some of my friends conquer object terror to walk across the coals. Their courage is inspiring and their accomplishments nothing short of momentous. It was incredible to be able to share in that joy and celebrate with them.


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- from the desk of Charles Horton
ch fire


As you know, we will be presenting the Executive Firewalk Instructor Training course in Flower Mound, Texas on March 17th - 25th, 2011.  This seminar will be our best work to date.  We encourage you to sign up for the seminar and get all the tools you need to take your Firewalk business to the next level. 

We have worked very hard to ensure that this event will be all that you expect and more. You will learn many techniques and strategies for making your business SUCCESSFUL and PROFITABLE!  We promise that this event will be ground breaking and serve to SKY ROCKET your Firewalk seminar business. 

The seminar will be facilitated at my estate and there is truly nothing finer than springtime in the great state of Texas.  If you have not already signed up for this spectacular event, you can do so by logging on to or call me directly at (800) 218-0055. 

We have WORLD-CLASS trainers and speakers that will teach you all the tips and techniques you need to ensure your success as a Firewalk Instructor. You simply cannot afford to miss this great event.  As always, we have many SURPRISES in store for you.  What are they?  I can't tell you, as then it would not be a surprise. You'll just have to come and find out for yourself! 


Firewalking Institute of Research and Education

Being Corporately Responsible: FastBuck$ and Steve Consalevez Make Community and Individual Impacts

As we all know, firewalking provides many tools that we can use in everyday life such as empowerment, the knowledge of how to succeed, and knowing how to use our strength from within.  There is one other tool that many know, but can sometimes be the hardest to grasp: responsibility.  When a difficult situation comes about that will determine the outcome of another individual's life, most people tend to just turn around and walk away due to the fact that they don't want to be responsible for making the wrong decision.  Here are two success stories that express the teaching of responsibility through firewalking.


Charles Horton was never wealthy growing up.  He was a young kid that made a definite decision to change his life for the better and not fall into the same category of just settling as so many around him did.  He started his career of entrepreneurship at the age of sixteen and hasn't looked back since.  Now running 50+ retail locations, being General Manager of F.I.R.E, and several other projects he is continuous working on, he still finds the time to give back.  Since Charles isn't really a small thinker, when he gives back, he gives back by the van full.  Every quarter, Charles brings a group together of 30-40+ team members, loads them into corporate vans and drives them to downtown Dallas where they take part in feeding 400+ homeless people.  Not only is this giving back to your fellow man, but it also gives the opportunity to the group to know and appreciate what they all have.  Most don't see it up front on whose life is impacted more, the homeless or the group, but Charles takes the responsibility upon himself to provide this experience to everyone involved.


Another success story from a fellow firewalk instructor who received the responsibility knowledge by walking across hot coals is Steve Consalvez.  Steve has a very similar background to that of Charles; not growing up with much, but he did make a definite decision to change his life for the better.  After the first time Steve walked across fire, he knew he wanted to dedicate his life to helping others live a better one.  One story in particular really stands out when describing how well Steve has done so far with changing lives.  Several years back, a colleague of Steve's started receiving splitting headaches, headaches that would affected her ability to drive, work, and other very basic and routine daily task.  She visited the doctor and he prescribed her medication that would ease the headaches and let her know that if the headaches continued to come back in.  As the headaches continued, she took the doctor's advice and scheduled another visit, this time with a neurosurgeon.  They ran CAT scans and the whole nine yards and said they could not find anything about the unexplained headaches.  This is when Steve stepped in.  He decided to first sit down with his colleague and see if it was stress or something in her life that was provoking these agonizing headaches.  After only a few minutes of talking, Steve knew it was something more than just miscellaneous headaches.  He phoned up the neurosurgeon and demanded they take another look and for it to be more in depth.  Three weeks after the second appointment with the neurosurgeon, they removed a brain tumor the size of an egg.  Not being a doctor, how did Steve know his colleague had a brain tumor?  He didn't, he knew there was something very wrong and demanded a second opinion, even if it meant telling a neurosurgeon that he was wrong. 

Nick Vujicic: Man With No Limbs Lives Life With NO Limits
Nick Vujicic

Everyone has ups and downs, I face fears, we all have challenges in our life, but there are always things we can come back to to give us strength to overcome lifes obstacles.



Working hard and playing hard, just make sure you come back to the things that are most dear to you.  Make sure you loved ones know that you love them and embrace today.  Make sure that you are greatful for what you have instead of always looking and looking and looking for that vision or that vision, which is great but make sure you never ever stray away from the basics.


                                                  - Nick Vujicic
EFIT: April 17th to April 25th, 2011
EFIT Group Jan 2011What is (EFIT): Executive Firewalk Instructor Certification?

The EFIT is the most comprehensive firewalk instructor certification course available today. This is an advanced program that focuses on the business of firewalk seminar facilitation. This empowerment intensive will provide you with all the tools needed to create a successful seminar career. The program covers all aspects of the business of firewalking. One very important topic of this course deals with how to effectively market and generate sales for your business.

 What does EFIT Teach Me?

In the Executive Firewalking Instructor Training (EFIT) you will learn from masters of each of the separate talents needed to plan, sell and facilitate successful firewalking events. If you want to learn how to share the experience of walking on fire and help others grow from that experience, the EFIT is for you. If you want to grow personally and professionally, the EFIT is for you. You will leave the EFIT, a Master Class in Firewalking, with new levels of understanding, a fresh appreciation of your potential and epiphanies about your future. 

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The Firewalking Institute of Research and Education's commitment is to generate lasting enthusiasm and the mindset that will allow you to live the life you deserve. Nothing accelerates personal empowerment and group bonding faster than any one of these programs. Absolutely nothing!

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